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One more from around the time as my previous addition. From the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. 
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John Cavacas

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From a trip to British Columbia in 2010, we visited Cathedral Grove, and its amazingly giant and old Douglas firs
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such a great image
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John Cavacas

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A must see. Simply beautiful.


Over the weekend I had a moment of clarity, during which I felt sure of what I wanted to do in regards to photography.  You could even say I found "my vision".

Don't congratulate me yet, though - as tends to happen with moments of clarity, this one came and went ;-)

Still, I'm not at square one any more - in fact, I feel like I've taken a major step forwards.  At the moment I'm way too self concious to go into details - I'll leave that for the learning community I'm participating in.  

I do hope all of you had a great Monday - supposedly the most irritating day of the week :-)

Rubbish!! :-)))

Shot:  The cliffs at Thornwick Bay, Yorkshire UK.

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Made it to Morocco last week, and took the opportunity to take a camel trek into the the edge of the Sahara desert. What an amazing experience. More to come.
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Thanks +Athena Carey! It was totally cool indeed. Even the camels where pleasant :)
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John Cavacas

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Project 52: Week 7

Picking this project up again. Here is week 7, taken a few weeks ago during a break in the madness. I decided to process this one inspired by the new Game of Thrones portraits.
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John Cavacas

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Awesome idea +Michael Quigg here's one from a little while back.
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Thanks John beauty fog image
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John Cavacas

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Most epic selfie ever
Black sand beaches make amazing contrast with the white ocean including this one near Shelter Cove, California. I knew I wanted a figure in the scene to provide a little more contrast and break the smooth curve of the surf. What better way than to grab my surfboard and head to the beach myself. A self-timer remote capturing one shot every 2 seconds made this easy. 

If you enjoy my art, I would love for you to Subscribe on Facebook:

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From Marrakech in the middle of the souks. I was surprised how much attention a camera brings in the souks of Marrakech, so making photos of people was challenging to say the least. However a little patience, and luck seemed to have paid off on this one. More on the blog if you are curious.

#marrakech #morocco   #souks #travel #photos  
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John Cavacas

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iPhone shot taken yesterday underneath the newly renovated Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. Processed with vscocam. 
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John Cavacas

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Project 52: Week 7

Picking this project up again. Here is week 7, taken a few weeks ago during a break in the madness. I decided to process this one inspired by the new Game of Thrones portraits.
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