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John Cavacas

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I decided to imagine what it would be like if one could see the Milky Way over the Amstel in Amsterdam. This is the result :) Enjoy!

#water #amstel #amsterdam #bridge #canal #canals #canon #lightroom #lights #longexposure   #milkyway   #nederland #netherlands #night #photoshop #reflection #reflections #river #stars
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Astonishing ! 
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John Cavacas

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Venice, Blurred

This week, we have another of these experimental blurred/camera movement images. This time from a perhaps more recognisable place. This was taken during the last Carnival weekend in February from the side of a Vaporetto heading back to Piazza San Marco from San Giorgio Maggiore.

Field Notes

With my Lee filter system mounted and Big Stopper attached, I held the shutter open manually while blindly trying to frame what was ahead of me. It took a few tries to judge the exposure time and framing, but this one turned out well.

Processing Notes

Minor adjustments in Lightroom to even out the exposure, remove the lens vignette, and a bit of clarity. Then into Photoshop. In Photoshop, I cloned out a dark area in the sky and increased the contrast with a couple of curves layers + masks. For the colouring, this time I took it into Nik Color Efex Pro by Google, where I applied a couple of stacked filters to warm up the image, and give it a slightly cross processed look.

#blur #blurred #carnival #carnivale #clouds #icm #italy #lagoon #movement #san marco #travels #venice
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John Cavacas

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The Pink Flamingos Artis, the Amsterdam Zoo

Something a little different this week. Weeks ago in a cold winter day, I had the idea of making a long exposure of the flamingos at the Artis, the wonderful zoo in Amsterdam. I had hoped that most of them would be standing still and sleeping, and I got lucky, as they were. Long exposures of moving things are always a bit of a game of luck. I would say I got lucky this time :)

Although not quite what I hoped for, I like how this one turned out as it is not the normal kind of long exposure you tend to see.

Processing wise, it was Lightroom -> Photoshop -> Silver Fx Pro -> Lightroom. Shot with the Lee Filters Big Stopper with a 180 second exposure. Hope you like it, and please share it if you do!

Thank you and see you again next Tuesday!

#amsterdam #amsterdam  #zoo #artis  #bigstopper #birds #blackandwhite #cloudy #flamingo  #longexposure #nederland #netherlands #photo walk #pink #pink  #flamingo #walk #water #zoo
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John Cavacas

Prime lenses  - 
Who says a 50mm prime can't be a landscape lens? :) So maybe this is not exactly a landscape photo, but I sill argue that it can be, given the right circumstances. Enjoy!
Marrakech Rooftops just after sunset

What would you like to see me post?

I'm going to start posting more general photography type posts, at least once a week and would love to hear if there are particular topics you would like to learn more about. Let me know!
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Thank you!
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John Cavacas

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Two Canon cameras, and 2 lenses used to make this photograph :) Canon 7D and 10-22mm for the foreground and Canon 5D Mark II and 24mm prime for the stars. Enjoy!
I decided to imagine what it would be like if one could see the Milky Way over the Amstel in Amsterdam. This is the result :) Enjoy!

#water #amstel #amsterdam #bridge #canal #canals #canon #lightroom #lights #long exposure #milky way #nederland #netherlands #night #photoshop #reflection #reflections #river #stars
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John Cavacas

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Manhattan from the Top of The Rock

Many people rush to the top of the Empire State Building, yet the best place to get unobstructed views of like this of Manhattan, is from the Top of the Rock! 

Also, FujiFilm rocks my world.

#xpro1   #fujifilm   #fuji   #xf23mmF14   #vsco   #lightroom   #newyork  
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John Cavacas

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Revisiting old stomping grounds. A multiple exposure of one the Amsterdam Noord ferry docks
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John Cavacas

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Iceland. Wow. Got back a couple of weeks ago, and I still can't believe I was actually there.

Many of you may have seen photographs here and other places of the crashed DC-9 on a deserted beach in Iceland. It's been on my must see list for quite some time, and well, I just had to see it.

This is just a fun shot of me and my friends exploring the wreck. More to come.
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John Cavacas

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A little experiment begins. I’ve been playing with camera movement and long exposures for the last little while. Mostly because of this unintentionally blurred image I’m sharing with you today. I know this is not unique, and that there are several really good examples of intentional camera movement photographs, but that’s not really the whole point is it? For some reason this image appeals to me, even if it was an accident, and that to me is the point. The exploration has been interesting even if it has just began. I don’t quite get it as it such a departure from what I usually like to shoot and post. But heck, I’m going with it for a while :) Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing some of these. I hope you like them as much as I think I do.

Field notes and processing notes in the blog

ams #amsterdam #blur #morning #sunrise #unintentional #walk #water
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John Cavacas

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When I first moved to Toronto, I was fascinated with the Subway. I used to make sure I would sit as close to the front car as possible, so that I could look out into the subway tunnels as the train moved from stop to stop. As the years went by, I stopped doing this. The novelty of riding an underground train vanished, it was more about just getting to work and back and dealing with the crowds during rush hour. But everyone once in a while, I would make my way to the front car, and once again stare out the window and onto the tunnel, and watched as each stop would come into view.

One of those times, many years later, I made this photograph. It’s an old one from the archives and it has been sitting in my publish queue for quite some time. I can’t really tell you why today was the day I would publish it. It was processed in Lightroom and Photoshop. Lightroom for basic adjustments, and in Photoshop to achieve the final colouring and overall look.

It is hardly original, but I think it conveys the feeling that I used to get when standing in the front car, looking out with wonder. Hope it does the same for you.

#30mm #blur #canon 7d #light #lightroom   #longexposure   #longexposurephotography   #motion #photoshop #subway #toronto #tracks #train #ttc #tube #tunnel #underground
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+linda sunshyne thank you!
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John Cavacas

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Marrakech Rooftops just after sunset

What would you like to see me post?

I'm going to start posting more general photography type posts, at least once a week and would love to hear if there are particular topics you would like to learn more about. Let me know!
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Simplesmente bela. Beijinho grande, primo.
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John Cavacas

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Sunrise Photoshoot in Venice at Piazza San Marco

For a before and after, check out

You have to be crazier than the rest of the people in Venice in order to get the best shots, which means getting up even earlier than what most people think is already an early time to wakeup. Waking up at 5am to capture the early morning scenes in Venice has its advantages. The main one being that you get there before anyone else, which means you get to pick your spots early :)

This photo was an accident. I was photographing something in the complete opposite direction of this scene. Engrossed in my activity and listening to music as I often do while making photographs. I hadn’t even noticed that models and photographers had arrived behind me, for the traditional shots of masked revelers at sunrise by the gondolas parked at Piazza San Marco.

I turned around, saw the opportunity and quickly made two photographs before the lights went out!

This is most likely the only photograph from this trip where I actively photographed the traditional costumes, and likely the only one I’ll be sharing here.

My intent this trip (from a photography perspective) was to make a few of the classic shots that I had missed previously, but also to try and do something different from the traditional and expected. I’m still working through those attempts, which I will hopefully share as a series with you.

Processing wise, nothing too complicated, although I did have to remove a photographer and his tripod from the scene. But that was also kinda fun :) I took the two exposures and after basic adjustments in Lightroom, blended them with a gradient mask in Photoshop to increase the dynamic range. Made some minor colour adjustments using a curves layer, not to correct the colour, but to add to the overall mood and look of the scene. I did emphasise the light and how it falls off into the ground and models, with a feathered masked selection.

Hope you enjoy it, more to come.

#canon5dmarkii #carnival #carnivale #gondolas #italy #lanterns #lightroom #long exposure #masks #photoshoot #photoshop #piazza san marco #saint mark #street lights #sunrise #travels #venice #water
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I primarily focus on creating memorable and dramatic images, that take the viewer out of the now of where they are, and into the world and time of the image created. I try to create a sense of awe and wonder with my photographs, to allow viewers to hopefully experience my vision for an image. My work is sometimes made in far away places during my travels, other times, made just around the corner, in places that you might see every day, but never really observe. My work could be classified as fine art, travel and commercial photography.

If you like my work and would be interested in a commissioned project, contact me.

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