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This is what happens to your body within one hour of drinking a can of soda.

10 minutes: 10 teaspoons of sugar hit your system, which is 100 percent of your recommended daily intake. You'd normally vomit from such an intake, but the phosphoric acid cuts the flavor.

20 minutes: Your blood sugar skyrockets. Your pancreas attempts to maximize insulin production in order to turn high levels of sugar into fat.

40 minutes: As your body finishes absorbing the caffeine, your pupils dilate, your blood pressure rises, and your liver pumps more sugar into the bloodstream. Adenosine receptors in your brain are blocked preventing you from feeling how tired you may actually be.

45 minutes: Your body increases dopamine production, causing you to feel pleasure and adding to the addictiveness of the beverage. This physical neuro response works the same way as it would if we were consuming heroin.

60 minutes: The phosphoric acid binds calcium, magnesium and zinc in your lower intestine, which boosts your metabolism a bit further. High doses of sugar and artificial sweeteners compound this effect, increasing the urinary excretion of calcium. The caffeine’s diuretic properties come into play. (You have to GO!) Your body will eliminate the bonded calcium, magnesium and zinc that was otherwise heading to your bones. And you will also flush out the sodium, electrolytes and water. Your body has eliminated the water that was in the soda. And in the process it was infused with nutrients and minerals your body would have otherwise used to hydrate your system or build body cells, bones, teeth.

The sugar crash begins. You may become irritable and/or sluggish. You start feeling like crap. Time to grab another?

(original source of article unknown)

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 +John Cassone, Ph.D.  and Cola can create kidney stones...... can give you a Bladder infection.. Even if it is Diet........ ask me how I know!
I tweeted so my husband would see it! LOL  found out he is  following me.
Even more scary is the thought of little kids drinking soda like the picture...their poor little hyper-insulinemic pancreases!
Thank you for this, it really clearly shows how bad soda is to drink. I gave it up years ago and feel so much better now than I did when I drank it daily.
I imagine the same process happens with other sweetened drinks and high sugar foods.
And my parents wonder why I get so angry when they try to give my daughter soda.  Eugh. 
This post would be awesome with an infographic.
Uh, yeah sure. Thanks nanny man.
Leo Oram
now I really want a coke!!
I hate coca! I haven't been drinking coca for 3 years! Even a drop!
OK, you've convinced, me I started drinking it again a couple of months ago and I actually don't feel very good, I can't even muster the spirit to exercise... and I love to exercise. Staring at an empty soda bottle on my desk, it will be my last in a very long while, it's back to green tea and water for me.
This makes me want to grab a soda...
i don't get it the picture just show a little boy drinking a cup of coke & nothing's wrong with the picture
Great information to aware innocents..…thanks 
Bacon Kills Too but what the heck!!  
Gulp... and now I have another reason to further cut back on my soda intake.
una vez al año no hace daño xD
I don't drink soda that often. But I love Coke. This picture is misleading, in other words not relevant with the texts.
What happens when you drink diet soda?
Sean M
I love how it is legal to make such a product because lots of people like it.
Super interesting! This is why I'm cutting back on soda. 
The day I have learned that drinking Coke is like shooting heroin, only worse.
After my diabetic dad died from Kidney complications and cancerous ulcers, I swore off caffeinated drinks completely. All I drink now mostly is water, and fruit smoothies I make myself with my Ninja food processor and blender. I remember the day he passed a kidney stone while using the bathroom...yeah not a lovely sound a man makes when his urethra is cut from one of those things!
Thanks...I'm kinda scared in a good way! What if it's non-caffinated?
How does any of this apply to diet soda?
JK Lee
And they link it to the olympics. Does that mean this is healthy now?
Wow! One can of soda, safer to throw out the soda and eat the can
+Francis Bawasanta False equivalence -- and, for that matter, some of the things you suggested have compelling evidence of substantial benefit in reasonable quantities. To be sure, "everything in moderation", but I can get a whole lot more enjoyment out of the healthy amount of sex than the healthy amount of soda. :)
I think everyone's body is different. I don't get the same reaction. But then again, I get drunk from half can of beer.
Thnaks, that may explain why my teeth dont replace calcium lost through corrosion. I drink a lot of sweet, very strong coffee. I  seem to need it all day long just to keep myself going. Any suggestion how I can break this cycle?
What about the mental and pshcological benifits it provides.. drinking a coke taste good,, and makes you feel happy. Some would say those positives out way the physical damage....
+Gabriel F. Rodríguez The solution is to drink water...
Now who woulda thunk that?

Water is cheaper than cola, addresses the thirst, and fresh water tastes very good if you are really thirsty. You don't actually need the sugar, caffeine, phosphoric acid and other stuff in the cola. And don't think any form of diet cola is better, they only replace the sugar with other junk.
Me thinks this makes me thirsty. Think I'll get a diet Coke.
FYI there is about 4 grams of sugar per teaspoon.  There's about 35 grams of sugar per soda = 35/4 is almost 9 teaspoons of sugar.  I never thought about how many teaspoons of sugar are in a soda.
Never touch the stuff.  THE ONLY THING I drink DAILY is my Extreme X20 which is alkaline water.....and for more reasons than one.
So much for trying to kick the Heroin habit all you Heroin lovers out there!! Coke is going to take you right back. The euphoric recall is something!! 
Is it bad that I so totally want a Coca-Cola right now? :)
+Martin Kelly Quitting caffeine cold turkey often will give you headaches and sometimes other flu-like symptoms for a day or three, but then you'll get your energy back without the coffee.  You can also try scaling back - maybe using green tea to ween yourself off of the caffeine, but it takes more will power over a longer period of time.
As others have asked, does diet soda have the same effects on the body?
Let's face it, everything you take into your body eventually kills you, water, air, even bullets
this is exactly why mayor Bloomberg is trying to ban selling 16+oz of this poison.
Does all sugar have this effect on your body?
very informative & a scary eye opener ,thanks!
Dammit, and I'd just been awarded 10000 options in KO for all the hard work I put in on the golf course.
Here are some considerations to take into account. Firstly, you wouldn't drink a can of pop in one go (ie. within several seconds), thus slowing the absorption of the caffeine and sugars that are present in the pop. Secondly, even though it may activate the same neuro pathway as heroin would - and all drugs will affect the dopamine levels in one way or another in the brain - it doesn't mean that pop is as addictive as heroin or any other drug. However, I pose this question:

Can pop be considered a drug because of the psychoactive properties of caffeine? If so, can we also consider coffee, tea, cappucino a drug as well?
Drinking Coke while reading this...

Guilty looks
Eye opener. I knew, but had not accepted...
I've scaled back my soda intake drastically over the past six months.  Where I would have gone through a six-pack of 24-oz bottles a couple years ago, I might drink a can in a day.  Nowadays, it's mostly water or tea.
Im confused. The begining of your post says one can of soda is 100% of your daily sugar. Im looking at a normal coke can and it says the serving size is a whole can. The sugar value is stated at 13%. Just curious where your facts came from. Good post though!
I don't have anything against the occasional drink of coke or similars (1x every one or two weeks)... but drinking it regularly is screwed up. 3 years ago i was about 12 kgs overweight and decided to do something about it. I cut soda and sugary drinks from my diet and half of those kilos were gone in 5 months. The rest came down with exercise and other better food choices. 

If you need coke to be happy, i suggest you get a life!!!
So does this happen with diet coke as well?
Great write-up. Does the "cola-zero" have the same effect?
That is very informative, with your permission I would like to translate it to Arabic and share it with my kid's school and on my twitter account. 
hi doc, is there an e-source to this info, I'd like to share this with my father who gives my baby sister soda for breakfast..but he doesn't use any social media
also, is there a different break down between sugar and high fructose curb syrup?
I have seen this somewhere else before, and although I am not a big soda drinker myself, I would like to see the source of this study.
Why then they allow Coca Cola ad 40 to 60 times a day on MBC & Rotana TV channels in the Arab world??? looks like it's going to be like cigarettes and Microsoft. Meanwhile it gets so popular in the third world, they begin to advertise their disadvantages. The gap between the two worlds broadens.
Is that effect the same for diet coke as well?
Miya Miya sadik tell it kids dont drink soda or pepsi coke 
Coke.....its the real thing! YEA......
I just like it... enjoy the few I would still drink.. 
Were all gonna die from something, so enjoy it while you can.
Well I never feel an energy rush from sugary drinks. 
Don't drink Soft drinks @ all anymore. Now if I could just kick my Coffee habit, easier said than done!!!
I quit sodas a week ago and I get headaches daily. They're quietly addictive!
Soda is some of the worst stuff available, almost as bad as crack.  Yet people let their kids guzzle this crap daily and yet they wonder why kids are hyperactive, have mood disorders, health problems, behavior problems and cognitive issues?
That's why i stopped five years ago.
Drives me insane seeing so many teens hooked on Monster or Red Bull copies...
awwhhh LoOk at his mouth <3 So cute
Liquid candy bars.... I lost 40 pounds over the past year by eating better. Giving up sodas was hard at first, but now I have no desire for them.
Cant believe how bubble tea is the new 2012 trendy drink in germany. Uah. I can do that for almost free. Just put a lot of sugar in my green tea. Yikes.
How about damage from diet coke/pepsi?
Excellent summary.
10 years: Type II Diabetes Mellitus +/- Retinopathy, Neuropathy, Nephropathy, and other -opathies.
And America Sells This Crap?
OMG! I seriously never had anyone break it down for me like this!  If this was common knowledge there would probebly be a lot more people drinking bottled water instead of soda! I prefer water,but my husband drinks ONLY dr.pepper, seriously, a 24pkg every 2 days and i have to force him to drink water when his headache's start, I cant wait to show him this article!
Drink slow and make every other drink a water?
Soda is gross and bad for you especially considering the HFCS and I never ever drink it, that being said, this article is ridiculous...
Thank u so much for the great information you post its really helpfull...God bless you.
Thanks for the knowledge man....gotta love google+!!
Time to grab a six pack of mountain dew, a bag of chips, sit down watch the game a not get up until it's all gone.
I cut my soda intake drastically over the past year or two... I don't feel any better. In fact, I'm a lot more tired overall than I used to be.
Assuming you already consume your daily calorie intake, a can of pop a day will add over a pound of fat each month to your body... Adds up quickly and leads to a whole new set of health problems. 
Amazing!!! The fattening if America.
the same thing happens when watch my youtube channel
There is. such things as. Decaffeinated tea and coffee which I drink
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Sounds awesome... I feel like having a Coke now!
Got no problem with soda. I love it.

I'm glad I can't get fat.
Interesting. I tend to drink sodas that have no caffeine so it's not as bad for you, but it's still bad. I just limit myself to one can per week, if that. The bottom line is, if you exercise self-control, you can still enjoy yourself and not have repercussions afterwords.
Hi, I did biochesmitry in the university. So was a pleasure to follow your explanation! Thanks for writing it ;)
This is just the beginning... Great article! Also mentioned at the 20min point when your "pancreas attempts to maximize insulin production in order to turn high levels of sugar into fat...." A whole different problem starts in fat storage...  for most fatties (oops, I mean people)  4 soda's = all of one's daily food intake.
For a real diet... cut all sugar. Eating the correct kinds of fat will even help you burn off fat. (Now, please excuse me. It's Dr. Pepper time. LOL) 
could you do this with Beer, what would be the process
Nice to know, sure makes it easy to stay on water! :)
Somehow my body must be immune to the "feeling like crap" part.   A lucky mutation perhaps.
Thank you for sharing this information!
my stomach ache when i drink soda now i know the reason.thanks .......again.
Damn...makes me not want to drink soda anymore! I guess I will have that whiskey and coke minus the coke! Happy Weekend!
Well.....when you say it like that, its not fun drinking soda, lol.  Im a hardcore Mt. Dew drinker of all flavors. But always had a fast metabolism. It was worst before when drinking energy drinks to a point of buying those BFC's products. Glad im out of that phase.
Great post.. going to share it.
I drink it about once a week, so I'm not real concerned about it.  This post is very thought-provoking though.
Damn, and not too long ago, I drank three cans on the same day...then I remembered why I had stopped drinking soft drinks in the first place.
I was just deciding if I should drink a can of Dr. Pepper. I caved, then I read this within 5 minutes. -.- I won't be drinking soda very often anymore!
I've cut my intake down to like one a week!
Ever heard of "Too much of something is not a good thing"? I love me some sugar and soda once in awhile. If we consume soda everyday, I can imagine this happening, but if done in moderation, I don't think it would do any harm. 
big gulp time!   woooo dopamine!!!!   woooo!!!!!
Could have used this information 10 years ago before coke gave me type 2 diabetes...
And in London we have the laughable Coca Cola sponsorship of the Olympic Games.  What a terrible example to give our children of unhealthy living.
Jay R
Which is why I try to avoid soft drinks...drink more water.
Is it just me, or is everything bad for you... I'm Irish so alcohols my thing. Soda bad , beer good?! ....Mmmm Beeeeeer.
Caffeine is a hell of a drug. I can easily drop drinking coffee though. I'm always off and on (heavily) with it and no perceptible negative feelings. Information is good but still, I'll consume what I like. I'll never count my calories and I love sugar.
What are the health effects of V, Red Bull, and other energy drinks, then? Same, better, or worse? Is coffee better in situations where you need an emergency "pick me up", e.g. driving late at night?
Funny to think that Coca Cola is one of the main sponsors of the Olympics here in the UK - what better way to keep your body healthy and in top sporting condition.......not!
My kidney stone starts hurting everytime I drink cola.

No vodka n coke!!
You forgot the stage where you say "ahhhhhhhh". Jk. Great article
I had diverticulitis, and I noticed that when drinking colas with phosphoric acid, it was a problem. Dark colas are bad...
Hmm, most of that sounds awesome. Guess I'm going to start drinking more pop :)
I suspect that diet soda has a similar set of different but equally undesirable effects.
Mental. It's these crazy nuggets of intelligence that make Google+.
Well since I drink more than one i one hour does it stack? Or just marginally increase the effects. What about tap vs purified water?
Anything harmful about sweet tea other than the sugar?
Wow. And people are against cannabis? Smh
informative.... would try to have something healthy instead of sodas !!!
So, how can we change this addiction to sugar and other high  glycemic foods?
Oh no soda!!! everybody run, did you hear him? it's freaking heroin!
Thats why we only have cokes when we go out to eat.. i noticed a huge difference many many yrs ago when we stopped bringn them in the house
I know someone who drinks one pepsi bottle every without fail.
I found that out about 6 months now & started drink nothing but water .... Sometimes I use the water enhancer for flavor (mio) & they come with vitamins in them now & no suger .....
90 minutes ... you die.   :)  Thank you for ruining the only pleasure I had left.  I don't smoke, drink or use drugs, and now I can't have a can of Coke.  (diet Coke).
Simone Poirier
Coke is so corrosive that it can renovate an old coin. Imagine what it can do in your stomach (in addition to the devastation described in John Cassone's statement).
What are the concequences of drinking those energy drinks I see on TV commercials every minute?
Thanks for this usefull info in details.
I had no idea!  See... I quit for a darn good reason, huh?
Sure makes me think twice before grabbing a pop.
Drugs are bad M'kay
Pop is bad M'kay
The air you breath is bad M'kay

People got to realize that nothing is really good anymore. Pollution in our soil, air, and chemicals in everything just make humans think that certain items are bad when technically everything is bad for you. The human body is an amazing thing and can deal with impurities in what we injest.

Choose your poison is what I say and just enjoy life and everything in moderation.
And the samef happends when i drink light or zero?
Way to explain how many things in life can get ya. Just look back to the older generation cooking with lard, smoking non filter cigarettes and drinking. They did not seem to do any worse. Both my grandparents ate bacon every morning, smoked and drank and still made it to their 90's
Now I'm not having soda ever again ...

Iris Hu

(unless i really want to... but that will still be a little at a time and as rarely as possible!)
Wouldn't this happen with a bowl of cherries or a glass of oj? You are basically saying sugar is bad. I don't think our bodies are as fragile as you make it out to be. Losing nutrition in todays highly nutritious diet isn't that big of a deal. Remedy is simple, live an active life and eat and drink things when you are hungry and don't take short cuts to food every day.
I'm making a BLT having a coke, then a smooth cigar to finish it of.. life is short enjoy what makes you happy guys.
Does this explain why taking drinks or foods with sugar make u sleepy in the classroom?
Are you serious? Is sweet tea the same process?
Not that I drink soda, but you could have explained that in a completely positive way. This is just fear mongering. How about a straight forward review that way people feel like they can trust you.
I will stop drinking ng soda from now on!
There's a reason why I drink mostly just water.
Nice post! please do the same on beer!I heard the more you drink at once, the more it makes you dehydrated or something

I quit completely for 2yrs and now only have soda on average of once or twice a month. It just not good for u at all
This is a bit too extreme . Most people only need to know that it is bad if gone overboard. It does not hurt to consume soda every now and then i.e occasionally. As with everything else , moderation is key
This is very informative and scary! I try to cut down on soda intake but with this, I won't be drinking at all anymore of this stuff. Thank you for posting this!
If only our government would pass a law banning coca cola .... (he says 100% sarcastically)
hey chris my name is corbin brown my step dads name is David Whisenhunt, i wasnt sure if you were family or not
Just one reason why I don't drink Soft Drinks.
wow amazing, thanks for the info...................
We as people should know colas are bad when you can pour on a battery and it will eat the battery acid off of the terminals. And we put this in our bodies! We are out of our minds.
Lost the taste for any type of soda ... Thanking God for that, after reading this, don't see it returning. Thanks for the info.
Now I know why I gave up sodas for water.
I have never drink it and will never!!!
So in other words I should drink my Bourbon straight?
Thank you for the info. Always knew soda wasn't good for you, but this is very enlightening.
Thank you, I'm stealing this for my circle...
And we still drink what is wrong with us that must be the soda talking.
Thanks for posting this. People need to know the effects of consuming this stuff!
Thanks for taking the fun out of drinking a can of Coke. Jeez.
but i love pop.   i dont care what they say!!! it tasted good!!! but i only have some every once in a while
Now I'm glad I'm only allowed 1 can a week because of braces
This was.very interesting.... Thankyou........ I knew there was a reason I quit drinking soda
Good to know. Would love to know it's specific effects on brain and mood.
I have a lot more than that no problems here!
Good now I have a reason not to drink soda
i can do with some coca cola right now.
I drank my last can of soda, does sugar free do the same? Or was that a blonde question?
Ya ... put that evil sugar water in your face!
think ill have one right now
Any chance you can post a similar timeline description for coffee? I'm thinking that may be even worse (and that's coming from a coffee addict, er, uh, "connoisseur")
All in moderation. Look at u carry 2much weight? If so give up suger in (processed) foods and liquid refreshments (coke, soda, bottled water). Then get a life thru at least 25 - 60min's exercise every 2nd day. Then drink potable water out of the tap. After exercise you'll experience well being and rid your self of dark blues. Believe me it works for me and i'm a young 70yrs and like "johnny walker -still going strong"
I don't drink the stuff myself (and not just for the reasons outlined above) What gets me tho is the stat reported here that 10 tsp of sugar = 100% of RDI. Surely this is a typo? And yes I'm well aware "sugar" is in most foods. 10 tsp seems a heck of a lot for the RDI!
Guy One
Im drinking soda right now
Guy One
Now I'm scares
Thanks... I'll share it with my family and friends
Yi Wu
good to know
Thank you for posting this. What happens to your body if you drink a decaf soda?
So your saying our body handles it. Good deal
Moderation ....... Is the key word . Even if you drink too much water you can actually get dehydrated .
I haven't had a soda in years but is was hard to kick because I was addicted. Started by drinking flavored seltzer and then eventually just water and organic juice. Now, we buy seltzer with real juice. A good brand is Izze. Will taste strange to those addicted to Soda at first to the rest of us its tastes amazing. Soda is crack cocaine in a bottle.
Im sorry but coke gives me bellyache
Sorry, but I love my Mountain Dew, though I have cut down considerably since losing weight and exercising more.  :)
When was the last time soda actually contained sugar?! It's all High Fructose Corn Syrup now, which is worse than sugar I've been told. 
Damn...thanks for killing my all time favorite drink. No wonder I feel like shit after drinking one.
You should have told me this 1000 liters ago! Share with all your pop friends!
You know you opened my eyes with this it's seemed soo harmless
I get down on energy drinks and coffee on a daily!!! I don't think that's going to stop anytime soon. Lol
This makes you not wanna grab a soda...
Anyone has the breakdown on beer? I already quit soda and is hooked on crystal light. 
Thanks! Now I understand my dad, he never lets me drink soda... Never had it before...
I buy them by the case. :(
That's crazy..I drink a liter of Pepsi every day,almost...reality check
I believe this assumes an instant consumption of an entire can. Faulty data.
Addicted to soda, I guess it could be worse.
Interesting. Thank u for the scientific breakdown. Stickin to hard alcohol now. Awww shit dont tell me u have some analysis for that too. Fml
I wonder, with 10 spoons of sugar and flavor and make it a sparkling drink how are the able to sell so cheap... And make profits
that baby sure love's coke but it polmbly infect his heaith.
We're the only species to not be satisfied by water. Been soda free for a few months and I sleep better and have more sustained, predictable energy.
Alcohol damages every organ in your body.
Nice propaganda.  There's about 3.25 grams of sugar per ounce of coke.  There's about 3 grams of sugar per ounce of orange juice. Apple juice? 3.25 / gram.  What do you know, the exact same as coca cola. 
Excellent Post Cousin!  This is something every person who drinks sugared drinks should become aware of!  (:O)
Such a good post! Very informative and beneficial. I don't want to drink any more soda!  Trust me I will cut down!!!
water is starting to sound good
Surely not true for Diet Coke? I'm addicted to that!
Shout out to all of my soda drinkers out there but I find the stuff to be terrible.
Great I just bought a twelve pack Coke, how can I drink it without remembering this post. Hehehe great post though!

:( ehhhhh i think im still going to drink soda ... but not as much.... thank you :)
Not all sodas have caffeine, so the effects will be different for those. How does your list of effects change from that?
Drinking water more then ever lately (from the tap, in NY)
nice one sir please forward to make awareness to the people from such drinks.
I will still drink a coke now and then just like I always have.
Eww I won't drink this ever again even though it's so gooood! Bye bye coke.
Great & Useful I am gonna share it across
No wonder I feel like crap every morning! As of today, I will never mix Coke into my Jack Daniels again! Thanks for the warning!
very informative, thanks for the share
This is an awesome article!! We need more people who spread the truth about such items & what they REALLY do to our body!
everything in moderation wont hurt
You could make any biological process of the body sound sinister 
wow that is amazing never knew soda was that bad
This is why I'm glad to say that I fit drinking coke and all carbonated drinks 5 years and 6 months ago
scary, i stopped drinking it a while ago
I think one can of coke Double or triple a moderate amount. 
Use to be a heavy Mt.Dew drinker (Atleast 1.5 Liters a day) then I converted to Snapple Peach Tea. Mt.Dew now taste horrible, and I don't have any more sugar crashes among other things. If you struggle with pop, grab a snapple! It taste bad at first, but you'll be addicted. Or you can convert to coffee. Still get caffine, plus many healthy benifits!
I'm not a doctor, but I hope that helps! :)
So drinking soda can make a person have kidney stones??
Thanks. . This is a great piece of info for people like me from India, who blindly adapts such things often ignoring India's age old good traditional drinks. .
To think I used to get dirty looks from other parents when I told them I don't buy soda. As if I was the abusive parent.
And that's why I drink diet! Yes, i know it isn't much better.
Ok ok I give up sodas now.... or any drink.. But what about beer??? Is that as terrible? lol..
I had kidney stones "twice" and it was painful. I believe it was cause of the lack of water and the build up of sodium which it couldn't be broken down fast enough so it created a stone blocking my urethra!! Ouch ...
Is Diet Coke that bad as well?  I'm still not thrilled that NYC is putting bans on 32 oz soft drinks and working next on milk shakes and pop corn.  If I'm going to pollute my system, that's my business ... of course since gov't wants to Nanny us cradle to grave (which has our founding fathers rolling over in their graves) ... I guess they have to control every aspect of our lives.
I like coke & mt. Dew, im drinking 1 now. I knew they weren't good 4u but didn't no they did all that, that's not good at all! Isn't gonna stop me from drinking them tho, unfortunately. Maybe 1 of these days il give um up!
wow u guys are really gonna stop drinkibg soda because of this... oh well more for me 
coke pepsi and all the others from the same family is totaly banned from my beverage list since 2 years and more
So should i just snort a line instead? It seems like that might not be as bad for me.
It's amazing how something that has absolutely no nutritional value can be worth so much money. That's why I say we should all drink beer.
man has dominated man to his injury..! [ecclesiastes 8:verse9]...King Soloman wrote in Gods word the Bible.  
+Pam Adger - I didn't drink all of it. In fact, i don't drink much soda at all. Most of my collection were donated by friends in their world travels.
I don't really believe much of this. I have been drinking at least a 2 liter of diet coke every day for 35 years and nothing has happened to me. Nothing. I do drink a gallon of water a day or more and I'm pretty active for the most part except for the winter months.
I'm sure the facts were well researched but the presentation was pure scare-mongering. You can do the same thing with anything you ingest, regardless of how healthy it is.
I've said for a while that if everything I eat (or drink) is going to kill me, I'm going to die with a full stomach. The way it's going, you'll have to starve to stay healthy. Kinda counter-intuitive, doncha think?

Also, if you want to learn something scary, Google what a man's body goes through during orgasm. Compared to that, a few sodas don't seem so bad...
I would hate to know what all the effects of all the bourbon and coke drinks we consumed lastnight...I survived this long, oh well
Physiologically speaking all that diet coke, as my favorite drink, does seem to give me a woody so I don't need viagra.
Martin Kelly, u nd2 hav warm water with a dash of lemon juice b4 a milo, smoothie or bfast, wil help u go in the mrn2 expel yestrday waste. Eat an orange and or a wholegrain toast b4 u leav hous so u hav energy and sustanance b4 ur 1st cofi
I agree that soft drinks are NOT the best thing for us...and that we should all check what we are putting into our precious temples...but truthfully the way they are processing and creating so many things...very few things ARE healthy. Even the organic food that is way more pricey and supposedly more healthy/ turning out to be not so good for us. We have all become way to dependent on these simple indulgences..and I guess we should think about moderation more so...maybe one drink isn't as bad as 6 or 16 or more a day...maybe a little bit of everything will offset the dangerous side of what has become a pleasure. And I guess we should also do our home work and check into what it takes to make our junk...
Mmm just finished a can of coke...ahhh
You know, after reading this, if I drink coke, I seriously need my brain reset
Lifes to short ill have another diet please
I thought I was hooked on the fizz, smh
Thanks for sharing! +Nic Hensman I completely know what you mean. Both my daughters grandparents think it's just fine to give her soda. Makes me mad.
Thank you John

I have come to know the activities with scientific bases about these odd effects. I shall stop consuming this but doubt whether my family stop it or not.
I am not sure whether the facts are well researched and established beyond doubt I expect more strong publicity and invitation of debate worldwide in this topic to make aware of the people. Unfortunately in a country like ours maximum people have no internet connection who consume this as a very good drink. Now it's  our turn to go in action.
Thank You once again for  such an important  post.
Ok then, I wonder why they don't put that on the label.
Al Cole
Its not just Soda but also, candy, ice cream,donuts, cakes, juice drinks and any other sweet treats we all consume.  Any processed food out of a can or box or container has sugars and salt added to them to enhance the flavors, including milk.  Soda also will decay and rot your teeth and your stomach.  DON'T DRINK IT!!!!!!
I haven't a had a pop/soda in nearly 2 years. Probably won't any time soon. Course I am diabetic now anyway so I have to watch sugar intake as a matter of personal health.
Made me thirsty!  Time to go grab a cold coca cola classic from the fridge!
Any suggestions on an effective method to stop consuming soda?
so the good dr. drinks aspartame (is it any better for you)
Increased insulin production is also believed to be a causal factor for pancreatic and other cancers.
fantastic article! i cant hold any longer, i muz share wiz my sister who is a stronger coke drinker
I hold a lot of hope out for sucralose since I would get the same taste minus the horrid effects of all the sugar. I drink a few cans a day down from a 12 pack a day and for awhile I didn't drink any.

At my height of cola abuse I drank a 24 pack, and the health effects are very real.
Ma Loy
My mom died of heart attack and multiple organ failure because of diabetes complication she got addicted to soda and even hiding from me drinking it because we always had fights from it. Oh well rip mom if you were not stubborn and if coca cola would stop advertising that their soda would bring family togetherness while drinking. It brought all my family at her funeral. Sad :(( 
This is seriously helpful.. a total eye opener .. no more sodas for me now !
I must control don't drink the junks!
Dude....Thank You . You almost made me cry but thank you for saving my life :) lol. I had already givien them up but my dad still buys them so I still drink but NO LONGER!!!!!

A fun issue of xkcd explaining alternate units of measure for sugar.  It helps you visualize the amount in a can of soda.

Thank you for the post!
Thank you and now I am scared Sh@@less! NO MORE! Thank you dr. for I am cured of having one more can!
Wow, that is scary. I'm so glad I gave up soda15 years ago. That stuff is lethal!
I put a lot of vodka in mine. I should be ok.
Great breakdown. Thanks for sharing. 
+Robert Lockyer well said. I got a lot of praise from other people who have had diabetes or have watched their family members get sick - also from other health care providers. But I also got so much criticism. The biochemical reactions described are not false even though the article is sensationalized. But the point is awareness of how dangerous soda can be and when you see how devastating it has been then an article must be sensational.
It really is a killer. I only hope more people have eyes to see and ears to hear that SUGAR KILLS. I am type 2 diabetic and finding out that knowledge is the cure if you choose to listen. I found out the hard wsy because I am addicted to sugar. It's really killing me. It is just hard to quit like any other drug. I found it easier to quit smoking. 
+Robert Lockyer it was so difficult for me to quit that I had to go cold turkey - I haven't had anything sweet in over three years. I still have to watch my intake of carbs from other sources but nothing made me crave or binge like cookies etc. I totally agree; addiction. 
Thanks. Good job. Keep it going. My next big thing is coffee with sugar.
I love my coffee - I drink it with half and half but no added sugar. I also only drink a morning cup (or two).
+John Cassone  My husband and I trying to kick the no soda habit. but   We don't drink Coffee. but I need a little caffiene once in awhile as it helps with my headaches so I will get a  Cola when I need to. but we are going the Gatorade route! Me  I have to have the diet version of all things.
That's great +Sheila B. DuBois - sounds like you're making headway without getting too fanatical. There is a soda on the market called Zevia (made with stevia). It actually tastes great without any negative health risks. You may want to give it a try as a substitute while you're in transition.
Just need to get that high fructose corn syrup out of your diet now
The comment about gaterade? Did you know gatorade is just as bad because it is high in sodium? Correct me if I'm wrong.
Also has a lot of sugar but the direction of change is good (less junk).
great explanation in my opinion... say no to carbonated drinks, please.
Diet isn't any better... for those that think drinking diet is better and then have 5 glasses at dinner you're in for a shocker... and not the good kind
+Matthew Insardi  I know that.... but Coffee has a fair amount of caffiene but I don't drink coffee. So my vice is Diet Soda....... and I don't drink that much at one sitting.....  and No soda for me at dinner time. don't drink it every day either.
Holy cow! 8 months later, I'm still getting notifications on this post! Way to go +John Cassone !
I will try harder everyday until I stop using cola
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