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John Carr
Cube drone, comic reader, analog and digital gamer, all-around pop culture psuedo-intellectual
Cube drone, comic reader, analog and digital gamer, all-around pop culture psuedo-intellectual

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Questions to kick off the first adventure of a campaign - "Why has Lord so-and-so sent you to the dungeon?" - send them out ahead of time and let people think about them, or hold them until the night of and see what everyone comes up with on the spot? (Characters already made.)

Only really ran one-shots before and everything happened same night, of course.

Trying to come up with some good custom moves for exploring a huge, labyrinthine tomb complex. So far I've got this one…
When you pry open a sarcophagus, roll:
10+ Easy treasure lies within!
7-9 Choose one:
*You find nothing but dust and bones.
*The restless dead will not give up this treasure easily.
6- Not even the thief saw this devious trap coming!

I was also thinking roll +Wis when you try to retrace your path back the way you came and maybe +Int if you try to mark your way proactively and then get hold of something… Anyone done something along these lines?

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Related to the linked post (sort of), trying to think about a way to link Savage Worlds rules for damage and "extras" to DW combat. Any thoughts?
Anyone ever tried static damage in Dungeon World? For example, instead of a d10 base damage, the fighter would do 5 base damage. How much would change?

The thought occurred to me during our game last night. The Dwarven Fighter charged a goblin and rolled a "1" on his damage. Boo! I just thought it was kinda lame that a trained dwarven warrior can't take down a goblin in one hit. I realize that there are numerous ways of narratively explaining the 1 HP damage. I was just thinking about implementing base static damage. It takes out the randomness of damage, but, to me, it makes the "hack and slash" roll a bit more important.

As an option, when rolling boxcars (natural 12) the character could do max damage, or maybe 75% damage?

Any thoughts?

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I wouldn't have backed this before +Sage LaTorra came on board to provide actual GM-facing info, but now I'm totally into it.

Really like the vibe of what I've seen so far. However, reading the draft, one thing has struck me as slightly odd regarding the moves associated with certain sites - Ghost Hollow as an example. It seems to me that the 7-9 results should be used for 6-, and that there should be some mid-level result (maybe with a player choice) at 7-9. Maybe someone else has already questioned this and you've explained and I just didn't see.

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Hi all, I original shared the below in my tabletop RPG circle, but joining this community makes even more sense - anyone who can offer any advice here, greatly appreciated!
Asking my RPG circle because I know there's some overlap and plenty of more knowledgeable people regarding computer hardware stuff:

I have a PC from 2009 that's been relatively unused for a few years, and is now going to have it's guts moved into a media center case to replace my Xbox 360 on the family room TV. I plan on replacing the graphics card, and I was wondering if anyone could provide some recommendations for something that will support heavily modded Skyrim running at least 30 fps, 1920x1080 resolution.

A few years ago I leveled to about 58 on the 360 version of Skyrim, and would love to replay with all the modding capability my homebrew Steam machine will potentially allow. But since I'm used to the 360, I don't need to be getting 50 - 60 fps. Anything else that I'd be playing on it will run no problem if it can handle that (mostly Humble Bundle indie games).

Also, the graphics card is probably going on a birthday / Father's Day wishlist, and I've got to ask on a budget if I'm to have any luck of actually receiving it. ;)

I'll have 8gb RAM and a 1 TB HD
Motherboard and CPU:

Appreciate any advice / insight / recommendations!

Thinking about a Berserker playbook - how's this for a starting move?

Barrage - When you let loose a savage flurry of attacks, deal your damage to everyone Close to you and roll +Wis. On a 10+, hold 3. On a 7-9, hold 2. Spend your hold, one for one, to do the following:
*Deal an additional d4+Str to an enemy.
*Avoid an enemy's counterattack.
*Avoid harming an ally. 

Let's say you were running a science fantasy game and introduced this item:

Bolt Thrower: Lets any character use the Ranger "Blot Out the Sun" move to do damage +1. On a 7-9, the weapon jams after firing and can't be used again until repaired. On a 6-, the weapon backfires and the wielder takes 2x damage +1.

Now let's say you've got orcs wielding these things - how do you handle the monster's potential for backfire since the monster doesn't roll to attack?

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A Dungeon World "read magic" move using +Logan Knight's great consequence tables:

When you spend some time studying an arcane text and attempting to decipher the power contained within, roll +Int: 10+, both. 7-9, choose one:
*You successfully translate the magic
*You don't suffer Librarian's Lament

On 6-, Tome of Terror.
Cunning Linguists
Cunning Linguists
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