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John Carcutt
I'm trying to live an optimized life. Are you?
I'm trying to live an optimized life. Are you?

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Hey everyone, +PR Dunn and I did not record this week Our producer +Jorge Hermida is down in Florida preparing for Hurricane Matthew.

We hope he and all of our friends and listeners all along the southern east coast of the US stay safe during this storm. 

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In case you haven't seen the news yet. They only announced it a couple of hours ago.

Penguin 4.0 officially launched today.

After about 2 years we finally not only get the update but as hoped, it's a rolling update. No more waiting for a Penguin refresh. Woo Hoo!

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Here's the link to Rand's post about MOZ returning to a focus on SEO. Mentioned on this week's show.

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Yesterday Google's YouTube announced "Communities".

If this has any long term impact on the Google+ Communities we may have to actually start showing you folks our faces while we record. Arrrgh.

We have seen other aspects of Google+ move to other Google initiatives so we will be keeping a close eye on this.

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Interesting New Topic Research Tool we discussed while recording the show today. Basically a new "Google Suggest" tool that seems to pull in a bit more and does a decent job of displaying the data.

Would love to know your thoughts.

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If you have not seen them yet, Google updated the Quality Raters Guidelines again last week.

Live in North East Ohio?

Wanna work for me?

I'm hiring an SEO Content Specialist.

Leave a comment. (consider it your first impression at an interview)

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It's almost Valentine's Day!

Here's a bunch of pick-up lines that are just for SEO's only.

Just found an article I wrote Jan 2006 (10 years ago) titled:

"Rank Checking, It's Not Worth the Effort"

Yep, for ten years I have been trying to tell people that search engine rankings are not the goal of SEO.

Someday it will be common knowledge. Someday.

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Nice to be associated with a Network that is in such good company.

Interesting presentation, I wish they would have added some kinda of actual game component though. Plus the "Go to Jail" space should have been about penalties, not user behaviour. LOL

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