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I'm looking for Photographers in Alaska, Singapore, Hong Kong, Spain (the world) to do Virtual Photo Walks. The about page has lots of info. Let me know a few days in advance, it takes quite a bit of organizing on my end.
Countries with great 3G are best, but maybe you can arrange to do a museum with wifi, that would be outstanding, be creative solve the problems and get in touch. Walk the walk for those that can't.
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I came to know this post from +Joseph Ong at +Michael Earley's post.

I'll be co-hosting Singapore PhotoWalk with +Alex Ortega, coming 25th March at 6.00pm (S'pore local time). Alex is currently testing a hangout session too.

If this can be recorded for your cause, it will be great!
Hangout session test is sucessful, now looking for the hotshoe to tripod adaptor, anyone knows where i can buy it in singapore?

+Nicholas Ong and myself will be conducting #photowalkSG on the 25th of Mar
i will check the shops at funan tomorrow
Very cool that you will be doing this +Nicholas Ong and thanks to +Alex Ortega for passing it along. +John Butterill should get back to you on his thoughts on where to get it. If you look at the "about" page on the "Virtual Photo Walks" page there are some links there where to buy the mount,
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