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*Work in progress*

I'm personally not a huge fan of Google's implementation of Notifications within Wear 2.0 Complications.

My main complaints being:
> they get grouped together
> their #'s are on a per-App basis (so if you have 3 Hangouts Notifications + 3 Google+ Notifications it'll only display "2")
> they can't be filtered
> they only count what's sent to your watch

While I understand why they'd do it this way, I just find it too limited.

So, here's a look at this use of Notifications...
Essentially this is how it works:
1) you receive a Notification on your phone from any App - it displays the icon from the App that produced it & a # count
2) you receive another Notification on your phone from the same App - it updates the # count
3) you receive a Notification on your phone from any other App - it switches to display the new App's icon & switches to that Notification's # count
4) you receive a Notification from the first App - it switches back to display the updated # count from the first App

Long-story-short, whenever your phone receives a Notification, it'll display the App icon & update the # count from the App that produced the newest Notification.

This is just the initial/main feature, but there are several more to come...
And before you ask, yes grouping them will be an option for those that want it (and will combine # counts on a per-Notification basis instead of per-App like Google's).

I hope to have a build ready for testing in a couple weeks, so stay tuned.

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Keep an eye out on my Google+ for an upcoming giveaway...
You know they start & end quickly (and if you miss it, please don't Hangouts me asking for an extension - it's not going to happen)!
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Stay woke 

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Mandatory Apple Watch Series 2 Post (don't worry, it'll be the only one you'll see from me)
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It is Apple though, +IDLE 0095​, you know drastic changes take 2 years...
But yeah, also disappointed.

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Everyone's saying how Google Home will kill Echo, but I'm just not seeing it.
I'm not convinced it'll put as big a dent in Amazon's market-share as people are expecting...

Lets get this out of the way - my use-case isn't standard.
I'm looking for 5 devices.
So, simple math dictates an Echo + 4 Dots is the only choice.

I'm trying to justify the extra cost, but even I'm having a problem doing that.
And don't tell me Google has better AI & Conversational Search. I don't care one bit about that.
Also don't tell me my Wear device or Android phone can act as a Google Home device - that doesn't apply to my situation since it's not a single platform household. I need 5 Google Home devices or a 5-room Echo setup.

I currently use Echo to:
> control my lights
> wake me up
> read my calendar
> play music
> tell me the weather
> order Ubers
That's it.
All things Google Home will also be able to do.

So, what differentiates Google Home from Echo?
To put it simply - Chromecast.
So, I would need:
> 5 Google Homes + just 3 of the cheap/existing Chromecasts = ~750$
> 1 Echo + 4 Dots = ~380$
That's half the price. Even without the Chromecasts it's still much cheaper.
No-brainer, right?

Don't get me wrong, I like Google Home & will be getting one, but, just one.
So, who's Google Home for?
To me, for those without an Echo already or those that only want a single device for a single room with no plan to get more in the future. Why? Because buying more than one quickly shows how Amazon's better priced for multi-room setups.
> 2 Google Homes = 260$
> 1 Echo + 1 Dot = 230$

I don't know why sites aren't seeing that while Google Home is less expensive initially, it doesn't stay that way if you want more.
It's simple math, c'mon.

If you're new to it & only want one, I honestly say go with the Google Home. It will be a solid device.
However, if you plan to get multiple devices, get an Echo. It'll be cheaper to add more devices later. Yeah, there's no Chromecast support, but is that worth the additional cost? That's your call, but for me I'd say "No".
And if you're an existing Echo user, sure, pick a Google Home & Chromecast up for your primary room. Your Echo (and Dots) will have you covered for all your other rooms.

Which one are you?
> new looking for just 1 room
> new looking for a multi-room setup
> existing w/ Echo
What're your thoughts?
Can you convince me it's worth the added cost?
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Aren't they always, +Spencer McClendon​?

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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A very welcomed change from the usual Prius' so many Lyft/Uber drivers use!
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I'd ride that.

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Great, now I have these to look forward to, sigh
Not a problem for most people with only a couple Wear devices, but it'll become a huge pain for me when all Wear devices get updated to 2.0 given how many I have...

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Just pass a couple out, like one to me :) lol

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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You can always count on Bruce Campbell to provide the important science stuff...

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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After catching up with the latest episode of "Kevin Can Wait" on +CBS​, I believe there needs to be a Kickstarter campaign for Kevin James to never make another TV series...

I'm sorry, but lightning didn't strike twice with this one.
I gave it my standard 2-episode trial & it just didn't do it for me.
"King of Queens" was a great show for a its time & I still enjoy the reruns, however, it feels like they're trying the same type of formula & that just doesn't work more than 10yrs later.

Have you seen his new show yet?
If so, what're your thoughts?
If not, why not?
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This was my 1st episode and I thought it was funny. The tv falling had me laughing so hard i woke up my son.

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Now that lightning headphones are an official Apple product, I wonder if the next Apple TV's remote will allow you to plug them into it for "Private Listening" like Roku & nVidia Shield TV...

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Of all the aliens we've seen on TV & in movies, I'd be most welcoming of Melmacians...
> are laid back
> look like Weeks
> would take care of the cats

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Something gets lost when you end a conversation with someone on the phone using "...yeah b***h, I F***ing love your @$$ too!" (and they're not referring to their butt),

How can the person on the other end of that phone call possibly accept that?!

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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I need these on my feet, right now!
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Rooms at Delano were a little underwhelming especially for the premium price over Mandalay, but overall the experience was a pleasant one.
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Hassel to check in but once done, flawless.
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Good stuff but absolutely no service in English whatsoever. I asked "What time do you close tonight" & none of the three employees there at the time knew.
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Extremely overpriced - 12.68$ for 2 slices of pepperoni w/ a fountain drink Extremely slow - took almost 15mins Extremely greasy - took 5 napkins to soak up the grease from the 2 slices Extremely weak dough - tasted like cardboard Extremely disappointed - I rarely leave reviews, especially not negative ones, however, this one feels like my responsibility to save people from eating here!
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Could be updated a little
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Worst service imaginable! Almost never open & when they are, staff are rude. Don't waste your time at this location - go to the Visitation one instead.
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Nice place during the day with great activities year round but once the sun goes down the punk kids come out!
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