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John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Getting ready to finally watch Avengers: Age of Ultron!
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John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Good to know you don't have to box to win a boxing match... congrats, Mayweather!
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Guess u and me can become the next camps and do nothing 

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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I've published an update to the BETA channel! 

> Dimensions for the V5 - Color design

> Visibility when using "original" Sony Smartwatch 1 (released in 2012)

the update will appear via the Play Store as version 2.6 within the next few hours

Become a Tester link:
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John Burke (Lanhoj)

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In case any of you are wondering why I’ve been buying up so many Smartwatches lately, here’s why…
(Warning - it's a long read)

Originally when I launched “Zooper Wear” a little over a year ago, it was only for phones. The plan was to eventually bring it to watches, but I was going to wait for Android Wear devices to come out before tackling that.

Then, soon after release, people kept Emailing me asking if I support current Smartwatches. I regrettably had to keep saying “No, sorry”.
I needed to find a way to support watches before Android Wear devices came out, but how?

I decided that since financially I wouldn’t be able to afford to buy a Smartwatch to support (I already owned at the time an original Pebble & knew supporting that was out of the question), so I had to come up with a way to support devices without buying them.
Would this even be possible?

There were emulators, sure, however, I knew I didn’t want to solely rely on emulators, so how would I support devices without owning them?
Could I perhaps buy them, add support then refund? Sure, however I didn’t want to go this route.

I decided I’d try asking people for help.
So, I joined the Omate TrueSmart Google+ Community & posted that I was working on an App but needed help from owners to test it.
I immediately got an overwhelming response. Seemed a lot of people were eager, a lot more than I had expected. I unfortunately needed to keep it contained, so I only accepted the first 25 people.

With those initial people joining my Google BETA Community, I worked daily, updating often 2-3times per day for a few weeks.
How that process went was:
1  I’d update
2  they’d then download the update
3 they'd then post pictures of it on their device
4 I’d look at the pictures & make adjustments & the process would repeat
After a few weeks, the App was ready, but how would I get pictures for the Play Store that were of decent quality?
Well, the Community helped me out again by taking some pretty high quality pictures!

Then, once that first proof of concept was completed, I figured I’d try to see if it was repeatable with other Smartwatches people were requesting I support.
Thankfully & to my surprise, it was!
New people joined a new Google+ BETA Community for the new version of my App for the different Smartwatch - this time, the Sony Smartwatch (1 & 2).
In this time, I tried a couple ways to mirror it from phone-to-watch (which wasn’t needed on the Omate TrueSmart as it’s a s”standalone” full-featured Android device).
I settled with +Sterling Udell​​​​'s “Wearable Widgets”.
That one thankfully took considerably less time.

Now it was May/June & I knew Android Wear was around the corner, so what could I do to continue supporting more Smartwatches?
I reached out to Sterling & that’s where everything changed (at least for me)!

In July, once Android Wear devices were released, I repeated the process - create a Google+ Community & ask help from others to test & post pics.
However, I knew that it wouldn’t be as easy since there would be a lot more devices & a lot more eyeballs on my App.

So, I purchased an LG G Watch & I was for the first time, testing the Smartwatch version of my App on my own.
I was still having people help, but this time I was relying less on them since I could test on my end.
The App actually went live within less than a week of people receiving the first batch of Android Wear devices!

That went great for a couple months…until the Moto 360 came out.
I knew I didn’t want to purchase one, but that I did of course want to support it.
So I again repeated what had been working for me & created a new Goole+ Community with others with the Moto 360 testing for me.
That one had a few snags along the way & was a little bit of a bumpy journey, however, over all it went well & was released within a few weeks of people receiving Moto 360 devices.

So, I now supported the Omate TrueSmart, Sony SW 1 & 2, square-shaped Android Wear devices as well as circular Android Wear devices…all while only owning an LG G Watch.
What was next?

I wanted to expand the family of devices I support, so I attempted to repeat the process for the Neptune Pine.
Unfortunately, the device itself seemed to be a failure - there were no Google+ Communities for it & no Apps on the Play Store.
So, without being able to recruit Testers, that project fizzled & is pretty much dead at this point.

I picked myself up from that though & soon the LG G Watch R would be released.
I decided it was time for me to take testing of circular Wear devices back into my own hands a little so the day it launched, I bought the R.
There were a few adjustments I needed to make, but within about a week, it was on the Play Store.

Then came the Galaxy Gear S
Should I try my previously successful method of testing without owning the device? Would it fail like the Neptune Pine?
I gave it a try & within less than a week, it was once again up on the Play Store thanks to the help of some truly awesome testers!

Fast forward to now…
“Zooper Wear” in conjunction with “Wearable Widgets” supports:
> all circular Android Wear devices
> all square-shaped Android Wear devices
> all Tiezen-based Galaxy Gear devices
> Sony Smartwatch 1 & 2 (pre-Android Wear)
> Omate TrueSmart (independent of “Wearable Widgets”)
Pretty much any modern Smartwatch out there!

However, even though my Apps support all those devices, I felt I needed to have them.
Primarily because while I love getting help from others, I wanted to have more control of testing & pictures.
So, over the past month, I’ve gone out & purchased pretty much all of them (only exception being the Gear S).
Now that I have all the devices, I can more thoroughly go through each of them & make any adjustments. I can also take pictures for the Play Store & potentially market the Apps better - I’ve pretty much just used word-of-mouth, but that isn’t really cutting it, lately.

So, what have I learned over the past year?
Mostly that people are awesome! If you ask for their help, you’ll generally get it.
I mean I started out with a single little App meant for a tiny sub-set of Users & it’s now grown into a much larger suite of Apps supporting more devices than I could have imagined a year ago!

What’s next for Zooper Wear?
Really I don’t know.
Will it continue to support Android Wear devices? Of course!
Will it support stand-alone devices? If I can afford them, yes!
Will it support other devices like the Pebble Time? That’s entirely up to Sterling as my Apps depend on his.
He’s been a fantastic guy to work with over the past 10-12 months. I really couldn’t have asked for a nicer guy to work with!

So, to sum it up, I thank everyone who’s been on this journey with me over the passed year or so & look forward to what the future brings!


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Keep up the great work and all the support. Look forward to see what the future brings.

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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I picked up a Samsung Galaxy Ace 4 Lite on the cheap (all I needed was one with Android 4.3+) and also orderer a Tiezen-based Galaxy Gear device...

Not the Gear S though, since that's a little pricey considering it'll only live on my desk. I got a Gear 2 Neo.

So once I get those, then the family will be complete - I'll have reference devices for all the platforms "Zooper Wear" can be used on (in conjunction with +Sterling Udell​​​​​​​ 's "Wearable Widgets")!

It'll also be the 10th Smartwatch in my collection!
Now I'm really not buying anymore Smartwatches!
I/O is around the corner so we'll see what's revealed there.
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Hell no, +Dr Time​!

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Didn't realize how ridiculously low-res this watch's screen was until now...
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+John Burke I understand marshall told me you developed smart watch software 

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Another family member has arrived!
He's more like a 3rd cousin that you hardly ever see, but he's still technically part of the family...

Got a "2nd" cousin coming this weekend/early next week too.

Then the family will be complete...almost.
Only the Galaxy Gear devices are missing, however, they're unfortunately above my pay-grade, sigh
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I'm sure you'll get something. I tried this year to get in but, got nothing. Hopefully, next year.
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John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Got another Smartwatch delivered today...
Can't use it until Tuesday though.

I have another arriving tomorrow that I'll be able to use immediately.

Then that'll be the end of my Smartwatch least until Google I/O!
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John Burke (Lanhoj)

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So after using the Sony Smartwatch 2 for about a day, I must say that I'm very impressed!

> Always On like on LG's Android Wear devices
> Visible in direct sunlight unlike most other Smartwatches
> 4-5days of battery life only beat by Pebble
> Notifications re-sync when reconnected unlike any other Smartwatch
> Price around 99$ on Amazon
> Charges using standard Micro USB unlike most that require a dock
> App support is quite limited (and likely won't be getting any more) though the basics are there
> Looks like a Smartwatch with [HOME], [BACK] & [MENU] buttons.

Overall, if you're looking for a Smartwatch with basic functionality, don't need a ton of Apps, that'll be fairly rugged & last you almost from Monday-Friday on a single charge, you really can't beat the Sony Smartwatch 2!

Will it be my primary Smartwatch...not a chance (LoL), however, if there was a fire (knocks on wood) & all my other Smartwatches were destroyed, I wouldn't be disappointed with this being the only one that survived.

By comparison, I can't say the same for the:
> Sony Smartwatch 1
> Pebble
> LG G Watch (original)
> Moto 360
If all I was left with were any of those, I'd be very upset & quickly go out to buy something else.
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+John Burke No Android Wear device has that kind of battery life, I agree. I'm not sure what you mean by notifications re-sync. My notifications seem to sync when the watch is re-connected to the phone i.e. they dismiss or appear depending on what's left on the phone. Perhaps you mean something else.

Charges using standard Micro USB - unless your Micro USB is different from mine, I plug in my watch the exact same way I plug in my phone. USB straight to the device. No dock necessary.

Always - On - It goes ambient but screen stays on. Transflective display so visible in direct sunlight.

Watchbands - sucks. But I believe they made a sort of 'dock' or 'enclosure' that holds the watch part and allows you to use your own standard straps. I'm not a fan of this and it definitely counts as a con.

Not hating on you for preferring SW2 over SW3 as I prefer to see people choose different devices for their own reasons as opposed to the blind following that you'd see from some.

Also, waiting for I/O!

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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One of a kind unboxing!

John Burke (Lanhoj)

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I'll also attempt to improve the resolution for Users of the original Sony Smartwatch 1 this weekend.
It won't look as good as the SW2 but it'll look better than it currently does at least.
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John Burke (Lanhoj)

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Close enough, +MICROSOFT​​ (off by 1yr)...
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Dr Time
Same here. Almost 35, got 36.
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