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My second son Levi.
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Since its launch in 2013, the Conservative’s Help to Buy scheme has helped many people across the UK buy their first homes with as little as a 5% deposit.
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Which is best for contractors: Umbrella or Limited Company?                                
From experience, we know that #mortgage lenders much prefer dealing with contractors who operate through their own Limited Company than Umbrella contractors.     
To us, it makes sense. The tax savings, thus earning retention, of a #LimitedCompany payment structure are huge compared to working through a third party, such as an umbrella.   
The conundrum we were seeing was that nothing like the percentage of contractors you'd expect to be running their own business, by comparison, were coming through the door.   
Was there something we weren't privy to? I mean, other than the obvious off-shore Umbrellas who offer 90% retention, but who almost certainly destroy a contractor's chance of securing finance by operating thus?                               

Rather than assume, we sat down with a bona fide, long-standing #contractor accountant and asked him to spell out the differences. Just so that we were clear.                     
His correspondence, this article being the final of three we've produced as a result, confirmed what we thought.                                 
90% of contractors would be better off working through their own Limited Company. Yes, there are circumstances were Umbrellas are preferential.                
But by and large, Limited Company contractors are far better off, both with what they retain and the avenues of finance open to them on the back of running their own, successful small business.                                
Why aren't 90% of contractors operating this way? That, I'm afraid, remains the mystery. Read on, if you want to be a better off contractor today:   
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A comprehensive guide to contracting through a UK Umbrella Company                            
You'll never take home as much through an #Umbrella compared to running your Limited Company under your own steam, albeit with the assistance of an accountant.                                                                                
But there are times when retention isn't the deciding factor. Testing the #contractor lifestyle out, looking for temporary work or being caught inside IR35 are all bona fide reasons for contracting in this alternative way.                                    
What's the difference?                                            
In essence, a PAYE Umbrella #Company is a contractor's Limited Company, but they've handed over the running of it to a third party.                                            
The result is that the contractor retains the majority of their independence, but retain the safety net of an 'employer'.   
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Master piece!
Your microdata sucks

But it can be improved.

Drawing on the Web Data Commons Microdata corpus +Robert Meusel and +Heiko Paulheim have identified the most common errors made in deploying with microdata, and the heuristics that data consumers can use to clean up these errant deployments.

Heuristics for Fixing Common Errors in Deployed Microdata [PDF]

The authors note that since they "cannot rely that data providers will fix their Microdata, we follow the approach of repairing the data on the consumer side."

Accordingly their focus for remediation is on heuristics that data consumers can employ, but this study can also readily be parlayed in a list of potential errors of which publishers should be cognizant when using and microdata.

For example, the call-out charts show errors related to the usage of undefined types and undefined properties; errors for the former tend, it's found, to be caused most frequently by missing slashes, improper capitalization and empty types.

Full abstract:

Being promoted by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, and Yandex, Microdata embedded in web pages, especially using, has become one of the most important markup languages for the Web. However, deployed Microdata is most often not free from errors, which limits its practical use. In this paper, we use the WebDataCommons corpus of Microdata extracted from more than 250 million web pages for a quantitative analysis of common mistakes in Microdata provision. Since it is unrealistic that data providers will provide clean and correct data, we discuss a set of heuristics that can be applied on the data consumer side to fix many of those mistakes in a post-processing step. We apply those heuristics to provide an improved knowledge base constructed from the raw Microdata extraction.

#schemaorg   #microdata  
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Governments come and go, but the law persists: SC said
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25th Anniversary of the ADA Series: Marketing to Persons with Disabilities is a Business Advantage

Making it possible for stakeholders with disabilities and age-related limitations to access your goods and services is not only an important part of complying with federal – as well as international -- accessibility standards but also a strategic aspect of any organizational management plan.
G3ict is dedicated to promoting the Digital Accessibility Agenda worldwide.
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Seems like the IQ within the SEO professionals community is dropping dramatically! Or am I missing something?
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Contractors: delimit your take home; choose the limited company structure        
A great number of our clients choose #LimitedCompany payment structures to operate through.      
It makes absolute sense. They're separated from their debt. They're building a brand.          
They build an almost tangible door between themselves as the contractor and the business that represents them.    
When it comes to sending off their #contractor mortgage application, this type of structure is a Brucie bonus for us, too.    
Many of the lenders we deal with have, over time, got to grips with contract-based underwriting.         
Senior underwriters know what to look for in a contract so that the applicant gets the #mortgage offer their contract earnings deserve.                    
But there are many contractors who, perhaps because they think running a limited company is difficult, choose other ways to operate.                    
Granted, there are times when an Umbrella Company or the Sole Trader route makes sense.            
But for most contractors earning over £30k? They're missing out, big time. Here's why »                   
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Google may use entity information from sources such as a knowledge-base like Freebase to query DeepWeb ecommerce content to perform queries upon it, to enable that content to be crawled and indexed in a source such as Google.
A Google Whitepaper that describes how Entity content from sources such as Freebase can be used when indexing deep content from product sites on the Web.
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From the SMX West Conference in San Jose, California, March 3-5, 2015. SESSION: Dr. Pete's Guide To Changing Google SERPs. PRESENTATION: Dr Pete's Guide to the Changing Google SERPs - Given by Dr. Pete Myers, @dr_pete - Moz, Marketing Scientist. #SMX #14C
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  • Florida State University
    FSU Certified Webmaster, 2004
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Shaping the Future of the Semantic Search
My name is John S. Britsios (aka Webnauts), and I am the Founder and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of SEO Workers and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Webnauts Net, a qualified UX & Semantic Search Consultant, specializing in Semantic, Forensic & Technical Predictive Search Engine Optimization, Content Marketing, Web Content Accessibility, Usability Testing, Social Semantic Web based Responsive Web Design & Ecommerce Development, UX & Funnel Conversion Optimization.

In 2001, I graduated from the German Academy Brueschke in Bielefeld as a Specialist for Multimedia Office Communication.

The same year, I graduated from the Academy of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Bielefeld as a Web Project Manager (IHK).

Additionally, in 2003 I passed an exam at in Web Design Concepts. Also, in 2003 I passed my test at as a Master Web Designer for Accessibility.

In the same year, I completed an online course of study at Carleton University, Sprott School of Business in Usability Testing.

In the year 2004, I completed an online course of study at the Florida State University and was approved for the Florida State University Webmaster Certification.

I was employed at Lycos Europe Inc. in various positions for two years:
  • 04.2001 - 07.2001 Intranet Webmaster;
  • 07.2001 - 03.2002 Ad Format Specialist;
  • 07.2001 - 03.2002 Trainer for Web Design for Accessibility;
  • 03.2002 - 04.2003 Lead of Usability Testing, supervising the usability tests for the European Web Development.
Since 2005 my company Webnauts Net is a qualified and a listed vendor at the U.S Government Section 508.

I also hold membership with the following professional organizations:


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Found the Lady of my Dreams.
UX & Semantic Search Consultant
Information Architecture & Online Marketing
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Augsburg, Germany
Austria, Italy, Greece, - U.S.A
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