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Manual Action Revoked or Not?

We helped out customer with a manual action they had for over 9 months and did not even know about it because their previous SEO company never told them that it have been there in the first case.

Then we took over to fix the problem and we removed thousands and thousands of links physically and filed a re-consideration request which seemed like it solved the problem.

On July 8th 2015 they got in the GWT a message indicating that the "Manual Action" have been revoked. See screenshot here:

Since then and until today the "Manual Action" have no been removed in the GWT. See screenshot:

Also since then we did not see any changes in the performance of the web site in the search results, i.e rankings. We would have expected to see an improvement or a drop because of all the links being removed. Or?

I heard that others had the experience too, but still wondering if the message that the manual action has been revoked, if it has been processed or not.

Then we advised our customer  to contact Google Quality Team (and which they did on July 11, 2015) using the review button in the GWT adding this message:


Dear Google Search Quality Team,

We would like to bring to your attention that we had a partial manual action which have been completely revoked on Jul 8, 2015, yet we are still seeing the manual action in the Google Webmaster Tools. See screenshot: (screenhot)
Do we still need to remove more links? If so, as we previously mentioned in our most recent reconsideration request on June 17, 2015, we are still working on cleaning up any links on the web, not just uploading links that can only harm our performance within the search results using the disavow tool, but we make a lot of efforts to remove those physically, to avoid any harm in our performance within the search results but also to protect the overall reputation of our company.

Is this case probably a mistake?

For your convenience, we would like to share with you some screenshots related to this issue:

Email from the Google Search Quality Team: (screenshot)

Message from the Google Search Quality Team in the Google Webmaster Tools: (screenshot)

We would appreciate if you can look into this issue at your earliest convenience and let us know if there is something we can do to
get this problem solved.

Thank you so much in advance for taking the time viewing our request and looking forward to hear from you.

Kind regards,


What do you think? Is the action still in the system or not?
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Barry I am 100% certain there was only one partial manual action and we had a huge success with removing links physically. Besides, after the message that the manual action have been revoked no new message appeared, but the old one was still in place. And FYI, the manual was there for more than 9 months and was updating every 23rd of each third month and today is the 24th and no new one arrived and is still there (not updated).

Certainly we are still trying to remove links physically for the reasons mentioned here.

The only wish is to know what is the current status. It is very frustrating.

Hope +John Mueller and/or +Gary Illyes can help us out.
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Let’s face it: Content marketing is a bit overhyped. According to the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, at least 86% of B2B marketers and 77% of B2C marketers are now engaged in content marketing.
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John Britsios (Webnauts)

Discussion  - 
Google has been telling webmasters to not block CSS & JavaScript for years and years. Here is Matt Cutts in 2012 telling webmasters not to block it. The webmaster guidelines were updated to say not to block them. The new fetch and render tool warns you when you block CSS and JavaScript. We also know, Google renders the page as a user would see it these days, so blocking CSS/JS can impact that big time.
Google is now sending out a rush of new warnings via Google Search Console, formerly Google Webmaster Tools to notify webmasters that GoogleBot cannot access their CSS and JS (JavaScript) files on the
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A Conceptual Basis for Content Writing by +Teodora Petkova 

Finding your 'true self' is not something you should aim for. Why (you may ask me) ?! Well, your 'true self' my dear friend is not something you find, discover or whatever else great marketers are telling you in flashy banners. Identity is not something that you find out there in the open space.

Identity is something you create.

There was a time identity was created in newspapers, tv adverts or the funny advert on the bus. Nowadays the process is more 'digital' in its nature. You have the world wide web and everybody and I mean absolutely everyone on planet Earth is connected to this vast information space  (defined by URLs, screen sizes and broadband speed) in one way or another. What’s missing?

The human touch.

Humans. A bunch of talking apes using plastic boxes to talk to each other. Or shall I say a bunch of homo sapiens that think it is possible to outsmart the Mother Nature with ‘black hat’ tricks.
Not to disappoint you but better screen resolution is just that: better screen resolution. Your eyes are the same. Better RAM is just better RAM. Your brain is still the same. You still process the information the same way your grandfather did.

Technology is evolving. Human beings not that much ( or you think you are smarter than Plato ? ).

So what am I to do in order to create my digital footprint? The answer is actually very simple. Nothing that you haven't done before. In the ‘real’ world, you go to a party and you talk to the people if you want them to know you. On the web you create content in order to ‘show’ yourself to the others.
Yes, it’s that simple - just go out there and talk to the people.

“Web writing serves two purposes. First, it structures your digital footprint and second, it is the thread  that connects your business to your customers and prospects.” - +Teodora Petkova 

Pay special attention to the context of your writings. Your aim should be creating ‘semantic networks’ around your identity ( +David Amerland). 
Semantic content strategy is the way forward if you want to connect to the people who are looking for you (or your business).
Going back to the party mentioned above - you do not really want to connect to the mother of the fit girl jumping in front of you, don’t you. That is why you are talking about the latest cool band from UK and not about the latest food offers in +Tesco (Walmart).
Do you get me?

In the end “make the time, write with your intuition, use your imagination and read slowly when you’re done" ( +Gina Fiedel).
The moment “we step into the World Wide Web, we become visible” ( +Kristin Drysdale) and all our strengths and weaknesses become evident as well.
But don't be too nervous. As in the real world, nobody is perfect.

"To accomplish the perfect perfection, a little imperfection helps." ― Dejan Stojanovic

#contentmarketing   #contentstrategy   #contentcreation   #identity   #digitalfootprint  
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The most interesting thing about this Panda refresh was that virtually no one noticed. Really, no one.
As I announced last night at Search Engine Land, Google has released Panda 4.2 after being without a Google Panda refresh for about 10 months.The most interesting thing about this Panda refresh was th
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Can you please give me a hand?
+John Mueller how can that be right? Didn't Google begun issuing penalties for improper implementation of structured data markup? I am referring to this… - John Britsios (Webnauts) – Google+
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Hyperlinks are dumb. Literally dumb. They link one document to another – one little piece of text to another, but they don’t know how. They don’t know why. They don’t know diddly squat. The only real sense that search engines can make of their incoherent connections is that one page is more popular than another, […]
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Security is not the core competency for most developers and designers. Even the most secure code in the world has flaws that can allow an attacker to gain unauthorized access.
Welcome to our third post on WP-CLI for secure WordPress management over an SSH command line interface. In our previous two articles, we discussed how to connect to WordPress over SSH, and then how to back up & update WordPress securely. Like other open-source content management systems, WordPress lets you easily add code to makeRead More
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A Return of Agent Rank Reputation Scores

I was surprised by a patent from Google that describes how the search engine might be attempting to build more trustworthiness into content on a Social network such as Google+, and could use the interaction from that Network to create a reputation score.
Will Google introduce a Reputation score as a way of ranking content for users of a social network, like in a recently granted Google patent?
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Sometimes I sooo want to know the story behind a query! 
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I do not recall that Google said that they killed the "AgentRank". Do you?
Sometimes, I run across a patent that provides details on things that Google might do, but only hints at whether or not it might actually be implemented. A few years back in 2007, I wrote about a Google patent for Agent Rank, which described reputation scores for authors (to be used as an alternative to … Continue reading Is An Improved Version of Agent Rank Returning to Google? →
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