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Me. That's a very complicated subject...
Me. That's a very complicated subject...

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The world needs more Meerkats.
The Electric Meerkat

Caught with the sun behind the meerkat you can see the glow from his longer hairs. As they spend a lot of time on lookout duty the older meerkats are easier to photograph than the younger ones who just want to have fun. 

These are charming animals that can transfix you with their behaviour. 

Nothing like some Saturday afternoon 5th Element.

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The Violence of Love by Oscar Romero, free as a download.

I rarely visit G+ anymore. It may have something to do with the fact that each time I do I constantly see incredibly stupid animated gifs running constantly. Seriously people? That's what you're using social media for?

Pray for the folks at Ft. Hood. Close friends of mine were living there at the last attack.

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As a student of the history of eugenics, this essay reminded me of how important it is to constantly be aware and beware those who preach "purity of essence" in any form.

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I know this interview will upset some of my friends and even family in recovery from their addictions, but I too, even with my own addictive impulses, have never bought into the 12 Step model of overcoming addictions. Has it worked for many, including some VERY close to me? Yes. And for that I'm eternally grateful. But is it good science as to "how" addiction happens and therefore how to treat it? No, it isn't. We need to find a better way that's more honest about the problem.

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Wow. This interview of Darren Aronofsky by Cathleen Falsani concerning the new Noah film is absolutely fantastic. I knew I wanted to see it before, but now I must see it!
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