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"Washington has a spending problem.  Let’s be honest - we’re broke. ... where are the president’s spending cuts?" - Speaker Boehner
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Yes...lets figure out how much government we want then find ways to pay for it.  Let's lose the ideologies and find the the facts.  Or, am I insane?
The problem with washington is not spending -- is that most politicians only want to help the rich.

+John Boehner .. its time to help everyone else .. -- spend on jobs, social programs .. and pass taxes to pay for it from the top 2% of earners .. 

and please stop all the nonsense about having to cut spending.. -- please!
+John Boehner Are you the real Speaker John Boehner, or are you just the person running this page? 
+Ricardo Lagos The problem with Washington is spending. The fact is there's not enough money laying around to cover the the $1.2 trillion  annual deficit. A $70 billion annual tax increase is obviously not enough, and amounts to nothing when matched with the White House's proposed spending increase. Sorry, but the problem doesn't get solved by passing the buck to the rich. You only wish it was that easy.
+Larry Walker I also read today that the purposed new tax on the rich will pay for just 9 days of spending.  Our government is like a teenager with a credit card.
+Phil Davis Yep! Nine whole days, but that's progress to left-wing lapdogs. "We eat today, and starve tomorrow." I say, No, it ends here and now.
+Larry Walker  hey Larry just added you. Never hurts too have another accountant around :-)))
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