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Speaker Boehner delivered the following response to President Obama today, urging the administration to work with Republicans on a balanced approach to resolving the fiscal cliff that includes serious spending cuts and pro-growth tax reforms needed to address the debt and create new jobs.
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Speaker Boehner .. I urge you to lead the republican party in congress and put the american people ahead of party to make the compromise that is needed for the good of the country. -- raise taxes on the very rich, and keep taxes low for most americans
Mr. Speaker, Americans do not want taxes raised on small businesses, but the tax burden should be shared equally by all Americans. Millionaires can afford a tax when middle income people are struggling with day to day expenses to get by. After the problems with our economy that resulted in millions of people losing their jobs and homes, how can you continue to resist raising taxes on the small percentage of citizens who are fortunate and smart enough to be wealthy.
Q:  Really, John there is "NO" difference between those of us it hurts to pay taxes at maximum amounts and those who it won't even feel like a mosquito bite in the dark on the toughest part of their body?

A:  Well, John, I am here to tell you there is a VERY BIG difference between us.  TAX the RICH MORE THAN THE REST.  END BUSH TAX CUTS AND BIG OIL/COAL SUBSIDIES.  Companies that have made MEGA PROFITS for DECADES NO longer have NEED.
If you think that this is just about "Taxing the Rich" you have no clue.
Should have taken that big deal in 2011! Of course, you really don't want to do anything.
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