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In the debate over avoiding the “fiscal cliff,” an important point has been forgotten: when it comes to solving our debt, government spending is the problem that must be addressed.
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Yes, we must end corporate welfare. 
Mr. Speaker,
Pretty colored graphs are nice, but show me math. I want to see exactly how you arrived at this chart. From solely examining the chart, it appears that the equations used to arrive at the tax increase and revenue lines are pure linear extrapolation. Share the equations used so those in mathematical field can truly examine what you are claiming. Also, how old is this graph? You state it was prepared by Paul Ryan, but when? Did it take into account any of the proposals that have been bounced around over the last few weeks?
Needless to say, I am skeptical of this graph and would like more detail. Sadly, our "leaders" in Washington continue to provide reasons to question their analysis' and their intentions. Including you sir. Prove to me with the mathematical facts that I can trust you and your analysis of the situation.
In the meantime, please put the people of this great Nation ahead of your politics and your next reelection campaign and resolve this financial crisis which teeters on the brink.
Best regards.

+The White House
+Barack Obama 
John, get your boy to be more specific on where the spending comes from. We aren't fools. Break out the portion of military to medicare and other social 'entitlements'. 
+John Boehner Mr Boehner, if you really believe spending is the problem, why would you even consider agreeing to an increased debt limit so that the Democrats can spend even more?
The debt limit should not be connected to this debate as it is an artificial condition. Debts rise when economies are in recession because revenues fall.
Putting an arbitrary limit on spending is not the answer to reduce spending. 
Walk away from this disingenuous, spendthrift president.  Explain generational theft and the massive danger associated with uncontrolled spending.
And you are ok with republican corporate welfare, and letting certain tax brackets not pay their fair share?
Corporate welfare is as bad as individual welfare, and it's not "Republican", it's Washington D.C. in general that loves to create dependencies.  Dodd-Frank protects big banks and financial firms that are run by largely democrat supporters (and effectively lowers their cost of borrowing).  Fannie and Freddie are supposed to be independent corporations and have sucked hundreds of billions out of the taxpayers while executives made fortunes.  Check out the pay that Franklin Raynes, $290 million, and Jamie Gorelik took while Fannie was cooking the books (Clinton appointees to this patronage mill)
Mr Boehner, please DO NOT GIVE IN TO THIS MAN!!!!.
Let it go over the vso called cliff. America can deal with something thats real, we do not like uncertainty. Please tell this man no untill he puts on paper how much and when he intends to fix the deficit.

True GOP guy,
 Be careful what you wish for. Crisis of confidence like the one we narrowly averted in the last months of the Grand Ole Parties last effort at the helm, hit the markets with a vengeance. The "guy" you refer to pulled the global economy from the brink of depression by competently altering the blank check approach started with Hank Paulson's 'hat in hand' pitch to the American Congress.
 Boehner only needs to save face but the real offer for spending cuts are coming from the Democratics already.
Mr. Cooper I realy think that you are liveing on Mars, just take a look at Europe,and see what all the Obama's did over there. I am 72 years old and been through some
Democratics,F.D.R. we are still getting people killed from the ALTA PAC HE GAVE THE WORLD AWAY. Not one Dem has ever put a penny in my pocket it was always TAX

Its people like you who will cost the GOP the next election
Jim, i got a chuckle from your comment. From your perspective, i might as well be on Mars. I truly love neo conservative simplifications that both accuse and justify in as few words as possible. You clevery wrap all the facts, true or not and throw them out in a conversation to reinforce your world view. Like sad little Karl Rove, you have labeled yourself as that part of our electorate that is old, white and male.
You are welcome.
you need to do something about this Congress needs to pass the version of a PTC extension that cleared the Senate Finance Committee August 2 on a bipartisan 19-5 vote – an extension which would allow any project that starts next year to qualify for the credit. Otherwise, there won't be enough time to
complete many projects because a wind farm takes 18-24 months to build. because EDF Renewable Energy is canceling all their leases for the Catalina wind project we only had 2.5 acres but the $150 a month was helping and we were hoping for more when the windmills were put in now they are not going to be putting them in at all and all those jobs are now lost and all the lease income is gone people have to have income if you want taxes people can not pay taxes on something they do not have I do not know if it was the State or the Fed.s that missed this up but you need to fix it and I am writing to both thanks Doug
I find it bewildering that Mr. Boehner and the Republican party say they are deeply concerned about our national debt, but then run up that very debt by threatening our national credit rating.  The drop in the US credit rating that resulted from the last debt ceiling debate has cost us billions on additional interest.  That money did not pave a single road, assist a single senior, or pay for a single thing to benefit America.  It just goes to pay extra interest.  Brinksmanship in that debate is the reason we have the current arm-twisting arrangement dubbed the "fiscal cliff."  Credit rating agencies have already warned that traveling this path may result in further credit downgrade.  Please stop playing chicken with our economy in the name of ideological purity.  We need ALL of our legislators, including you Mr. Boehner, to govern for the good of the ENTIRE nation.
Is John Boehner able to deliver? I think we are witnessing the end of the GOP.
Three issues.
1. Social spending has gone overboard. A state giving money for nothing cannot survive.
2. Banks, financial institutions should be held accountable and should be kept on a leash and muzzled. They accounted for11 trillion of the gap (almost 65% of the debt).
3. The government (not just Obama) has not kept proper budgets for 14 years. That must change.
Use the Debt Ceiling Card... The President wants the ceiling raised... But the house controls it.. Use it to get the deal America needs! 
I have long felt the Republicans need to talk in pictures.  This should be on billboards across America.  It really puts the Presidents much hyped tax hike proposal in perspective.  While I support the tax hike, I want to get spending cuts in exchange.   A tax hike without spending cuts is not a good outcome.
Sir , what are you thinking by not allowing a vote tonight, 12/31/2012. We need this solved sooner rather than later. We as a country need this and you refusing to vote on it is simply, well, you could do better. Much better, by holding the vote tonight, before everyone's taxes go up.
Thank you sir for not having a vote let the tax rates return to pre bush and let the sequester reduce out that $633.3 billion defense budget. Glad you held the line and sad that obailout refused to cut spending in any meaningful way. Now hopefully we can start restoring the Bill of Rights.
$1 trillion not meaningful?!?!?! It is the first spending cut since before George W. Bush became president. Read the details man.
jonathan baczewski- I don't think that chart is comparing related items. And to Larry Walkers point...This is not enough. Spending must be addressed. I also do not like John Boehners graph as it is a bit simplistic.At least there is a crack in the ice.
+Thomas Cooper As taxes collected goes down borrowing goes up. Yes the orange jerk is right spending needs to be put in check, but the top tax rate has fallen more than half from the top of over 90%. Look at all the great things this country did with thise taxes. Won two world wars, created a middle class, crossed the country with the highway system, sent a man to the moon.... list is endless.
Pending is only a problem is you are spending on the wrong things. Spending is not a problem if you are spending to invest in the future of America and the American people.
+The Troll Your a fool. You don't understand.... We don't have any money.  What does it take to get that through your thick skull.  
+steve koko but when you say we have no money, that's a two-pronged problem. Just as an example, if you're making minimum wage, and you're making less than your rent costs per month, you have to both figure out how to make more money and try to reduce your expenses. But you can't just stop paying rent because you don't have enough money to pay it. That makes you homeless.
Why is this not explained to US All like Ross Perot once tried?
Because it isn't reasonable and it is too simplistic. Lastly, no one can draw a line in the sand and say 'this is too much'. The US economy is not a family of four. Spending my be a problem but it is not a problem now because our credit rating is too high and there is a market for our paper. 
If the Conservatives push us into default, it will suddenly be a real problem and a problem that will turn into crises. One last main problem with that chart, the revenue level is a HUGE assumption and one that is false as the US economy is much more flexible than that of Greece, Spain and Italy. California alone is larger than each of those economies.
It is time Republican "Leadership"  Leads!
All I have seen in the first 4 years of this President is waiting.
It is time for a full court press of "LEADERSHIP"
+The Troll Considering that the OMB (i.e. Office of Management and Budget) is part of the White House, you may have a point, at least as far as its input. I don't see the Speaker's name down in the lower right-hand corner.
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