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Speaker Boehner: "This week we made a good-faith offer to avert the fiscal crisis and that offer included significant spending cuts and reforms, and it included additional revenue.  And frankly it was the balanced approach that the president’s been asking for. Now we need a response from the White House."
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Speaker +John Boehner, i urge to work to lead the republican party to a compromise that where additional revenue is raised by taxing the top earners in this country at a higher rate.

And safeguard the programs that help some of the most vulnerable groups in our society, the poor and the elderly.  No deep cuts to medicare/medicaid.
Kevin, what do you mean don't cave? The American people have spoken. Tax rates WILL go up on the rich. No matter what. The republicans offered, the Romney, Ryan plan. That plan was rejected in the election. So how is their offer in good faith??
Only half said they want free stuff and 5 million registered voters didn't vote Obamanoma only won by 1.5 million
I don't know about free stuff. I voted for Obama both times and haven't received my free stuff yet. ONLY by 1.5 million?? You only need one to be a majority. Beside, that's what Obama campaigned on. Raising tax rates on income over $250,000. There is nothing Boehner can do about it. Rather it be the cliff or the slope, those taxes are going up.
And what does that have to do with Obama? That's her asking for some pork to come Detroit's way. Your leaders do the same thing. They just don't say it on TV. That's how Washington has always worked. 
+kevin brady .. sounds to me like taxes are going up on the top 2% --  thank goodness .. 
please pass the jobs bill,and let the top 2% pay a little more, we ALL need to sacrifice and get this country going again
in spite of the fact that republicans have done NOTHING to help this country with jobs  please pass the jobs bill you have on your desk  ,if tax cuts work,  WHERE are the jobs,  you have had the tax cuts for 10+ years, it is the republicans that has brought us here, please understand, the majority of americans have decided Obama;s way is the way we want to go.  pass the jobs bill and raise taxes on the top 2% and then work on cutting the deficit, it will help greatly when more of us are working again
dear Jesse, that is a really grown up argument you made, your parents must be so proud, however, there has been an election and in case you didn;t read the papers, 
the Democrats won.  What that means is more american;s want President Obama to run the country for the 2nd time. you have had your tax cuts for over 10 years, it has not worked.  it was the republicans that brought us the banking crisis,2 wars on the credit card and more, give our guy a chance,  majority rules, right?
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