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President Obama will be “employing campaign-style tactics” in Pennsylvania today at a small business whose taxes would increase under his unserious fiscal cliff proposal. But just 15 miles down the road from the rally is a small business that can’t afford to pay the higher tax rates the president demands. Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy’s (R-CA) office sat down with Jerry Gorski of Gorski Engineering, who said, “our company has figured out how to survive in this economy and the first thing we want to do with any income I have is tax it? That’s uncertainty.” Watch it here:  
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John you suck, no one believes you. Please find another purpose in life. America does not support your beliefs.
You can get a tax cut by making 115 thousand a year. Then you no longer pay Payroll taxes. Yah, the first break for those on the way to wealth. That is the Republican plan for you. If you want less taxes, make more money.
Jack, that was about as intelligent a response as I have ever heard from the conservative right. It all makes so much intellectual sense. The argument is tight and coherent bringing an astounding logic to the conversation, that, well, I just can't match. It is this depth of thought that is so lacking in the nation. Imagine, I had no idea President Obama was a Muslim! Probably Al Qaeda also. But, why take out his leader and destroy the organization? I did not realize hate was an American value. To think I would hold no ill will toward our gay and lesbian brothers and sisters, many who serve in office, perhaps Lindsey Graham? So many who have served and are serving and have given their lives for the country in war. That I would think background checks on persons buying guns in the nation a priority, when drug cartels and terrorists gain easy access to AR's at gun shows where 40% of sales require no background check and straw purchasers, patriotic Americans, are paid to purchase such weapons in quantity and pass them on to drug cartels, terrorists groups and gangs. I had no idea that meant anti gun. Guns are the most efficient means of killing we have, that is why they exist. Why do you suppose I am against killing people? I can think of some who the country could do without, but not such an astute, obviously intelligent and educated individual like yourself. In two lines, I won't call it a sentence, as that would insult the English language. Do you believe in English only? If so, you might want to find the Shift key for capital letters. I would hate for such brilliance to fail a literacy test. Thank you for your kind comments, Jack.
+Thomas Summers That was awesome lol I am pro guns but I understand something needs to change. Though the legislation they propose will have no affect on what is our problem. 
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