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In a new video out today, Speaker John Boehner argues that high gas prices – which have doubled on President Obama’s watch – are hurting families and small businesses, “and the president’s policies have only made things worse.” Read more here:
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Keystone XL will have no impact on Gasoline prices, will not create 20,000 jobs and gas prices are not controlled by any single person. Pander, pander, pander, pander.
John Boehner is a Pander Bear
A National Journal report last year cited approval of Keystone XL as one of several solutions that would help minimize the odds of future job-crushing spikes in gas prices ( Studies have shown it will create thousands of jobs ( And government policies absolutely have an impact on gas prices; blocking and delaying energy production (which has led to a 7% drop in production on federal land), tax hikes, and other actions by the administration have only made things worse.
"one of several solutions" as the President has said. I maintain, Keystone XL is not a silver bullet and it is being used as a panacea by the GOP.
I typically read reputable journalism. Sorry I missed the 'National Journal'.
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