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1024x768x256... Sounds like one mean woman.
1024x768x256... Sounds like one mean woman.

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10 Interview Questions Every JavaScript Developer Should Know

Puzzles and whiteboard coding challenges don't work. So what does?

1. Pair program with the candidate on a representative problem.
2. Make sure they know how to put an application together. Stick to the high level stuff. If they can answer these questions, the rest of it will be no problem.

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Today we launch our Small Business Inspires video series which features Kingmakers, a board game parlour in Columbus. Take a look!

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+Kevin Sorbo was recently on the Faith & Liberty show talking about his role in +GodsNotDeadTheMovie. You should check it out.

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Indeks Digital Marketing. 

"The way I see it, if you aren't making more money from our work than what it cost you, then you need to fire us.  We take that very seriously."
New Fish in a Bigger Pond

John Bocook and Matt Weinert have lived in Grove City Ohio (just outside the 270 outer-belt in Columbus Ohio) for years.  They went abroad, working out of state and for a variety of companies doing marketing and development work.  Between them, they've amassed over 20 years of experience in the field of Digital Marketing.

And now, they're striking out on their own.  They've recently launched Indeks Digital Marketing, and are asking themselves: what can the new fish bring to the bigger pond of Columbus Ohio?  Here's what Matt Weinert, has to say

1) Building relationships, not clients

"We've done a lot of work for the folks that take a check and then disappear until the bill is due again.  We want to be, not just your marketing guys, but the guys you invited to the office Christmas party.  We will show up at your business just to chat."

2) Do it the right way, not the quick way

"At Indeks, we don't want to be the door-to-door con artist.  I'm sure you've all met that guy.  He's not concerned with what's right and wrong, just with what he can and can't get away with.  We want to build your business, but we're going to do it the right way.  We believe that even if you leave Indeks, you should still be reaping the benefits of what we do."

3) Our business is to grow your business

"The way I see it, if you aren't making more money from our work than what it cost you, then you need to fire us.  We take that very seriously.  Digital Marketing can be a huge benefit to you business when it's done right.  We do it right, and we will let your bottom line speak for itself."

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My experience with Vagrant for Virtual Dev Environments.

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"The foundation surveyed 549 company founders. Instead of a dorm-room genius, it found that the typical founder is middle-age -- 40, on average -- when launching a first company. Seventy percent of first-time founders are married; nearly 60% have at least one child."

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My Domain Registrar Adventure.

People hate on GoDaddy, personally I haven't used their hosting since they launched a "cloud" offering that was kind of awful. They were ahead of the pack though, first company that offered it so you have to give them that.

Today, I went through and created custom nameservers updated a record/ns IP's and stumbled through finding my customer number/login/email for registrar's all over the world. Here's what I found.

Hate on GoDaddy all you want for their custom built management system. It's by far the best account management system I've used. It's very intuitive and allows me to do what I need very quickly. I buy most my domains through GoDaddy and host most things with Hostgator, however I do use AWS and Digital Ocean when needed.

Hostgator's account system is kind of awful, but their service (reseller accounts) is rock solid. I know, I monitor my systems.

1&1 used to allow you to login by domain, email address or account number. (now it's just domain & account number) No one can remember their 9 digital account number. If you forget your password, and click the forgot my password link, your greeted with a "Enter your account number" prompt. You can't use your domain name here. Account number only. If you don't know your account number, you have to call their support. They are nice, but it's an awful process. Confusing too since you JUST allowed me to enter my domain to login, and now I can't. Their billing is wacky too. They approve the card, but then don't actually charge your for 2-3 weeks later. It's just weird.

As for, I had to create some custom name servers. After finding where to do this, There is a single box. "Enter Name Server", so I did, then I click continue. But wait! I needed to enter more than one, so I go back and the box is populated with the nameserver I just entered, but there's no second box to enter another. So I remove the one I just created and add the second one. To me, I feel I just deleted my first nameserver so I gave Registrar a call. She had to do some digging but I indeed did not delete the nameserver, "it's just how their system works." I let her know I'll be creating a slew of them and would like to see a list of what's already registered, but the kind lady said that's not possible. You enter the NS name and Ip, click continue and it's in their system. 
Makes you wonder what happens if the data fails to go through, or you accidentally register on top of servers you already has registered. Crazy system. It felt like using garbage.

GoDaddy has done some things in the past that have made them evil in the public eye. I agree with most people here, however I want a system that works and works well and GoDaddy's is the best I've found. 

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Well Written.
Why Digital Marketing?

The internet is full of web solutions.  "Build your own site for free!"  "Cheap websites!" A single Google search can give you a host of options.  Truth be told, anyone can build a website.  Companies like Weebly and Wix have made it as easy as drag and drop to have your own internet platform in minutes. 

So why invest in a dedicated digital marketing agency?

Because even though anyone can build a website, only an experienced digital marketing team can bring you traffic.  They can review the patterns of behavior on your site to take maximum advantage of every visit.  They can focus on the search terms that bring that interested party to your site.  The bottom line: they can bring more than just a presence, they can bring you conversion.

Something we are very fond of pointing out: traffic may be good, but customers are better.
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