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Blowout HP TouchPad prices - a great opportunity for CM7 Android Loaders?

Hey, this may be a great opportunity for people comfortable with loading CyanogenMod's versions of Android onto tablets. Buy yourself an HP TouchPad for $99, load in CM7, and you're off and running. Not a bad unit at all for that kind of price. What do you think? (NOTE: CM7 not available yet.)
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Great advice. I'll see whether I find them in China.
Does CM7 work good on them? Anything missing? Hardware lacking?
I checked the CyanogenMod forums, doesn't look like it yet, so I posted a request.
+ them here :-D Most of them are on Google+
From the specs
1.2 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon dual-core APQ8060 processor

1GB memory

Resolution: XGA (1024 x 768)

Shoot, this was a pretty weak puppy compared to some other units. At $99, though, not bad.
They are either sold out online, or normal priced. Will grab one if I can, but I'm guessing it will be hard to get one.
Office depot has the 16GB for $129 and the 32GB for $149. I bought the 32GB one.
It is so tempting to grab one of the 32GB ones.
I did it for the kids. I figure that watching movies and playing games was worth it. Especially for long trips. If I can get Android Honeycomb or Ice cream sandwich on it at some point, then that's just even better. I'm thinking of buying another one as a gift or something.
+Eric Jones - Exactly what I was thinking. I wouldn't be as paranoid about our 4 year old carrying around one of these as a much more expensive tablet. If I knew I could get Android on it, it would be a slam dunk.
Yeah, if I knew for sure that I could get 3.1 on it, I would be a little happier, but I still think it's a great deal. If I can find free shipping and no sales tax on the $99 one, I might buy two, and return the 32GB one. One for each kid for only another $40 is pretty good.
Arg, I hesitated too long, and now they are sold out. (32 GB)
I think that other sites will be selling them soon. HP's site just dropped the price, but said out of stock. Everywhere else hasn't even dropped the price yet. I'll let you know if I see a place that dropped.
Lol, nevermind, they went out of stock fast!
UK price: GBP 295 (roughly USD 486) !!!!!!!!
Worth considering if its around a $100. I'm guessing it would be better than the unbranded tablets you get for the same amount.
Harvey is still trying to sell at full price Fni we could have a bargain coming soon 
I am guessing that this is a great opportunity for CM7, so hopefully they jump on it. So sad to think that HP might have succeeded as an Android partner.
I suppose the Cyanogenmod people may become interested, if they think there is likely to be a large user-base who will want to run Android apps. Otherwise it doesn't make much sense, except for the experience of porting onto an architecture that may not have been designed with Android in mind.
Having said that, if they succeed there are likely to be phone companies looking for their expertise! It's a great way to sell your skills!
Your post is a bit misleading. CM7 is not available for the HP touchpad. One can't just download it and install it on any device. That is why there are specific phones/tablets listed, all of which are already based off the Android platform. You should do your homework before misleading consumers into purchasing a piece of hardware with no software support.
I am sorry that the post appeared misleading, I was thinking out loud that it would be a neat combination. I hope that the comments make clear that a CM7 build is not available yet.
Andrew, because Cyanogenmod is free software you certainly can download it and build and install it on just about any device that will boot a Linux kernel. Considerable work would be required, but it is possible. I agree that the original wording might mislead some naive purchasers into believing this is something they could do.
No worries John, it would be great if they released CM7 for the touchpad, and quite a value too. It's too bad almost everywhere has pulled them from online sales. 
Thanks, I added a note to the post just to make this clear.
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