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Pandora's Streaming Music Growing Strongly, Nearly Doubles Radio Market Share

48 percent growth in the face of growing competition from +Spotify and other services is nothing to sneeze at, so consider Pandora a survivor at this point. More importantly, since its customizable music streams are measured in some dimensions as radio broadcasts, its claiming that it has more than 6 percent of that market. How many broadcasters can claim that? Sorry, radio guys, the model was there all along and you walked right past it...
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I love Pandora and have been a happy paying customer for 3 years now.
Sam and Dave is my current favorite channel. A bluesy Motown sound.
Interesting. I find that certain Pandora stations don't have any audio ads. Others have ads every 3-4 songs.
"Jay-z radio" = ads every 3 songs. "Daft punk radio" = no ads (and better music)
Pay the 32 bucks a year=no ads at all, better sound quality and no limits. I have found it very worth the small fee.
+Dean Montague That's less than two people going to a movie and a small popcorn in our neck of the woods. Go for it.
+John Blossom Exactly. It's less than one movie outing here and I get an entire year of hours upon hours of glorious listening to high quality music.
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