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  • Connecticut College, Drew University, CUNY
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Content and technology marketing strategist and analyst, author, speaker, facilitating vision & execution

I focus my professional life at the intersection of content, technology and people, enabling organizations to find their most valuable positioning there. I speak often at conferences, have written the book "Content Nation" on social media ( and am working on my second book, "The Second Web" ( 

I sail, love to travel and to explore new places, natural wonders and cultures, do community volunteer work, read voraciouly and believe that every day is an opportunity to make the world a better place. 


John Blossom is a globally recognized media and enterprise content industry analyst, providing thought leadership to executives in search of new approaches to rapidly changing markets for publishing and technology products and services. Mr. Blossom founded Shore Communications Inc. in 1997, specializing in research and advisory services and strategic marketing consulting for publishers and content service providers in enterprise and media markets. 

Mr. Blossom’s engagements have included strategic marketing consulting for major corporations and startups as well as speaking engagements at major conferences and advisory services for senior industry executives. Mr. Blossom is the author of the book "Content Nation: Surviving and Thriving as Social Media Changes Our Work, Our Lives and Our Future," published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in January 2009, and speaks frequently at industry and corporate events on publishing in enterprise and media markets.

Mr. Blossom's career spans more than twenty years of marketing, research, product management and development in advanced information and media venues, including the marketing and development of real-time and Web-oriented financial information services at global financial publishers and financial services companies (Citicorp, Quotron and for Reuters Holdings PLC), as well as earlier experience in broadcast media. 

Mr. Blossom served as a Vice President and Lead Analyst at Outsell, Inc., where he provided research and analysis coverage of content technologies and financial and corporate information markets for major corporate clients, and developed successful online ecommerce services for research reports. 

For his excellence in qualiitative research, Mr. Blossom was recognized with the Vendor of the Year award by Standard & Poor's in 2001. Mr. Blossom's ContentBlogger weblog won the Software and Information Industry Association 2007 CODiE award for Best Media Blog.  Mr. Blossom has traveled to and is familiar with both European and Asian markets for content as well as North American markets..

Mr. Blossom has been interviewed frequently by the business press and has been quoted in many major news and trade publications and media outlets, including:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Financial Times
  • Washington Post
  • Denver Post
  • USA Today
  • Marketplace radio
  • C-SPAN
  • ABC Radio National
  • CEO Magazine
  • Information Today
  • EContent Magazine
  • Upgrade Magazine
  • BusinessNow television
  • Wall Street and Technology
  • Waters Magazine
  • Securities Industry News
  • Red Herring
  • WSOU Radio

Mr. Blossom speaks regularly at major industry conferences and events, including:

  • SIIA Information Industry Summit
  • SIIA NetGain
  • SIIA Financial Information Summit (Rome)
  • SLA Annual Conference
  • The National Press Club
  • The Commonwealth Club
  • ALPSP (Oxford, UK)
  • Buying and Selling eContent
  • Cabueñes (Gijón, Spain)
  • Search Engine Strategies
  • Infovision (India)
  • InfoCommerce Annual Conference
  • MIT Enterprise Forum Master Class Series
  • OCLC Symposium
  • TransPromo Annual Conference
  • Uchida Spectrum User Symposium (Tokyo)
Bragging rights
Author of "Content Nation," proud dad, sailor, traveler, love doing things that they say can't be done
Content Market Strategic Consulting, Speaker, Author
If you need someone with excellent communications skills to analyze your content and technology markets, market strategy and marketing opportunities, let's talk. I've done it for dozens of companies for more than 14 years.
  • Shore Communications Inc.
    President - Media and Enterprise Content Market Research and Advisory Services, 1999 - present
  • Outsell, Inc
    Vice President, Lead Analyst, 2000 - 2002
  • Risk Waters Group
    Director, Marketing Research, 1998 - 1999
  • Reuters Group Plc
    Marketing Manager, Group Product Manager, Group Project Manager, 1990 - 1998
  • Quotron, Inc.
    Project Manager, Professional Services Group, 1986 - 1990
  • Citibank, N.A.
    Systems Analyst, Programmer, 1984 - 1986
  • AT&T Western Electric/Bellcore
    Human Performance Engineer, 1982 - 1984
  • WHCN, Hi-Fi Stereo House, Manchester High School
    Advertising Sales, Advertising Copywriter, Retail Management, Teaching Intern, 1977 - 1982
  • Fuller Brush Company, Camp Aldersgate, United Parcel Service, Morristown Cable Company, Calvary United Methodist Church
    Door-to-Door Sales, Logistics, Television Production Intern, Youth Counseling and Ministries, 1972 - 1977
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Westport, Connecticut - Summit, New Jersey - Longmeadow, Massachusetts - Winnetka, Illinois - Westfield, New Jersey - Wilbraham, Massachusetts - Willington, Connecticut - Willimantic, Connecticut - Elizabeth, NJ


John Blossom

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2016 Chevy Volt to Debut at $34K

In an email Sunday, +Chevrolet​ let slip the base intro price for the decidedly upgraded new Volt - $1,000 less than the outgoing model, and within about $500 of the median price for the average U.S. non-truck auto. With the $7,500 Federal tax credit on top of that base price, this makes the well appointed Volt a very attractive deal - and a nice looking car to boot.
Chevrolet announced pricing for the redesigned 2016 Volt on Sunday.  Will it get more buyers interested in the plug-in hybrid? The pricing, which includes delivery, starts at $33,995, according to an email sent out by Chevrolet on Sunday. That's a little over $1,000 cheaper than the outgoing 2015 model.   $34,345 "The [...]
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If it's a choice of either at the same price, my money is going to Tesla!
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John Blossom

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Looks to be a very useful development platform...
Just released Visuino - Visual Development for Arduino Beta 25:

This is a major release!
- Added NeoPixel support, and demos.
- Added color components.
- Added Random Generators.
- Added a number of converters.
- There are also some major updates in the Visuino code generator itself.
- Added packet unpacker, although not fully functional yet.
- Added initial support for shields.
And much more!

#Visuino #Arduino
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John Blossom

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Tag Heuer, a real luxury watch maker, will be bringing out its first Android Wear unit later this year, pegged at $1,400. 40 hour battery life and watch faces that will be exclusive to this design.
Tag Heuer's first smartwatch will cost more than the Apple Watch. 
Well, we knew it wouldn't be cheap. But now we have more of an idea of pricing for luxury timepiece maker Tag Heuer's highly-anticipated first smartwatch. Tag's CEO Jean-Claude Biver told Bloomberg the watch will cost around $1400, which is about £900. Better start saving.
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Nice. Love tag. 
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John Blossom

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In light of the recent announcement of +Tesla Motors selling home batteries based on lithium ion technologies, I thought that it would be good to remind people that there are more sustainable - and viable - alternatives available. BTW, Bill Gates has invested in this company...
Saltwater Batteries Getting Ready to Transform Green Energy Storage

The concept has been around for 200 years, but thanks to cheap components like industrial grade carbon and modular manufacturing, these safe, non-toxic units can make the storage of solar, wind and hydro power practical on virtually any scale. 
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+Matt Thompson Agreed with the psyche thing. But they have a lot of interest from industrial applications such as data centres, so they can always pivot into consumer sales at any time...
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John Blossom

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...and why not? Facebook has an account. For those who think that +Google+ is going away, this should serve as a reminder that it isn't...
Do you tweet? Well now we do too. Follow @GooglePlus on Twitter.
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+M Sinclair Stevens Yes, though OTOH its outstanding integration of comments with Blogger makes it a great extension of blogging - you can have a great looking blog design and still get lots of high-quality comments...
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John Blossom

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Nothing says that one of them might not be us...
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Homosapiens are a species ~ I'm just sayin'...  
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John Blossom

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With #io15  around the corner, 'tis the season of moar...
Summary:Sure you can talk on your phone but you can get a lot done by talking to your phone, thanks to a broader set of voice commands on Android phones and tablets.
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John Blossom

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Prayers and support will be needed for a long time to come...
"This is where my children would come in the mornings to feed the pegions and run around the square just as I did when I was a child. Nobody is here to feed the pigeons now."

Kathmandu, my home: Subina Shrestha reports from the earthquake-devastated Nepal: (see second video)
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John Blossom

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The new voice command API for +Android​ apps is actually a pretty big deal. Combine that with apps that support Google Now cards on Android Wear and +Google Glass​, and all of a sudden the notion of "thin client" wearables looks pretty appealing...
Derek Ross originally shared:
Custom Google App voice commands are here for 3rd party apps

The Googs keeps getting better and better. Today google announced custom voice commands and voice actions for third party apps for the Google App. You can use Wink to control the lights, TuneIn to jam to music, get the news from NPR, identify a song with Shazam, and more.

What else can the Googs do for you? Check out these tips!!/?category=ask-google


#GoogleApp   #Android  
Google is looking to super charge the voice command functionality on your Android device by integrating 3rd party apps with the usual “Ok Google” commands. Announced today on Google+, you can now launch applications with nothing else but your voice using the Google Search app.
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Imagine what that might mean for cars...
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John Blossom

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+Bryan Vella For lightweight reliable home and EDU purposes, I believe so. If the computing market continues to shift towards cloud computing, and Google starts organizing their product structure better, I believe they are paving they way for a new standard in small business as well. If you can run a mom-and-pop shop with a Square pkuged into an iPhone, I don't see why ChromeOS couldn't be taken seriously as well.
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John Blossom

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As much as I am in support of this concept, I tend to agree with the article. The return on investment for the average person is not there yet for this technology. But it's good that +Tesla Motors continues to advance it.
Another alternative view on Tesla offer.
Unless your solar-powered home is entirely disconnected from the grid, an expensive battery backup system like Powerwall does not make economic sense.
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+Amid Yousef You can do that without the batteries in typical U.S. solar configurations. Where states do not allow that because of anti-solar legislation, though (all hail petrol!), this would allow a solar installation to "recycle" excess collection capacity locally.
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John Blossom

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Noble Ackerson originally shared:
Reuters: As sensors shrink, watch as 'wearables' disappear. 
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That's why Google calls it Android Wear and not Watch OS … ;-)
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Now you can build with LEGO® bricks using Google Maps as your baseplate. Imagine. Explore. Build online in Chrome. #buildwithchrome

Build with Chrome

Now you can build with LEGO® bricks using Google Maps as your baseplate. Imagine. Explore. Build online in Chrome. #buildwithchrome

Buy an HP Chromebook 14, get free 4G data for life (some limits apply)

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Rizzoma Collaboration app is a mobile version of the eponymous online service. Rizzoma is a simpleway to work together, accumulate and manag

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The Second Web: The iPhoning of The Second Web: The Sensuous Chromebook ...

A book and a blog by John Blossom about the convergence of the physical world and the virutal world through cloud and mobile computing techn

Very pleased with the service from Total Electric, scheduling is courteous and professional, and Jerry is efficient and very honest about his work. I've used them a few times for relatively small jobs, and I see no need to change any time soon. Well worth a try.
Public - a week ago
reviewed a week ago
So far, so good - when the Monro Muffler shop up the street diagnosed a transmission problem for my son's far a while back, they recommended Jerry's to take care of it. They worked hard to find the right parts to fix it at a reasonable price, and so far the results have been great. They are very service-oriented, straight-shooters, and strictly popular. In our limited time in Guilford, this has been our best overall experience for auto repairs.
Public - 4 weeks ago
reviewed 4 weeks ago
PCS did a great job at a very reasonable price, with very professional work and the right equipment. While it took a while to get on their schedule, once scheduled the work went off as planned. They were flexible about some last-minute "trades" of targeted trees. Cleanup was very good. There are a lot of options for tree removal these days, but I'd suggest that you put PCS on your list.
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Fancy looking it's not, but this store has exceptional selection and an owner who can guide you rapidly to the right selections in the store. If you're down the road at one of the chain stores you may pay a bit more here, but you're far more likely to find exactly what you're looking for.
Quality: Very GoodAppeal: Poor - FairService: Excellent
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
27 reviews
When first we moved here a couple of years ago the manager was very helpful and worked hard to make sure that you didn't overpay for your repairs. New manager in the past year or so seems to consistently find ways to overcharge you. The quality of the work is OK, but there are local shops right up the street that often do a much better job for less.
Public - 4 weeks ago
reviewed 4 weeks ago
Foxon Road is a pretty lonely stretch on the edge of North Guilford, an unlikely place to find anything worth eating. Farina is a notable exception to those expectations. Its main entry is a typical take-out counter for pizza and such, but off to the side if a small, comfortable, nicely decorated eat-in side where you can enjoy good pizza and very good Italian food. This is Italian as in Italy - the owner's family hails from a town outside of Rome, with music from that town's singers playing in the restaurant. The food is very good, though the service delivered by the small staff gets stretched at times. Spaghetti sauce is obviously homemade and very authentic and flavorful, and dishes like chicken marsala that could have been done very blandly come out with tender slices and nice touches like a touch of pancetta done just right. Breads are fresh and not just recycled pizza dough. My mobile phone doesn't quite reach in this remote location, but the restaurant's free wifi fills the gap.It's a fairly limited menu, but if you've been in Italy at all you know that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you're in the area it's worth a try, though selfishly I hope that it doesn't get too popular - we want to make sure that we can get in regularly.
• • •
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
When we first moved to Guilford a few weeks ago, we stumbled down the street to the nearest restaurant that we could find. Thank goodness it was the Brownstone House, a converted Friendly's restaurant that is a surprising and rewarding blend of everyday comfort and class. The interior is revamped from its original finish to more tasteful surroundings, but it's still family-style seating and invites you to just relax and have a good meal. What you get is a great meal, though. The quality of the food is exceptional, with generous portions and high quality ingredients throughout. I had a chicken scarpiello that was great, with wide vegetables done just perfectly. Most recently I had one of their signature specials, chicken jambalaya. My mother's family has some of its roots in New Orleans, where my great-grandmother's restaurant would have been proud to have served this dish - a perfect balance of ingredients and spices. Bread for the table is French baguettes, and desserts are sumptuous but not over-fussy or over-huge. The service, while not exceptional, is certainly fine and friendly. If you're expecting luxury along with your food you'll probably be disappointed, but to get a real meal prepared properly out of real food at diner prices in an atmosphere that your whole family can relax in is a luxury of its own kind. For that, I'll give the Brownstone House a strong rating for its exceptional value.
• • •
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reviewed 2 years ago