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  • Connecticut College, Drew University, CUNY
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Content and technology marketing strategist and analyst, author, speaker, facilitating vision & execution

I focus my professional life at the intersection of content, technology and people, enabling organizations to find their most valuable positioning there. I speak often at conferences, have written the book "Content Nation" on social media ( and am working on my second book, "The Second Web" ( 

I sail, love to travel and to explore new places, natural wonders and cultures, do community volunteer work, read voraciouly and believe that every day is an opportunity to make the world a better place. 


John Blossom is a globally recognized media and enterprise content industry analyst, providing thought leadership to executives in search of new approaches to rapidly changing markets for publishing and technology products and services. Mr. Blossom founded Shore Communications Inc. in 1997, specializing in research and advisory services and strategic marketing consulting for publishers and content service providers in enterprise and media markets. 

Mr. Blossom’s engagements have included strategic marketing consulting for major corporations and startups as well as speaking engagements at major conferences and advisory services for senior industry executives. Mr. Blossom is the author of the book "Content Nation: Surviving and Thriving as Social Media Changes Our Work, Our Lives and Our Future," published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. in January 2009, and speaks frequently at industry and corporate events on publishing in enterprise and media markets.

Mr. Blossom's career spans more than twenty years of marketing, research, product management and development in advanced information and media venues, including the marketing and development of real-time and Web-oriented financial information services at global financial publishers and financial services companies (Citicorp, Quotron and for Reuters Holdings PLC), as well as earlier experience in broadcast media. 

Mr. Blossom served as a Vice President and Lead Analyst at Outsell, Inc., where he provided research and analysis coverage of content technologies and financial and corporate information markets for major corporate clients, and developed successful online ecommerce services for research reports. 

For his excellence in qualiitative research, Mr. Blossom was recognized with the Vendor of the Year award by Standard & Poor's in 2001. Mr. Blossom's ContentBlogger weblog won the Software and Information Industry Association 2007 CODiE award for Best Media Blog.  Mr. Blossom has traveled to and is familiar with both European and Asian markets for content as well as North American markets..

Mr. Blossom has been interviewed frequently by the business press and has been quoted in many major news and trade publications and media outlets, including:

  • The Wall Street Journal
  • Financial Times
  • Washington Post
  • Denver Post
  • USA Today
  • Marketplace radio
  • C-SPAN
  • ABC Radio National
  • CEO Magazine
  • Information Today
  • EContent Magazine
  • Upgrade Magazine
  • BusinessNow television
  • Wall Street and Technology
  • Waters Magazine
  • Securities Industry News
  • Red Herring
  • WSOU Radio

Mr. Blossom speaks regularly at major industry conferences and events, including:

  • SIIA Information Industry Summit
  • SIIA NetGain
  • SIIA Financial Information Summit (Rome)
  • SLA Annual Conference
  • The National Press Club
  • The Commonwealth Club
  • ALPSP (Oxford, UK)
  • Buying and Selling eContent
  • Cabueñes (Gijón, Spain)
  • Search Engine Strategies
  • Infovision (India)
  • InfoCommerce Annual Conference
  • MIT Enterprise Forum Master Class Series
  • OCLC Symposium
  • TransPromo Annual Conference
  • Uchida Spectrum User Symposium (Tokyo)
Bragging rights
Author of "Content Nation," proud dad, sailor, traveler, love doing things that they say can't be done
Content Market Strategic Consulting, Speaker, Author
If you need someone with excellent communications skills to analyze your content and technology markets, market strategy and marketing opportunities, let's talk. I've done it for dozens of companies for more than 14 years.
  • Shore Communications Inc.
    President - Media and Enterprise Content Market Research and Advisory Services, 1999 - present
  • Outsell, Inc
    Vice President, Lead Analyst, 2000 - 2002
  • Risk Waters Group
    Director, Marketing Research, 1998 - 1999
  • Reuters Group Plc
    Marketing Manager, Group Product Manager, Group Project Manager, 1990 - 1998
  • Quotron, Inc.
    Project Manager, Professional Services Group, 1986 - 1990
  • Citibank, N.A.
    Systems Analyst, Programmer, 1984 - 1986
  • AT&T Western Electric/Bellcore
    Human Performance Engineer, 1982 - 1984
  • WHCN, Hi-Fi Stereo House, Manchester High School
    Advertising Sales, Advertising Copywriter, Retail Management, Teaching Intern, 1977 - 1982
  • Fuller Brush Company, Camp Aldersgate, United Parcel Service, Morristown Cable Company, Calvary United Methodist Church
    Door-to-Door Sales, Logistics, Television Production Intern, Youth Counseling and Ministries, 1972 - 1977
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John Blossom

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Interesting. I am not sure exactly what this tells us about Google's investment in machine learning. It might tell us that they already have a huge investment, and that the others are trying to catch up. Or, it might tell us that Microsoft and Amazon are bettting their futures on it more heavily than Google, and Google is looking elsewhere for primary revenues. Probably a mix of both, but it certainly means that it's a hot field right now.
A LinkedIn search for jobs related to “machine learning” now pulls up 669 posts for Amazon, compared to 232 for Apple, 266 for Facebook, 326 for IBM, 466 for Google, and, interestingly, 976 for Microsoft. It’s not a perfect proxy since it ignores already existing positions within these companies (and potential differences in the way these companies use LinkedIn for hiring), but there is enough activity with each company that it does say something about the state of their current, incremental investment plans in machine learning.

Research from a piece I did on Amazon's robotics, machine learning and how it relates to the current attention to their work environment:

#machinelearning   #amazon   #microsoft   #google  
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Thanks, +John Blossom​. The other caveat I originally included in the article was that, when it comes to software developers, quantity is almost always trumped by quality. Google and Facebook have made big bets on bringing in some of the top names in the field.

All that said, I still find these numbers interesting from a go forward basis, and from the perspective of the more nitty-gritty machine meaning opportunities that will increasingly be embedded in these firms' operations.
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John Blossom

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What is Google's OnHub Router, Anyway?

+Ars Technica calls Google's $200 new OnHub new router a "Trojan Horse" for home automation, and disses it for file transfer performance versus a $200 ASUS RT-AC68U router (, enough to discourage +Leo Laporte to the point of sending his back before he even plugged it in. However, in +The Verge's performance test versus an ASUS RT-AC66U, the results seemed to favour the OnHub unit strongly, both in terms of overall coverage (fewer deadspots) and distance.  

The Verge points out one of the key strengths of the OnHub - its ability to manage oodles of wirelessly connected devices with ease. With ASUS having its ultra-powerful RT-AC5300U coming out, as well as its own OnHub-compatible unit, these performance comparisons may be a bit moot anyway, especially since the Ars Technica comparison was based solely on single file transfers and not more real-world conditions like concurrent streaming. The OnHub can also easily tailor performance to prioritise streams for specific devices, and there's no indication that this was in any tests.

The real story about OnHub is how it works, and what it will be working with very shortly. The tipoff is in the name of the mobile app that manages it - Google On. It seems to be pretty clear that OnHub is Google's entry into home automation devices, given that it will support Bluetooth networking and the emerging Thread protocol for connected home devices. Thread is IP-compatible, which many similar home networking protocols aren't, and may wind up providing efficiencies that aren't apparent in Ars Technica's very limited testing.

And there is also Weave, the application-level control language for "Internet of Things" devices that Google introduced at its I/O developers. Weave can ride on many sorts of network protocols, but you can see where OnHub will be completely ready for this new open approach to home automation that will blend seamlessly with mobile devices controlling other kinds of devices outside the home. This is where the Google On app is likely to grow quickly into a control center that knits in with all sorts of things - including Google Now information cards and voice commands. That speaker in top of the OnHub isn't likely to be used for just setup tones, after all.

In some ways Google is playing catch-up with Apple's AirPort router, and, to a lesser extent, Amazon's Echo tabletop information communicator. But given that the OnHub has gobs of power and smarts that Apple's and Amazon's network appliances  don't have, and automatic, non-rebooting updates that will make it better without even thinking, I think that it's fair to think of OnHub as being a bit like the original Chromebook Cr-48 that will be turning automatically into the Pixel of home routers before you know it. It might be worth seeing what ASUS will do with OnHub, but for now, It seems like this initial model is well worth a try.
The lowly router is a necessary evil. It’s a device we can’t live without, but often feels like an arcane relic from an era when boxy tube monitors and dial-up modems ruled. The router is the...
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+Paolo Amoroso See above comment. The Nexus brand is a price/performance brand, not frilly, but effective. The Nexus 5 and Nexus 7 devices were the best examples of that value proposition. They strayed a bit from it with the Nexus 6, which was, relatively, still a value product, but they didn't get the right mainstream price position the previous Nexus products had. This left the door wide open for Apple's two-tier models and pricing for the iPhone 6.

For this model, it doesn't carry the Nexus brand, which is appropriate, since this is a product that will be all things to all devices, so to speak - it's not about Android, nor really about Chrome OS, though the kernel of OnHub apparently has traces of it. Google On is the platform in this instance, and On is going to be more about compatibility and interoperability than any specific line of devices - a new Web, you might say.
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John Blossom

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The new speech recognition add-on for +Google Drive dictation seems to work pretty well. I was dictating at a pretty fast clip, and it got virtually everything right.
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BTW, my apologies for using the older plugin for this. I will re-post with the new Tools version later.
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John Blossom

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As you refresh and reboot devices and apps in your Googlesphere, the new logo pops up in new places. Here's the new Hangouts Dialer view from the desktop...
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Me too
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John Blossom

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Moto 360 One-Ups Apple Watches, and Then Some

+Kevin Tofel offers a good overview of the new +Motorola Mobility Moto 360 family of wearables. Two sizes, two main styles - a metal-cased version with traditional watchbands (as well as Moto's own quick-release bands) and an upcoming Sport edition with phone-free GPS capabilities and a sweat-compatible molded wristband. Apparently the women's model is getting the a rose gold option in addition to the silver and gold finishes offered for men - but the larger men's size gets a black finish option. 

Clearly Apple Watch reset consumer expectations for wearables, even if it had a pretty weak debut technology-wise, and that's reflected in not only the new Moto 360's styles, but also its pricing - prices range from $299.99 to $429.99, up a notch from its debut models last year. But there are significant upgrades in performance, also - two-day minimum battery life is expected, and the Sport model features an "AnyLight" display, which appears to merge a backlit LCD with an eInk-ish ability to reflect ambient light. This means that the display should be readable in any light, a must for outdoor use. And now, since Android Wear devices now have support from an iPhone app, Apple-philes can try these also.

No word yet on how well the heart rate monitor works in these new models, but if it works well, the Moto 360 Sport is the first smart watch that I'd consider buying. I am a gym rat, so having something comfortable, low-key and functional that doesn't require me to lug along a phone in my gym shorts or on some band or clip (good luck with that for a Nexus 6) is a must. Add in the Moto 360's ability to stream music cached in its memory via Bluetooth, lots and lots of great watch faces, and tons of actually usable apps, and it's likely that the bar has been reset for fall smart watch debuts substantially. Great job, Moto - I look forward to the details.
More customization options and a pair of sizes, plus two-day battery life are all part of the Moto 360 refresh. Exercise enthusiasts can opt for the GPS-enabled Sport edition.
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+Able Lawrence They're getting closer, almost out of the Palm Pilot phase...
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John Blossom

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Hello, bitty little Google browser ICO - I guess it works...
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For real
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John Blossom

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Exciting to see what my denomination is doing with church planting!
For a small cadre of ministers, environmentalism is about more than pollution and global warming; it’s about links between consumption patterns and inequality.
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John Blossom

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Tried out the new +Google Drive voice dictation on my Chromebook Pixel via a wireless connection, this time using the new Tools option. It was flawless in an outdoor setting, though admittedly my off-the-cuff memory struggled to remember my fourth-grade studies of the Gettysburg Address. Hey, at least we tried, back then.
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Not too shabby at all.They need to incorporate it in all Google services.
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John Blossom

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Apparently +Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 820 CPU chip for mobile devices, rumored by some folks to be destined for the upcoming Huawei +Nexus 6 (not confirmed),  is not just a notch up from older designs - it's a 64-bit processor that has many custom tweaks to not only offer enormous graphics performance boosts, but also 2X better battery life, etc.  In other words, this is top-to-bottom designed to be an Apple-killer. Hmm.
 The Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor has been purposefully designed to provide innovative user experiences for premium-tier mobile devices. To deliver the type of innovation consumers expect, mobile processors must be designed to handle increasing
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John Blossom

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OK, so the voice dictation is a great idea, if somewhat overdue. Seeing the latest changes is a yeah-Wave-did-that-too kinda thing, but also good.
Update to Google Docs can minimize typing on small screens, or perhaps eliminate it with a new voice dictation (and translation) feature.
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+John Blossom so google is donig it for real
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John Blossom

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Good thing for us that they don't vote...
What is said to be the most robust estimate yet finds there to be just over three trillion trees on Planet Earth.
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Hummm,,,Nature is Great!
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John Blossom

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There's hope for Microsoft Internet Explorer in Greenland, China, South Africa...
The internet belongs to IE? ...oh wait, Firefox rules... oh wait. Chrome all the way! Here is how dramatically the browser share market changed over the past 7 years.


_BTW: The last slide showing the Safari is big in Greenland is so misleading. First of all, the map is all wrong, but more so, there are only 50,000 people living on Greenland. That's about the same people as there are employees at Google ;)
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This is a good store, but as indicated by the owner's comments below, I had some initial problems. I had an existing pair of glasses from another optician in another region, and they mismatched a replacement temple to the color of my frames. This has been addressed. The eye doctor did a good job, and they have an excellent technician - one of the few to get the nose pads of my glasses adjusted just perfectly. However, since they have six stores and their best technician works in various places to accommodate customers, their best support for repairs is not always available in Guilford, which has led to some frustration during some problems with a broken bridge in my frames. This also led to some miscommunication via the other staff. For all new lenses and frame or replacement lenses for existing frames, chances are you'll do just fine. They do carry very high quality merchandise and have a very good selection, as well as very attractive space. It feels very professional, and most of the time it is professional, I just wish that they had more frequent on-site service support for the "tough stuff", since both my prescription and my frames can be pretty tough to service.
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Very pleased with the service from Total Electric, scheduling is courteous and professional, and Jerry is efficient and very honest about his work. I've used them a few times for relatively small jobs, and I see no need to change any time soon. Well worth a try.
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When first we moved here a couple of years ago the manager was very helpful and worked hard to make sure that you didn't overpay for your repairs. New manager in the past year or so seems to consistently find ways to overcharge you. The quality of the work is OK, but there are local shops right up the street that often do a much better job for less.
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Foxon Road is a pretty lonely stretch on the edge of North Guilford, an unlikely place to find anything worth eating. Farina is a notable exception to those expectations. Its main entry is a typical take-out counter for pizza and such, but off to the side if a small, comfortable, nicely decorated eat-in side where you can enjoy good pizza and very good Italian food. This is Italian as in Italy - the owner's family hails from a town outside of Rome, with music from that town's singers playing in the restaurant. The food is very good, though the service delivered by the small staff gets stretched at times. Spaghetti sauce is obviously homemade and very authentic and flavorful, and dishes like chicken marsala that could have been done very blandly come out with tender slices and nice touches like a touch of pancetta done just right. Breads are fresh and not just recycled pizza dough. My mobile phone doesn't quite reach in this remote location, but the restaurant's free wifi fills the gap.It's a fairly limited menu, but if you've been in Italy at all you know that's not necessarily a bad thing. If you're in the area it's worth a try, though selfishly I hope that it doesn't get too popular - we want to make sure that we can get in regularly.
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So far, so good - when the Monro Muffler shop up the street diagnosed a transmission problem for my son's far a while back, they recommended Jerry's to take care of it. They worked hard to find the right parts to fix it at a reasonable price, and so far the results have been great. They are very service-oriented, straight-shooters, and strictly popular. In our limited time in Guilford, this has been our best overall experience for auto repairs.
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PCS did a great job at a very reasonable price, with very professional work and the right equipment. While it took a while to get on their schedule, once scheduled the work went off as planned. They were flexible about some last-minute "trades" of targeted trees. Cleanup was very good. There are a lot of options for tree removal these days, but I'd suggest that you put PCS on your list.
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Fancy looking it's not, but this store has exceptional selection and an owner who can guide you rapidly to the right selections in the store. If you're down the road at one of the chain stores you may pay a bit more here, but you're far more likely to find exactly what you're looking for.
Quality: Very GoodAppeal: Poor - FairService: Excellent
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