A follow up to my previous post: https://plus.google.com/117658783532137539532/posts/JjSKfWpnzVy

Probably way too many pictures to follow. But the summary version is:

The slingshot worked nicely, and resulted in a nice gentle cruise to Minmus. The relative speed when entering Minmus's sphere of influence (SOI) was 9.8m/s. The descent stage and then the rover were successfully (to my great surprise) placed on the surface. I moved the first Minmus mission lander closer, and drove the rover over a ridge to meet it.

The rover then drove due west, getting a good run up for a retrograde Minmus orbit, and then boosted itself from the surface. Two reverse-slingshots around the Mun, and two Kerbin aero-braking manoeuvres later, the brave Kerbinauts were deposited safely back on Kerbin, not too far from the KSC.
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