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John Beattie
Airman, Linguist, Semi-Professional Writer
Airman, Linguist, Semi-Professional Writer

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After a bit of a hiatus, there's more Sgt Nerd coming at you!

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New Sgt Nerd post. Read it, live it, love it.

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New blog post up. Read it, love it, live it.

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New column up.

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New essay is up, boys and girls!  Setting expectations, or making sure everyone's playing the same game.

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I've started up a new gaming blog. This is the first essay post, discussing single points of failure in game design.

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So, wanted to share a link to a Kickstarter that's going on.

The campaign page gives a good rundown, but it's basically a setting that was developed by Shane Hensley in the 90's. Shawn Carman bought up the license and had an RPG setting book done for the game Pathfinder, and now they're working to bring it to Savage Worlds, another system. And my goodness! Whose name is that in the Creative Team, bringing SW expertise to the project? Why, that's me!

Yep. I'm actually pretty heavily involved in this. So please take a look and see what you think. I'm pretty stoked.

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New product from Fabled Environments.  And who's that handsome fellow credited as author?  Seems a bit familiar...

"Adjust Hallows north by fifteen," the Master Leyman called out.  "Raise Vernal to four thumbs."  Around him, wood and metal creaked as rune-strengthened clockworks heaved great standing stones into new positions.  There were eight large stones, each fifteen feet in height, carved with sacred symbols.  Sixteen smaller stones awaited adjustment.

"Sir, ley variance is seven!" one of his journeymen shouted from a table covered in charts and chalks and compasses.

"Good, good," the Master said.  "That puts the Winter stone at... a slant of twelve.  Get to it."

Apprentices turned cranks and pulled levers, causing the machinery to turn and weights to shift and change.  The stones moved.  Journeymen were now checking numbers on the smaller menhirs, two to a stone, and those too were starting to be adjusted.

In the center of the equipment, an arch carved form oak, ash, and holly began to glow along the inside edge.  The air inside shimmered, and a new scene began to appear.

"Resolution at half," said one of the senior journeymen, holding different lenses to his eyes as he looked through the portal.

"Splendid, almost done," the Master said.  "Make a last shift to Candles.  Two by east, and that should have it."

As the machinery turned and complained, the scene turned clear.  Through the portal, other apprentices and journeymen stared, and there was a cheering.

"That'll do," the Master said, satisfied.  "Belay those gears!  We need this up for at least a fortnight, and I don't want to see so much as a glimmering between here and Ul Mach, you hear?"

On the other side, the Machist Leymen worked to stabilize their end.

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