Advice needed: Upgrading old site from Txp 4.4.1 and MLP

I got a call about an old site on Dreamhost that is running Textpattern v4.4.1 with MLP (l10n) v4.3.0.12. It also uses glz_custom_fields v1.3.0, bot_write_tab_customize v0.7, and several supplemental plugins.

After Dreamhost recently upgraded PHP to v5.4, the site was flooded with error messages and Textpattern was unusable. The error messages were labeled "Strict Standards: Non-static method", and most called out MLP. When I downgraded to 5.2, the error messages disappeared and Textpattern is functional again.

I want to upgrade the site to use the latest stable version of Textpattern, MLP, and glz_cf; and I will probably upgrade many other plugins too.

I have upgraded TXP hundreds of times for other complicated sites, but this is the only site I've worked on that includes MLP. What I want to know is how I should order the upgrades and what special instructions would apply to this upgrade. I imagine it will be a thorny one, and I want to do everything possible to mitigate complications and make it go as smoothly as possible.

Thank you, Textpatrons!

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