Amazing simulation of the evolution of a watch from raw components.

The Matlab code is available at

To save you time from digging through the code since the video wasn't clear, the fitness function basically looks for pendulums, rotating gears, and rotating hands that measure particular intervals: seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, and years. The relative values of these are hands are 1000 times better than gears alone (since you can look away and not lose track of time), and gears are 1000 times better than pendulums (since you don't have to count).

For each generation, it just selects either parent's gene for each slot, and then replaces 0-2 genes (1@ 5%, 2@ 5%, 0@ 90%) with a random mutation.

Via +John Evans´╗┐
Simulating the "evolution" of watches

Creationist freaks suggest that if you put a smashed up watch into a box and shake it, it won't reassemble into a watch - therefore god.

Well, here's a real experiment showing that watches can evolve. Downloadable code and all. Great piece of work.

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