A helpful clarification of Google+'s policy regarding names from Google's +Natalie Villalobos

You do not need to use your last name or even your "real name" but a name that you are commonly known by. You can put "Natalie V" with no symbol, as we no longer support symbols in the names fields. Here's what I have posted in public forums to help people bring their accounts out of suspension:

We've seen some complaints regarding profile suspensions, and I want to let you know how to solve this problem. Typically this problem occurs when you edit your name in a way that we no longer accept. In these situations, you may find that your name requires review to confirm that it complies with our Community Standards:

1) You’ll be prompted to request a review during the sign-up flow, this will lead to it being reviewed by our team.

2) After 24 hours, your profile will either be live or require further appeal.

3) To request further appeal, click on the link to our appeal form from your Google Profile. Here, you can provide additional information to support the claim that you are using a name in compliance with our policy.

4) Once you file the second appeal your profile will be handled via 1-to-1 communication with Google.

Here is some helpful content to look over in regards to this policy:
Your name and Google Profiles. Google services support three different types of use when it comes to your identity: unidentified, pseudonymous, identified. Google Profiles is a product that works best...
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She was reinstated with an apology.
Yes I think Opensource Obscure should have been accepted because it is a well-known name within his circle.
Can we quit whining now? ;-)
I think that's true. It also seems like establishing back-links from other media where you've been known longer may be helpful.
And yes, I too am concerned about Opensource Obscure. It seems to me that not all of Google is using the same playbook. Still, having a relatively positive post from a Googler can only be helpful.
Yes blogs, forums, shops, reviews, exhibitions. If you are known by this name then this is should be easy for Google to confirm this. However that said Opensource Obscure's treatment should give anyone reason to exercise caution.
We can contact Michael Hermeston at Google to take this further. He resolved the issue for Michelle.

I'm reluctant however to open a can of worms for everyone who has contributed comments to these posts though. I may try doing this with a private message.
I'm just effing with you, John.
A large number of people only know Opensource Obscure as Opensource Obscure. An odd name, sure, but it's his. Yet his appeal was turned down.
Mr.John Hardy, please tell me how "Send me email" button shows below your profile photo.
+Madhu balan if you go to your profile and select edit you will see an option to allow email messages.

When I edit mine it looks like this:

Who can send me an email?
Allow people to email me from a link on my profile
Anyone on the web
Your actual email address will be hidden from the sender
Mags L
I haven't had a problem (yet) but then my names is common as muck - just different spelling.
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