This book may be worth buying for the title alone
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Just read through the sample PDF. This is some good stuff. :)
TODO: Awesome picture of Kitten Shaving Efficiency 
Perfect for Ruby on Rails developers. Rails attracts assholes like PHP attracts idiots. 
'So, are you ready to fuck up? Good! I'll help you!' - Love this guy already.
Interesting start. I wonder if he can keep it up. The fact that there is not even a rough outline for the whole book suggests that he will run into some kind of pedagogical pickle at some point. That will really give him something to swear about. (I've written longer programming tutorials before. Chapter 1 is always the easiest. Chapter N+1 is always significantly more demanding than Chapter N, especially if it builds on the same code base - and if you change the code in Chapter N-1, then there can be real trouble.)

Not quite enough in the sample pdf to work out whether he will teach what Crockford might regard as 'sloppy habits' (e.g. multiple var statements, global variables), and which would be a deal breaker if I was going to recommend this to students. I am sure the potty mouth language is just the thing for a certain target group.
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