Update: Rowan Thunder contacted me by email and is still awaiting a response from Google with regard to his profile suspension. He says:

I'd appreciate it if you could do me a quick favour and post an update for me? as of 11PM PST sunday, I have not received a response, however I am not overly concerned as I am waiting until the end of one full business day for the appeal process, before assuming that I should have heard back from them.

those who would like to contact me about this matter, given that my account has been suspended (and this is not a public email address or anything of the sort) can do so via emailing query@firefly.dereferenced.org which is a public email address. I'll happily field questions or such there if people are curious or whatnot.

thanks John,
Another casualty to Google's arbitrary and capricious profile name policy is +Rowan Thunder. Rowan was disconnected only an hour or so after explaining to me his need to use a pseudonym.

Also well-known Second Life developer +Opensource Obscure remains suspended despite several people being willing to vouch that he has used this name consistently for a number of years. His appeal has been rejected even though this is the name that he uses in "everyday life".

It seems that being vouched for by internet friends is not enough to satisfy Google

+Michael Hermeston and +Natalie Villalobos is there no way that pseudonymous users can verify themselves and lift this threat hanging over them once and for all?

I want to be clear that I am talking about pseudonymous and not anonymous users. These names are the name of choice of real individuals who choose to not use their real names publicly but may be willingly to identify themselves privately.
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