Update: Michelle's profile has been reinstated.

Michael Hermeston - Hi Everyone - +Michelle Marie has been reinstated. It was an unfortunate mistake on our part due to human error. We'll use this as an example of what not to do as we continue to refine our process. Thank you and apologies to +Michelle Marie.

latest casuality of Google's bloody-minded policy

Michelle Marie

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totally ridiculous. They took down her profile because she doesn't use her last name.
Do we know that's why, or just supposing? Could just be a glitch.
Bullshit! Michelle is much cooler than Lady Gaga and Charlie The Warlock Sheen!!!
This is totally bullshit. What happened to "shall not be evil?"
Fuck the last name. Last thing we know we will need to use our dna to log on the damn thing.
This is a bug, a bug in Google's philosophy.

There is no way they can enforce this policy in anything other than an arbitrary manner.
+Natalie Villalobos is Community Manager for Google+, perhaps she can look into this for us. Natalie, is Google really requiring that people use their last name on profiles? I can think of lots of legitimate cases where one would not want to do so. Even in this case: Michelle Marie is how she is generally known to lots of people.
This is ridiculous. Tell us what we can do to help, people to email etc
I would rather follow Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Wolverine than Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Bruce Wayne and Logan. 
Excuse my ignorance but I don't know who this individual is, I just added her.
She's someone that a large number of users of Google Buzz can vouch for. Her name is a pseudonym as is the name of probably one in five Google Buzzers and, from the look of things, one in five Google Plussers as well.
I can think of at least half a dozen folks on here using some kind of incomplete or pseudonymous name. I'll not name them for fear of drawing attention...

Please send feedback in order to let the G+ team know your opinions on pseudonyms and people not using full first and last names.

Incidentally, I have not heard of anyone being suspended for using an initial for their last name as long as they listed a first name (or vice versa - Liz F or L Fong seem relatively safe)
Thanks +Liz Fong I certainly will send feedback on this issue because I've seen it affect a lot of people today.

It's a curious thing that a letter would be acceptable for a surname. Michelle Marie (who is well-known by that name) used her real first and middle names but chose not to use her surname.
Hi Everyone - +Michelle Marie has been reinstated. It was an unfortunate mistake on our part due to human error. We'll use this as an example of what not to do as we continue to refine our process. Thank you and apologies to +Michelle Marie.
On another note, +John Hardy I believe that you might have included +Michelle Marie's full name when you posted the chat log... might want to take that off since she doesn't use it online. :)
Great! Thanks, Michael and Liz! Will definitely send feedback as you suggesed, Liz.
So basically G+ really has no policy on name usage. With all respect to Michelle and her unique situation outstanding, if you whine loud enough and to the right people then poof everything is OK again. There really needs to be a clear policy statement here G+ and not an arbitrary 1-on-1 decision or this problem will only scale with the expected increase in users.
No I think (hope) it indicates that they have a policy that a persona only exists if friends are willing to vouch for it.
+Chuck Falzone +Roland Anderson You do not need to use your last name or even your "real name" but a name that you are commonly known by. You can put "Natalie V" with no symbol, as we no longer support symbols in the names fields. Here's what I have posted in public forums to help people bring their accounts out of suspension:

We've seen some complaints regarding profile suspensions, and I want to let you know how to solve this problem. Typically this problem occurs when you edit your name in a way that we no longer accept. In these situations, you may find that your name requires review to confirm that it complies with our Community Standards:

1) You’ll be prompted to request a review during the sign-up flow, this will lead to it being reviewed by our team.

2) After 24 hours, your profile will either be live or require further appeal.

3) To request further appeal, click on the link to our appeal form from your Google Profile. Here, you can provide additional information to support the claim that you are using a name in compliance with our policy.

4) Once you file the second appeal your profile will be handled via 1-to-1 communication with Google.

Here is some helpful content to look over in regards to this policy:
FWIW - I have to wonder if some kind of compromise, of requiring signup with a Real Name, and then once the new account is verified/deemed sufficient allow pseudonym posting (with perhaps some convention of what's an allowable pseudonym, or "posting name". Make the 2 names separate fields on the Profile, and let the customer choose to share Real Names w/Circles or the Public. To ensure that other customers can trust this, disallow frequent posting name changes, or require review for each change. - This way Google can have some means to assure their customers they are dealing with real people, but customers wishing to remain "not personally identifiable by the public" can continue to do so. (I thought new accts are phone-verified at gmail)

I wouldn't mind being able to post to the Public as my typical online name (guruvan) while posting to some other Circles use "Rob Nelson' - my friends know who that is, but the larger the group, the less that name stands out.

My $0.02 (adjusted for inflation)
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