Say what you will, There's always some weird shit going on down at Foxconn's plants in China.

Foxconn, Apple’s largest contractor, suffered another blow to its international image on September 24 when more than 2,000 workers at its Taiyuan factory in Shanxi Province got involved in a massive fight. More than 40 were reportedly injured and 10 were killed.

The details of how the fighting began are sketchy, but most accounts point to a tiff between a security guard and a worker who may not have had the right ID. On Sina Weibo, China’s Twitter, the Sina Technology Channel (@新浪科技) tweeted, “A large number of workers were moved to Taiyuan to make iPhone 5 in a rush. The security personnel at the factory had a fight with a worker from Shandong Province, dragged him to a van and beat him up. The victim’s co-workers from Shandong sought revenge, and workers from Henan Province became involved too, and the situation devolved into chaos where workers chased down security guards and beat them up.”

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Yup. And Apple always catch the flak.
Foxconn is a weird place any way you look at it. I think companies organising workers on this kind of scale are moving into a new kind of territory of freakiness.

Toyota in the USA has company medical facilities, Apple has its closed-off circular campus built so that employees never need to go outside during business hours... The cyberpunk dystopian future gets closer every day.
The same reason Samsung and Microsoft use the Foxconn factories +Stephen Dickson - it's much, much cheaper.
Yes, it's not about Apple in this case. It is about the mass organisation of the Chinese proletariate. What other manufacturing process has marshaled so many people under such bizarre conditions? Samsung does this as well. 
But let's not forget that Apple has the largest presence there (and makes the most profit, according to another post making the rounds at the moment).
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