Faster than the Ingress servers

after Mission Okopipi(original run report: was a real success on Tuesday October 15th, some of us still felt betrayed. We managed to level wegBier from 0 AP to L8 within 1:34 hours. Our original plan was to beat one hour but the ingress servers made this impossible. There were two things that stopped us from reaching our goal. First of all the servers had some dropouts, where our internet connections were fine, but the ingress server did not react to anything we did. We didn't use a stopwatch so we can't tell how much time really was wasted, but it was "a couple of minutes". That loss was unlucky, bad the real problem was, that the server let us create links and fields, but did not reward us with the sufficient points for those fields, even though we could see them and they also showed up in the "all" com. At the End we didn't have enough keys to complete the leveling as planned(We had planned for several extra rounds, but nobody thought we had to have a buffer of >300k points). That is why the last 50-100k points were really slow. We had to use all the keys that were left und reditribute them first.
That is why we copied all the text from allcom, did a little parsing and tried to figure out, how much time we really needed to do everything you need to do to gain 1,200,000 AP.
You can find a link to the calculation below this post. 

We did not want to publish our tactics, but now we need to provide proof, that our speedleveling run from 0AP to L8 actually only took 55 minutes! This was a clear case of bad measuring that now got corrected. There will be people complaining about the way I see this, but I hope most people reading this will be able to accepting that team #okopipi  did a really great job and earned the 55 minutes record.

One thing is for sure I will ignore anyones claim for the #worldrecord   until they beat 55 minutes!

Exist to Resist

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