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Johannes Buchinger
The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.
The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.

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Netgear strikes again. If you're using one of the affected models update the firmware immediatly (or better: install openwrt if you can not afford to trash this piece of Netgear junk and replace it with some real hardware)

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This is interesting. And I've been hit by the Google spam filter myself twice (*) when posting to this community.

I'm wondering if I'm the only on that had legitimate posts disappear right after posting here?

(*) at least for one of the cases I know for sure that the post was not removed by the mods as I checked back with Mike.
Did you know that Google's anti-spam algorithms suppresses high-quality comments?

Everybody thinks engagement is low on Google+. But one reason is that Google itself is suppressing engagement.

Google's anti-spam algorithms instantly makes invisible a large number of comments to your posts. Some are spam. Some are high-quality comments.

You can see these with the current version of Google+. To see the comments Google is hiding from you, you have to go to the "Classic" version of Google+ (click on the link at the bottom left of your main Google+ screen in the browser version).

Once in classic mode, open a post and click on "Show comments removed as spam."

In my own case, I find that about a quarter to a third of the comments are perfectly good comments from users in good standing. Some of the suppressed comments are amazing.

In every case, the person who commented thinks everybody can see their comment, but nobody is responding. In fact, nobody ever saw their comment.

The screenshot here is from a post I did yesterday. A huge number of comments are awesome. And I would have never known about it if I hadn't gone in to the "Classic" version and checked this out.

I've complained about this several times and Google does nothing about it.

What we need are simple moderation tools in the new version that enable us to restore false positives.

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Sorry for dipping into the political side of the IT, but I believe this proposal currently discussed in the EU parliament is something each IT pro should be aware off as if it goes through it'll destroy the web (Share an interesting tech article to this community? Illegal in the EU if this bill is passed...)

This monster is the legacy of the highly controversial previous 'Digital Commissioner' for the EU, Guenther Oettinger, a tech illiterate and lobby [cough] second to none IMO.

Here's an article has some details on the plans:

The video is a call to action by EU parliamentarians from conservative to the left - which alone is a remarkable occasion that these people raise their voice in unison.

Please note, that this has nothing to do with sharing of pirated music or software - this is about how we share information

Thanks for your attention

*drops mic

Hi all,

I'm currently struggling with back/shoulder issues which are caused not entirely but to quite some degree by my mouse use. I used a trackball years ago but never got really accustomed to it (no fun in a multiple monitor setup).

TL;DR: I'm looking for alternative input devices and would love to hear about your experiences / recommendations.

Cheers and stay healthy,

anyone else having issues to stream to chrome cast audio? Pop-up and Google Home app show streaming, but audio output is still coming from on the phone speakers. Other apps are able to stream to chrome cast without issues. (Deezer version running on OnePlus 2 w. Oxygene OS 3.5.5 / Android 6.0.1)

And while I'm at it: it would be great if Deezer would implement the functionality to stream to other DLNA renderers like my Marantz AVR :)

Best regards

Hi all,

I'm trying to trace down intermittent RPC 1722 (server not available) errors when using the NetUserGetInfo API function (AD environment, 2008 R2)

What would be the best set of parameters for rpcping to demonstrate the customer that it's his network causing the issues and not our product? The list of options leaves me a little bit confused.

And what is required to make the -d option (RPC Diagnostics UI) work?

Thanks and regards,

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IWC has always been one of my favorite webcomics
The kickstarter for the first dead tree edition has only 43 hours left to go but it's not fully funded yet
If you like RPGs, comics and hobbit puns, check it out 

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Irgendein A*** hat im laufe der letzen Woche mein Fahrrad von unserem Hof geklaut

Typ: GT Avalanche Baujahr '92, Rahmenfarbe weiß mit schwarzen Tupfen, blauer Avalanche-Aufdruck.
Das Fahrrad unten auf dem Foto unten ist nicht meins, das hat zusätzlich noch einen Flaschenhalter, einen Gel-Sattel und Kork-Griffe mit Hörnchen am Lenker.

Falls Ihr jemand damit durch den Rhein-Neckar-Raum fahren seht, grüßt schön von mir :(

#mannheim #fahrradgeklaut

I got a few questions about the Rules feature:

a) There is a trigger option 'at a certain time' but I'm not able to select it. Am I missing a setting or has this feature not been fully implemented yet?

b) Another option allows to chain scenes
- How can I determine the order the scenes get called?
- Will this chain of scenes run once or in a loop?

Thanks in advance and best regards,

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And this is why one should never buy hardware that requires a mandatory cloud service to fulfill it's local purpose.

From a tech savvy perspective, I cannot see any benefit in controlling my home via a cloud service. The hub has an integrated HTTP server anyway, remote access c/should be done by VPN, there's no necessity to share anything outside my house, I have to trust the provider that my data stays private and is well secured.

This pattern can be seen in a lot of devices nowadays. E.g. if you want to share Philips Hue scenes (that are stored on the bridge) across several devices, you need to register with the cloud service. If you own a fitness tracker and want the data on your smartphone, you need to register with a cloud service (almost all the fitness trackers on the market do all important calculations directly in the device, connect via Bluetooth to your smartphone, send the data into the cloud only to download it again and display some graphs on your mobile - come on, this is bollocks!)

So please dear colleagues that are involved in the development of any connected device, triple check if cloud connectivity is necessary for the base functionality of your product and - if not - slap that marketing dimwit
trying to enforce it right across the face. Yes, you can easily get customer restraint by caging them in but in the long run it's a better approach to get real customer loyalty by satisfaction.

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