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Reason #275 not to move to the US: there are no decent tissues.

I caught a cold, and all I could find were 2- or 3-ply tissues that basically fall apart when you use them. Also, only one kind with lotion so consequentially my nose is disintegrating. are so much better!
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Take an antihistamine, which I could never find in Germany.
I actually caught a cold so that wouldn't help me, but you can get at least some in Germany too, e.g. a lot of things with Cetirizin (not sure what that is in English) are freely available.
Though I should've mentioned that you can't get antihistamines in a regular store, you have to go to an "Apotheke".
I did go to an Apotheke and they didn't have it.
Is reason #275 the newest entry or just one under thousands :P

I hope you feeling better by now. Getting ill on journeys is definitely not a nice experience.
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