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Whoa! Wtf is going phone is blocking ppl in G+ on its own!!
Anyone else having this issue...I have an Evo.
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One of my other friends is having same issue....idk what that's about....
man, I'd be using that to block people... then blame it on the phone. :D
I also have an evo 4g, rooted, no problems here
Let me go and check...Rob, you were blocked.
Found tell me why in the world's all f*cks this ish aint alert me about an update...I swear Android Market is run by women...sometimish heffa! LOL
:( But... I don't wanna be blocked!
We are...we just love to complain...well I do...LMAO!
Yeah, Johanna knew I wasn't being serious in that post above. I wasn't really worried about being blocked :p
You'd be even more special if you give me your ninja suit...LOL
:) I'll have one hand-crafted for you by the masters, woven from shadows themselves!
But I want yours...*insert innocent face here*
You... really.. don't. :p
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