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Johann Werner
Works at Mobile(iOS) Development
Attended Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Lives in Durban


Johann Werner

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SARS are the crooks
The South African Revenue Service (Sars) has served notice to organisations that flout the law with a message that the "game is over".
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Johann Werner

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Shark attack at jbay.
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Johann Werner

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The way government decides what to purchase is by looking at what has the greatest kick back for the people making the decisions. 
Is This How Your Town Got Them? Traffic Camera CEO pleads Guilty To Bribing Politicians

It was reported this week that the city of Columbus, Ohio in the USA  was forced to terminate its contract with Redflex, the company that provides all of the red light cameras in the area. The termination is the result of a recent court case, where former Redflex CEO Karen Finley pleaded guilty to bribing politicians as a part of the company’s business strategy.

“I find it very revealing that Lockheed Martin, one of the biggest manufacturers of red light cameras in the U.S., has included clauses in their contracts that prohibit city engineers from applying engineering practices that improve compliance and reduce accidents, apparently to maintain the flow of ticket camera revenue. Lockheed Martin specifically prohibits cities, such as San Diego, California, from changing the timing of yellow lights in intersections that host their cameras, even though increasing the yellow light time has proven to dramatically decrease red light violations."

“In Fairfax County, Virginia there has been a 96% decrease in red light violations at the intersection of US50 and Fair Ridge Drive, but only after the yellow light time was increased by 1.5 seconds. And, Lockheed Martin has asked Mesa, Arizona for approval to remove cameras from intersections that no longer generate meaningful revenue. The cause is an increase in the duration of the yellow light time at the intersections. In the typical Lockheed Martin contract, the company doesn’t get paid unless a ticket is issued. At the very least, there is a definite conflict of interest due to the fact that if the intersection has no violators, Lockheed Martin has no profit."

The Free Thought Project also posts many articles about gross abuse of powers by the US police at It is pretty scary seeing the real video clips of where US citizens are being abused, killed and arrested with no visible reason. There may be a reason sometimes to arrest someone, but certainly not to assault them without provocation. Many individuals in the US police seem to have taken a rather violent attitude towards their own population. This is certainly not all of the US police but there are a worrying number that seem to have taken this approach.
Town gets rid of traffic cams after Redflex CEO admitted that bribing politicians is part of their strategy for implementing them.
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Johann Werner

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Best capped ADSL price ever in South Africa

Vox Telecom has reduced the price of its 100GB ADSL Fat Pipe product from R328 per month to R164 per month. This translates into R1.64 per GB.

One of the advantages of a Vox Telecom Fat Pipe data bundle is that unused data rolls over to the following month, indefinitely.

Shane Chorley, head of carrier and connectivity at Vox Telecom, said they launched the deal to celebrate the MyBroadband survey results which listed Vox Telecom as having the fastest ADSL network in SA.

Wow!!!! Afrihost better get that network upgrade of theirs out super quick as this is quite an attractive deals....
Vox Telecom’s latest Fat Pipe 100GB promotion is the best capped ADSL data deal ever seen in South Africa.
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Johann Werner

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Another reason to stay away from flash.
Hackers use an unknown Flash player exploit and a stolen Acer digital certificate to attack their targets
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Johann Werner

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Well drinking and driving is illegal. +Allen West Republic 
★★★ Patriots Who Dare... Join our fight to save America! ➠ Click Here #BB4SP
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Yah is wrong to drink and drive
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Johann Werner

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Surf and Turf
A rough weekend

#Rugby   #Sharks   #Surfing   #SouthAfrica   #Australia  
<p>These two had a rough weekend...</p>
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Johann Werner

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Hectic footage! The surfer walks away uninjured. What a lucky guy.
(Warning: NSFW language used above.) Australian surfer Mick Fanning is counting his blessings after escaping unharmed from a shark attack at the World Surf League’s J-Bay Open in South Africa...
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Johann Werner

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How better to get close to nature than this, they got a real good bargain. 
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Johann Werner

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"Telegram is also reporting "a three-fold increase in signups from South Korea" in the past two weeks, so this could probably be the same group that carried out the previous attacks."
Telegram IM app hit by 3-day DDOS attack originating from South Korea
DDOS attack originating from South Korea cripples Telegram servers in Asia and Pacific regions for 3 days
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Johann Werner

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Someplace else menu

Since restaurant and bar "Someplace else" in sunningdale in Durban doesn't have a website I'm putting their menu online. 

This is the Wednesday prices. All other days just double the price.
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Scrapbook photos done by +Dunken K Bliths

I'm South African. 

Love watching most sports especially football/soccer, rugby union and surfing. Love playing pool. I haven't played pool in a while. 

Play football every week with colleagues. 

I also love poker and is the only game I play on Google+. 

I support 1860 Munich, German national football team, South African national football team and the Springboks rugby team.

I studied computer science and economics.

I have a mild interest in economics. 

I love to travel. I want to go to every country in the world before I die but need to win the lotto first.

I love wildlife. 

I've lived in South Africa and the U.K. but would love to live in other countries. 

I'm a big supporter of, which is a sports prediction site. 

I am interested in new technologies. 

Love anything artistic such as photography, art, music though I'm not good at any of those things. Also I love movies.  

I won the the Canzius Cup II and the Canzius Cup IV. I got the wooden spoon for the Canzius Cup III and the Canzius Cup VI. 

FAVOURITE TEAMS: Borussia Mönchengladbach, TSV 1860 München, EP Kings, Springboks, Chevrolet Warriors, Catalonia, German, South African National Football team, St Pauli, Eintracht Frankfurt, Dynamo Dresen, FC United, FC Ingolstadt , Kickers Offenbach, FC Barcelona, Borussia Monchengladbach, Nothingham Forest, Tottenham hotspur, KFC Germinal Beerschot. 

FAVOURITE MOVIES: The Watchmen, District 9, Shutter Island, Invictus, Across the Universe, Interview with a Vampire, Fracture, The Life of Pie 

FAVOURITE SERIES: The Simpson, Friends, How I met your mother, Two and a half men, Top Gear, Heroes, American Horror Story, Dexter, The Walking Dead, The 4400, Breaking Bad 

FAVOURITE MUSIC: Beatles, Rammstein, EMINEM, System of A Down, Sixto Rodriguez 

INTERESTS: Hiking, Canoeing, Wildlife, Horse Riding, Music, Sports, Travelling, Art, Photography, Camping, Poker, Gaelic Football, Coin Collecting.

Bragging rights
Hiked up and down Table Mountain twice. Visited England, Wales, France, Spain, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Netherlands,Italy, Channel Islands, USA, Mozambique Islands and Catalonia.
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
    BCom Computer Science and Information Systems, 2008 - 2012
  • Akosma Training
    2012 - 2013
    Ios Beginners, Ios Fundamentals
  • Immedia school
    Training, 2013 - 2013
    KeyNote Basics, Ruby on Rails, Post-PC Principals Git Training
  • Vodacom Developer
    Android, 2012 - 2012
    Android Basics, Networking with Android
  • Damelin College
    Certificate in Repairing and Upgrading, Introduction to Programming, Fundamentals of Visual Basic, Web Page Developing using HTML
  • Alexander Road
    High School, 2001 - 2005
    English Afrikaans Computer Programming Maths Science Accounting
  • Blackberry Jam
    Computer Science, 2013 - 2013
    One day course
  • WWDC14
    ios, 2014 - 2014
    Swift Indoor Location Home Kit Advanced Scrollviews UITableViews and UICollectionViews
Basic Information
Looking for
Friends, Networking
December 8
Other names
Johan, Juhan, Jo
ios Developer
Programming, Problem Solving, Financial skills, Computer skills
  • Mobile(iOS) Development
    Developer, 2013 - present
    ios Programming, Swift since June 2014 Objective-C HTML iBook Widgets
  • The Mallard DoubleBill Cinema
    Cinema Assistant, 2006 - 2008
    Guernsey Island
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Port Elizabeth - Guernsey Island - Johannesburg
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Old Grey Club R25 Fish, Chips, Onion Rings and salad. Not a lot of chips but the fish was huge and delicious. Was totally worth it. Was full after one portion and I was hungry.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Excellent service. Rented a mac laptop from them for R100 a day. They downloaded 1.5 gigs for me for free. Very friendly and helpful. They know what they are doing. I recommend them for all your apple requirements.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
There are so many meals to choose from. I love the Thai curry's. Its my favourite restaurants in Port Elizabeth. It is also very interesting inside with a lot of thai decorations.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago
4 reviews
Great beach house. Nice rustic feel. Walking distance to Port Elizabeth best beach. Self-catering, lots of space, big sized shower. Pet friendly.
Public - 3 years ago
reviewed 3 years ago