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Leopard - Kruger National Park
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Beautiful markings, which part of the world did you shoot this Jaguar??
I love the soft illumination of the leopard's face...really beautiful image!
beautiful shot of a lovely creature.
Really amazing shot Johan, beautiful cat!
+Johan Swanepoel you are allowed as many posts as you want! I mean, have you even seen them? Everybody wants more posts from you! :D
You should also tag it with #wildlifewednesday by +Mike Spinak. A lovely portrait indeed, can't get enough big cats! :)
Ada M
And please, post a 1000 pictures a day! your pictures are fabulous and everybody should see them!
a million times superb!
Beautiful! And no negative effects from the flash...
Superb capture! Beauty!
Okay, two post accepted! :) I hope next one will be even more beautiful!
Fantastic shot Johan! Such amazing eyes.... Just wondering what is in his mind..
add as many posts as you want, they are just great. One after another :)Love this portrait again. You do know how to make them look so sensitive.
Hi Johan, what an amazing and lovely Leopard shot!!! Love it very much!!!
So beautiful ... the lighting is perfect !
Thank you all for the comments, shares and +1's :)
Wonderful capture, Johan - what a gorgeous creature...
Quite possibly the most stunning image of a leopard I've ever seen...fantastic!
I especially like your use of the textured ground in your framing, to make this more than a simple leopard portrait.
What a splendid Jewel<3<3<3
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