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Elephant - Etosha
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the light only accentuates the magnificence of this beautiful animal. Beautifully done.
Great image, the light is wonderful
Wonderful shot, quite excellent
Couldn't have done any better lighting or composition in a studio (a big studio :)- fantastic +Johan Swanepoel !
Awesome capture! My husband lived in Grootfontein for 2 years and they visited the Etosha maybe 7 times and can't stop talking about it. I am sure you had a great time :-)
Gorgeous capture with perfect lighting!
wow ... the light and the colors are fantastic !
Awesome capture. great combinations.
Ada M
I was sturting to miss your photos.....this is absolutely divine! thank you !
Seldom has the majestic nature of this awesome animal been capture in a single frame that conveys all the power and serenity , superbly balanced. Hat off to you +Johan Swanepoel
Que bello es este elefante, unos de mis favoritos animales en el mundo.
so surreal, the light, the texture of his skin what a wonderful picture
Nice photo...I love elephants...gentle giants
Prehistoric elegance great picture!
This is best image of an elephant that I have ever seen .... I love the tonality, comp, serenity ... just everything about it. Love your work +Johan Swanepoel ...thank you for sharing.
Thanks again to all for the visit - much appreciated and have a great day
Wow! Such a peaceful scene and the tones are fantastic. Inspiring :)
this is such a wonderful photo +Johan Swanepoel! I love how dreamy everything looks, I love the colors and the elegant pose of the "model" :) Superb!!!
Lella H
Beautiful that soft light you get there !
Aiiiiii Yey'yah'yah YA thats special. Lovely bru
Absolutly amazing shot Johan! Very beautiful!
Brilliant shot of a majestic animal!
Gorgeous shot Johan!
Incredible shot, Johan - the lighting in this is surreal, almost... An archetypal elephant image...
Beautiful light and composition, lovely shot!
Thanks to all you great people for the visit :)
wow +Johan Swanepoel this is absolutely gorgeous. I love the pose and expression and also the limited focus. :)
What a wonderful study of this amazing being. Thanks so much for posting this!
Lovely, it looks like a perfect painting!
love the processing. Very smooth.
very good pic shoot by big Photographer .....
This is lovely...Beautiful capture...
wow, the blue and gold and grey ... just gorgeous colour!
Stunning. This capture makes me want to visit this place and see this elephant in-real-life. Magnificent capture.
O my, rich colour contrasts, fabulous greyish blue of the sky, yellow of the land, and this lovely elephant in its unique pose of walking... and the light! it could not be used any better! speechless...
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