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Lioness in b&w
Kalahari Desert
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amazing processing here! glad to see you still posting some great images :))
What a beautiful capture, Johan! Expression is great! I love it!
Wow - those eyes!  And amazing light in them too.
A wonderful portrait of a majestic animal Johan!
Awesome, dit lyk na 'n belewenis om dit te kan doen, Geniet!
This is great. Really like the tones in this one and how you have darkened the edges to pull us into the photo :-) 
Top draw Johan, love the light  detail in the eyes
Beautiful and a very strong portrait of a lioness. 
I hope there was a VERY long lense involved in this shot. The detail is amazing—look at those eyes!!
She is just beautiful!  What an intent look in her eyes.
Beautiful, +Johan Swanepoel! Really like the processing, too. 
(Had I looked on your page first, I would have waited on posting my lion pic.)  ;-)
CJ Cox
such a beautiful animal, love the intensity in her gaze! great in monochrome!
A young female hunter .
What happens when they close the virtual hunting circle around the prey ? When those female work together then we can see the reason very soon as a bloody quarry ...
This position of ears says : 
I'm ready to hunt , get ready ! get out of my sight or I will eat you :-)

Another awesome shot by +Johan Swanepoel , from faraway lands.
Wish the bests for you man :-)
Your photography let me fly trough those lands so easy ...

Respect from Tehran.
Peace .
This is fabulous! You've caught an amazing intensity here Johan.
Omg that look...woman do looks as big cats, oh it is a big cat ;) fantastic capture Johan!
amazing and beautiful capture,,,i love this picture..
Thank you to all
+Matthias Haeussler - Nope - the lady in the rain was in Kruger
+Priya Sri - serious because she started to stalk with two other lionesses
+Hamid Dastmalchi - And I did not see a kill that day - the Springbok are difficult prey and saw them too early - so the hunt was abandoned soon after it started - but still awesome to experience this in the wild :)
This one is darker but nonetheless has the same intensity of expression and dramatic capture! Stunning in every way +Johan Swanepoel !
You are an amazingly talented photographer Johan. This image is magnificent!
It says "Don't disturb me, my prey might go away" otherwise you will be the replacement. Well done, Johan!!
Coming back to see some more of your incredible work. Love it!
Oh, I missed this one earlier... Easily one of my favorites now... This is stunning, Johan.
Ada M
So perfect!!
The tension in this photo is palpable!
Thanks awesome great! God Love you for it.
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