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OOOps - previous post wrong :) This is the bigger one!
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Sweeeeeeeet :-) And so perfect processed!
#iappreciatethisphoto With some fantasy it looks like he (or she) is holding a photo camera!
How big is the chance to get a shot like this ;)
Super everything!!
The DOF and your processing just makes his little guy pop off the screen Johan!
I love your work, I have a great interest in photography, and your work is God's eye view of what He created. Awesome. You are blessed in your talents.
Ohhh, sooo cute and wonderful image, Johan!!
Congratulations +Johan Swanepoel this image was chosen as one of the 13 TOP Google+ Photographs for April 23 by Photoextract- well deserved sir, it's awesome!
I love it man!.
Such a perfect moment +Johan Swanepoel and very pleasing treatment to, composition is spot on and subject is posing all perfectly :P
Incredible, awesome image, Johan... I think B&W was a spot-on choice for this, too.
Ada M
this is so adorable!!!
OMG...he's soooooo cute.
Do eats sandwich?
Awwwwwwww soooooooo aaaaaaa adorable.
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