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Translation is fun...?

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Syntax and sanity checker for bash-scripts that is quite nice, 
but beware some hints will break your scripts...

Found it in the comments on this page with some basic tips...

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The important reminder to avoid short cuts on network connected devices (like cameras)

Black Hat 2013 - Exploiting Network Surveillance Cameras Like a Hollywood Hacker

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This project tries to create something very similar to the freedombox, but more scaled down (so they actually can deliverer).

I ordered one just to see what they can do... 

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Oh happy day, oooh happy day...

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Good news, the old directive for ISP to store your traffic has been rejected! Now it is important to vote for a party that does not support this kind of expensive nonsense in the upcoming EU election.

So when you go to vote, make sure you vote for a party that does not support this kind of laws so we can try to stop the next try!

If you are unsure if your party is for or against, I know that the Pirate Party is against this kind of mass surveillance. 

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Dune is a really nice book, but dressing up like Fremen in a stillsuite...?

Well why not.
Simple But Effective Fremen Costume #Dune

Fremen stillsuits are a complex construction. It makes sense; nothing about living on Arrakis should be easy. However, since you don’t actually have to recycle your body’s water, you can get away with making a simpler costume. #cosplay   #costuming   #dune  

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