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Tranquillity (view large)
From my blog:

A few weeks ago I visited Lac de Neuchâtel near Estavayer-le-Lac in Switzerland with +Athena Carey and +Michael Diblicek. Two awesome photographers ... and even more importantly very nice people!

The plan was to do some LE photography together. It was a very windy day with dark clouds. Luckily there were also a few little patches of blue, to let some sunlight slip trough once in a while. We searched for interesting locations along the borders of the lake for quite a while. At some point we got lucky and stumbled into a little hidden beach with 6 or 7 abandoned piers in various states of decay. So we found our subjects, had some heavy waves, an interesting sky with cloud movement and patches of light hitting the lake. Great ingredients for long exposure photography.

Because (and despite) of the wind, I decided to do go for exposures of one to three minutes to smoothen the water as much as possible. I expected the waves and light patches to create a nice milky and soothing effect in the resulting images. The shot above is a one of the images I got away with: a rough looking lake magically turned into a tranquil one. I hope you like it!? Best viewed large and on white ... just follow the blog link :)

I used a Lee 10-stop ND filter in combination with a Lee 3-stop ND filter. I processed the image with Adobe’s Lightroom 4 and Nik’s Silver Efex Pro 2.

#BWFineArtLE by +Joel Tjintjelaar, #MinimalMonday by +Olivier Du Tré, #monochromeMonday by +Manuel Votta, +Charles Lupica, +Jerry Johnson and +Hans Berendsen, #BreakfastClub +Breakfast Club by +Gemma Costa, #PlusPhotoExtract by +Jarek Klimek, #swdpcl by +peter paul müller
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Wow +Johan Peijnenburg, this is a stunning and breathtaking seascape, really incredible!

Thank you for contributing to the Monochrome Monday theme!
So serene +Johan Peijnenburg! And I know just where you were standing (or sitting on the overturned boat?) when you took this. :) It was a lovely day with you and +Michael Diblicek. I am already looking forward to the next. :)
+Johan Peijnenburg of course! there's a little one, the Lake of Ceresole Reale, it's the starting point of many hiking path :)
+Diego Cattaneo: thanks .... that's only a 4 hour drive for me :) It's located in a national parc no? Is it nice over there
yes Gran Paradiso national park... some Bearded Vultures live there ;)
Thanks +Stefanie Loges! Thought the 2:1 fitted the subject better. It was a struggle to decide where to put the horizon ... in the middle worked and at the bottom as well.
lovely le shot with a sweet, lonesome composition and tonality too.

Very nice Johan
+Mikael sh: thank you!!!
+Stefanie Loges: thanks and well spotted. I did "mystify" that village and the mountain range behind it a touch to balance the image a bit better.
Instant bliss, I get lost in this, so beautifully done and phenomenal seen large!
+Matthias Haeussler: thanks for the rocking comment! And yes, you should get them. They are hard to get ... I did get lucky though ... broke a big stopper last week and received a replacement today already .... hihaaa:)
+Louisa Catharine Forsyth: that is very nice to here Louisa!!!
wonderful temperate light and nice details..., fantastic LE work, Johan.
Exquisite, Johan! It's really hard to believe that the water was rough––it's just perfect!
+Johan Peijnenburg for me, the soft but pronounced horizon is my favorite aspect of this gorgeous photo.

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely photo with this week's MonoChromeMonday theme!

White is the proper background for it, indeed. :-)
+Jerry Johnson: thanks Jerry for the compliment and having a look "on white"! Sorry, forgot to mention you irt the theme ... I am losing track :)
+Dylan van Graan: thank you! Hope all is wel in SA!
All is well, winter is making its way over here. Do you want it back so you can send us more cool photos of mountains? ;-)
Wow, that's a stunning LE +Johan Peijnenburg Love the Pano 2:1 format, it really works so well with this.
Beautiful processing, love all that central light in the centre of the image. Wonderful smooth water.
And the hills and town in the top right really give some wonderful balance to the overall image.
+Dylan van Graan: thank you ... but nah ... I have plenty of winter stuff still to proces. I am enjoying the warmer weather now :)
+Michael Diblicek: pfjew, really glad you like it! You saw a preview of this one on my LCD using the hoodman thingy remember? Now you know why i wasn't shooting in portrait mode :D
Yeah, i can see why now, the horizontal format is class.
+Michael Diblicek: the only doubt I had was about where to put the horizon and subsequently the piers. All three options I had worked quite well, but liked this one best.
+Dylan van Graan: I sometimes catch up, but then I always decide that it is better to go shooting then sit behind a computer screen :)
wow..the composing is wonderful and this long exposing image its brilliant!!!
Beautiful work!
Yes, +Johan Peijnenburg. I need to learn to make images like this. Not right away of course...but hopefully some day!
+Johan Peijnenburg personally i think it works well as it is in terms of composition and horizon.
It was quite difficult to get any height here , giving us the opportunity to pull the piers down from the horizon.
The fact that you used both piers in the composition, compensates for the additional height.
Great LE work +Johan Peijnenburg ! This image gives me a suggestion: the two piers say me something about the continuity and the interruption of existence...
+Tom Tran: thanks for the compliment! If the passion is there, you will get there. And it actually is a nice and different way of photographing:)
+Michael Diblicek: thanks for the confirmation! The one I took sitting down on my knies on the windy pier, worked out very well as well to my surprise. How were your images from this location?
Wowww, what a great work, Johan!!! Outstanding image!!!
Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful......... ;)
Love the long crop, very good work on the exposure choice too.
Great composition and tones.
Love the almost infinite quality of the horizon line. Truly lovely image.
I've had this image sitting on-screen for awhile doing things and just beautiful to look at the screen when walking by. Really love what you've done here +Johan Peijnenburg it's an awesome minimal comp too with a great feel. Great work as always.
+Johan Peijnenburg what do you think ? Sitting at home and babysitting our dog or what -:)))) just this morning I went up to our lake in the forest and did a few test runs. I need to check them out later. To busy now. Btw, there was a big stopper on the fotoflohmarkt, but sold already. Did you buy it ? Was 200CHF. Cheaper to get it than sent from the UK! I got now all my stuff....ooohhh all, yeah. Me happy :) Wildlife here, my daughter just told me there is a black panther running loose in Swissy! Shall we go after it, would be like finding a needle on the Matterhorn :) 
The black panther you have seen in the newspaper is from whatever agency bought. This is not the animal which is running loose :) +Johan Peijnenburg

+Diego Cattaneo New stuff is Lee filters. We have found a reseller in the UK which has most of the "stuff" in stock. Well, now maybe not anymore. Johan and me have been shopping last week and the week before :)
Now I just want a Singh Ray filter reverse. That is costy and the shipping is more than 60 US bucks, .... are you still sitting on your chair Diego ? :)) The shipping is insane from the US. I also want a new bag ( old one will fall appart soon, finally found what I was looking for ) Europe, forget to search for it, it is not sold here in Europe. I wish I would still live in Asia. There I could get everything. But to add another 65 US bucks on a quite expensive bag. Will check Ryan air if they fly over. Than at least I can have bacon and eggs :)
Stunning--beautiful in its simple composition and timeless mood. 
I like this one pretty much, where have you taken this?:)
Hey +Laura Riediker. Thank you. This is Lac de Neuchâtel near Estavayer-le-Lac. I am hoping to go shoot long exposures near you, but that all depends on when I can pick up certain gear :)
+Johan Peijnenburg - Johan, this is of absolute tranquility, it's almost frozen! Good you preserved the structure of the clouds, and the framing is... perfect. Thank you for posting this one, my friend!
I really need a ND filter... :) Cool shot, peaceful..
Great minimal image Johan! Silky smooth, masterful!
+Johan Peijnenburg: you really deserved it! :)
Can I ask you to add the +Monochrome Monday page to your circles as well? So I can re-share the photo and make the announcement from there as well.. Thank you.
+Johan Peijnenburg as I had the pleasure of saying earlier in the week, this is a gorgeous photo!! Congrats, but it is no surprise that this beauty was the most popular MCM photo.

A lot of people must have chosen to view it on white as you suggested. :-) lol
+johan peijnenburg,this is not a mere photo,it is serenity whithin a photo.amazing horizon
+Johan Peijnenburg and I confess that I am a big fan of black! :-) But you've got me thinking that there are times when white might be better. Thanks for that!
A matter of personal taste +Jerry Johnson. I used to have a very dark grey website and felt that a lot of images looked more saturated then I expected when I prepared them So, I swapped to white and much happier now :)
Marty D
Looks icy. Nice shot
+Johan Peijnenburg - I did LE's, I like that kind of photography. But I can't afford to carry a tripod up to mountains and on climbs that are known to push you to your personal performance limits and beyond... Additionally, you'd never have time to use it. But - luckily - I can enjoy yours :-)!
Excellent minimalistic long exposure shot. Great work !
LOVE LOVE LOVE....This inspires me to get out of my box and try something new.
+piper mackay: thanks thanks thanks ;) Glad you like it! Long exposure photography is different but very relaxing as well! For me it is a nice change from what I usually do.
Beautiful....well composed and processed!
Very peaceful and magically beautiful Johan!
So amazingly calming - beautiful soft light
I love it! The effect worked is so serene and beautiful.
You're definitely talented at LE photography +Johan Peijnenburg Great exposure and composition. The smooth tonal gradations are a great touch and it's that what makes a great seascape LE photograph! Or for that matter it's what makes a great BW photograph in general - Looking forward to more!
Excellent LE and processing work, Johan.
Really great comp Johan. This is so serene and I really like the inclusion of the mountains on the horizon, it adds so much more depth to the photo. Great work!
Perfect title! Excellent shot! :)
fantastic minimalism. 
Fantastic Swiss mood transferred to Belgium!
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