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Selected Nature & Landscape Photographers (update v6)

Here's an update of the Nature & Landscape Photographers circle. I have reviewed 350 new requests and re-checked the existing 450 and selected the 400 photographers I liked best.

Want to get in? Leave a comment or contact me directly, if you feel you meet the criteria: an on-line portfolio with good images + posting nature and landscape work regularly on G+. Feel free to re-share!
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Great circle.Any chance of squeezing my way into it?
Hi there. Cool circle. I wouldn't mind being in it. :)
Great list! Please feel free to check my profile as well.
Johan, You should check out my images on Google+ . I just started using Google+ in 12/2011, but I try to upload as least one image per day.
Thank you Johan for including me in your very well thought list. I sure appreciate it!!
+Johan Peijnenburg -- someone suggested to me that I be included, but I tend to shoot florals and sunsets so I didn't think I fully qualified. Though I would love to be included, if those fall under your criteria ... :o)
+Johan Peijnenburg - Thanks so much for adding me to this prestigious circle! I recognize many of the names and follow their work, and I am most eager to follow those I'm not familiar with! I will reshare this circle soon . . . Thanks again!

I appreciate also +Michael Hensley suggesting me for this circle, if you haven't added him, I'd ask you to please consider doing so, his work is amazing . . .
+Johan Peijnenburg Awesome list of nature photographers! Please look over my posts to see if I qualify to be considered, thank you :) My shots are mostly nature related (flora, fauna, sunrise, etc)
I can assure they are the best around :) I'm not on this list anymore!
Thanks for adding me Johan very much appreciated!
+Folletto Folletto: good to hear. We'll be going to chamonix soon with the Swiss photo walk group. Care to join? By the way: a good start would be sharing this circle! Really :-)
I submit my name your consideration next time you update your Nature & Landscape Photographers circle. Cheers. +Peter Carroll
+Alexandre Buisse: I will include you in the list of Swiss photographers so that you will get invitations for our photo walks. We have 1 or 2 every month nowadays!
Thank you for all the work you put in this list +Johan Peijnenburg . And an extra big thanks for including me with all these great photographers.
Thanks for the reminder, I will definitely reshare it :)
Thanks +Johan Peijnenburg, for the honor of inclusion, and thanks for taking the time to help us find new photographers to interact with!
I recently used a couple of Chrome apps such as Delete Inactives to clear up some space in my circles, so I think I have room to add this one.
Thanks +Johan Peijnenburg for editing the circle and for including me! I shared it all around the interwebs :)
Hope to meet the Swiss team one day!
Thank you +Johan Peijnenburg --this is a great list--I appreciate that you included me and I hope others will enjoy my share!
Thanks +Johan Peijnenburg - at least I couldn't see myself when looking at the circle - though that may just be a google 'feature'
+Johan Peijnenburg - ah, that explains it. No, I hadn't asked - but consider this my request :). I saw that I was in your other circles, hence the confusion!
The comments were flowing so quickly that I wasn't sure I could read and scroll. As always Johan, it's an honor to be in this circle. Few if any are as well maintained as this one. A model for us all. If all circles were even close to this well kept, I think the reluctance to add circles would go away. You can be sure I'll share the circle and mention it in a few active posts I have.

I might qualify and certainly would be interested. Thanks for doing this!
Great circle! I'd like to be added to this circle... feel free to take a look to my G+ profile when you have few minutes, thanks :)
+Johan Peijnenburg , I very much would like to be considered for this circle. I'm passionate about nature and landscape photography and have been posting a number of images on G+. I'm learning lots by studying and sharing with other nature and landscape photographers. Thanks very much! Margaret Tompkins
impressive circle of talent! thank you for sharing... and i would be honored if you would take a look at my profile sometime also, I am new on G+
Thank you Johan. I admire all the work you have done on this!
Hello, +Johan Peijnenburg, I would like to be considered for a future iteration of the circle. In the meantime, I'll enjoy sorting thru this circle. Thanks.
Really a fantastic collection of talent!
Hi, I would love to join the circle. Posting pictures almost every day, now. Thanks!
I can't thank you enough for including me in this circle, I am more than honored to be there and keep up the great work!!!
Awesome collection and a great honor to be included!
A great cricle +Johan Peijnenburg I would be honored if you would consider including me in. Please feel free to check my profile as well :)
Un grand merci à +Johan Peijnenburg, et merci à tous de m'accueillir dans votre cercle "Selected Nature & Landscape Photographers". J'en suis sincèrement très honoré. Je m'efforcerai de faire les meilleures images pour contribuer à la crédibilité de ce cercle important. Je vais par ailleur inclure dans mes cercles ceux de l'équipe qui n'y seraient pas encore, et promouvoir "Selected Nature & Landscape Photographers" auprès de tous mes contacts. Je vous souhaite, Johan et toute l'équipe une excellente année pleine de belles photos dans la tête, le coeur, et ....... la "boîte à images".
Du tres beau monde ici, merci pour le partage de ce cercle
+Johan Peijnenburg, I notice quite a few great names in this circle, and a bunch more that I haven't added that will very soon be in my circles!

If you want a specialized nature/macro photographer in the list (my current project is snowflakes), consider adding me as well. Thanks very much!
Thanks once again for including me in this impressive list of creative people!
Thanks for sharing this!
I'd love to be considered for your next update.
I'd love to be considered for your next update of this fabulous circle!
A fantastic group of folks here! +Johan Peijnenburg love to be considered for your next round of names in the circle. I am relatively new to G+ and am just getting started! You can see a few on my G+ or over on my website here: Love shooting in Yosemite but anything with a sunset/sunrise/moonset/moonrise and or a waterfall! Thanks in advance!
Would love to get in the circle... feel free to check out my albums on G+
yes, me too please :) maybe I should sort my nature and landscape photos , but you can see it in albums for now.:)
You have time to work on that +abhishek chamaria. I typically share and updated circle every 1.5 months, so the next time will probably be mid March ...
Thanks for sharing this circle. Great photographers in there. Any chance to circle me, too? You can find the photographs in my albums. Not sorted into nature/landscape, but have a look into the Iceland and Canada album...Thanks.
I would like to thank everybody for sharing this circle and for the +1's. Looks like it was worth while for everybody :-)
Great circle, Johan. I would love to be considered for inclusion in your next update.
Hi +Dominique Dubied. I already checked your work when I added you to the list of Swiss photographers. You will definitely be in the next update!
Greetings Johan! I would love to be in this list, I tend to focus and be drawn to this area... Adding this circle to my followed!
+Johan Peijnenburg please take a look at my profile and perhaps you would like to add me to this circle. Thanks in advance.
Would appreciate your consideration. Thanks for your efforts on this.
I just saw this now! This is a top-notch list - I'm honored to be included Johan :)
Great Circle +Johan Peijnenburg, very inspirational photogs here! I would surely be honored if you would consider my work for this amazing circle. I'm not the most prolific photographer at the moment, but what I lack in quantity I try to make up for with in quality. I do realize I have very much to learn but have a real passion for the craft of landscape photography. Thanks for sharing and your consideration as well!
Hi +Johan Peijnenburg, first of all thanks for putting this circle together! If you like, you could check out my nature and landscape photography at my website ( or here in my g+ profile. Would be nice to get in that nice circle of great photographers!
Greetings! I am a fine art nature landscape photographer based in Boulder / Longmont Colorado. My first love is Lightning as Fine Art, but I do shoot everything and anything. aka Gallery have shared this message as well. Just learning g+ and loving it! Thanks you and hello to everyone!
Hi Johan, You should check out my images on Google+. I just started using Google+ in 12/11, but I try to upload images on a regular basis. You can see more of my work at
I've been wondering why my number jumped up! Thanks so much Johan.. truly an honour to be included in this :)
+Layla Kuyper: there have been a few circle shares in the last week that have probably caused the jump. This is definitely one of them :-)
Have a look at my albums and please tell me what I have to do to get up to your standard!
+Johan Peijnenburg , I just took the opportunity to share this great circle. I hope you will consider adding me to the next iteration! Thanks very much!! Margaret Tompkins
Hi +Johan Peijnenburg thanks for your effort, nice circle.
May I ask to be considered as well?
If so: You might focus on the "folder/Album" WideWednesdayPanorama, where I post since several month each day a panorama or a wide shot. Have a great day.
This is a great circle, thanks! I see a lot of my contemporaries in there. Might you consider me for future inclusion? +David Hogan Cheers!
+Johan Peijnenburg I'd love to get in your circle, just joined google+ and will be posting photographs here and on the page +intwoo in the category nature (incl. landscape), please let me know…
Would love to be considered, +Johan Peijnenburg! I did leave a comment last time, early in December, but there weren't as many images in my profile then ... I'd appreciate if you had another look. Thank you!
+Johan Peijnenburg great circle, I've already had a look on some. keep on the good work. oh, and btw. sorry for that off-topic question about g+ in this thread ..
+Johan Peijnenburg - I do a lot of landscape work and I would appreciate inclusion in this great circle. See my Google+ portfolio for samples
It's a difficult one. You'd have to ask yourself the question whether you want it. As a follower I would prefer to follow one. Combining the two in one makes the profile even more interesting to follow :-)
+Johan Peijnenburg Thanks again for including me Johan. I'm a bit late but I was pretty sick for a couple of weeks. Great circle.
Wow! nice circle +Johan Peijnenburg. Please look at my work and see if you would consider me. Thanks.
Great artists for everyone in here.
Hi +Johan Peijnenburg, I do regular Nature photography. I'm starting to post Landscapes as well, although I'm still learning in that area :) Would love to be included in the next update for this shared circle. Cheers!
Would love to be considered! I will add to my Google+ photos extensively this weekend which should hopefully be more representative of my work than it is now. :)
+Johan Peijnenburg Hi Johan, I will appreciate it if you could add me to the artist / photography / designer / illustrator circle for the next update. Thanks, Tanya
Hello +Johan Peijnenburg I am a photographer of flowers, animals, landscape, wildlife and so on. I posted far over 1000 (all my own work) last 6 months. I would of course love to be in your circle if that is possible. I would really appreciate such a kind gesture of you.
+Johan Peijnenburg You have a really great collection of photographers here. I have been following many of them. I would really like to be considered for your next publication of this circle. I have found your work inspiring.
Would like to be considered. Thanks in advance.
i would feel very happy to be in...
wildlife Photographer and movie maker are the bridge to home cinema and PC`s to many people worldwide !!! above G+ we get in to this people, to show the beauty which we have on this amazing Planet...
good light for good shoots !!!
rocco sette
Ke Zeng
+Johan Peijnenburg , please feel free to checkout my posts. I will love to be included in this circle. Thanks.
I would like to be considered this is a very impressive circle you are pulling together. Take care
Thanks all. Locking this post now as I finally found the time to go through all suggestions now. Will be sharing the update this weekend!