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Part of a review coming out soon, of the new WeMacro Stage.
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Might be of interest if you're into macro from exotic places...
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This looks like one of those moth caterpillars you do not want to touch, what wonderful color and markings on this and a super image also
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Nice macro calendar for only £15 - fundraiser for my kid's India trip. Check it out!
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Might be useful if you're looking for something unusual
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D Ch
Thanks for a great overview.
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Lightpainting fun with my son last weekend! Howto at
(sorry, repost, still figuring out how to share publicly)
If you look hard you can -almost- see the massive grin on the face of Laurence, my son! Laurence is 15 and doing GCSE art (GCSEs are important exams that 16 year olds take in the UK) - and he has chosen to do photography as his module. Now you tell me, what better way to introduce a 15 year old kid to photography than to have a little fun doing some light painting like this! Boys and fire, what's not to love. Great fun as a project for the two of...
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My little daughter, Emma, singing in the Belmont Choir at this event!
Our annual Carol Service in the magnificent Guildford Cathedral, featuring celebrity readings (including Penelope Keith), Nicholas Witchell, soloists Natalie Coyle and Kathy Taylor Jones, vocal harmony group, Salvacosta, and Belmont Preparatory School Choir. The Service will be followed by a ...
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Hi and Good Morning Johan, I have been following your excellent site for a few months now and just bought the Nikon plan 10x 0.25 ofn22 objective and fitted to my 100mm macro canon lens.
Will this set up work?
It appears that the working distance to subject from end of the lens is really small only about 8mm is this correct or am I doing something wrong?
I have read many times the extreme macro site but maybe I may be missing something.
I really want to learn this but at my age maybe a tall order.
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Would appreciate it if people shared or +1'd this calendar URL, which my boy did to raise funds for a charity trip to India next year. We've covered our cost but he needs to sell 100 more to make the cost of the trip! URL is http:/
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D Ch
Sounds good, I will checkout Amazon and eBay.
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Legendary lens for extreme macro - great value for money
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I´m thinking of overhauling my old Olympus 50/1.8 for macros. I guess I´ll find a how-to on your homepage.
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Johan J Ingles - Le Nobel

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Thanks Doug, good intro for anyone wanting to try a little bit of astro photography for the first time
I added this to my site today. I always use a hood because inevitable some of the light has a straight path onto the front element.
Adding a hood to your reversed lens is a cheap way to improve the final quality of the shot. Read more here!
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Photography obsessive, marketer by day, husband to Janine and daddy to Laurence and Emma. Bad with cars.
After being schlepped over from the Netherlands to the UK as a kid, my boarding school days were succeeded by a photography scholarship at the Academy of Art College San Francisco and a couple of Security Studies degrees at St.Andrews University. I married an English girl who I met whilst working as Editor at Jane's... we held hands... and two children appeared, Laurence and Emma! Professionally I've been a web marketing HTML, CSS and PHP jockey all my life, but outside of work I do a bit of photography when I can find the time. I'm a dreadful saxophone player but can make outstanding meatballs!
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I invented citizen journalism before Twitter even existed.
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