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This Is Funny

via +Jitendra Mulay ;-)

It's so hot you may have seen it but watch it again!
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It's true that one who is Right have to prove it by Any means!
That's for sharing +Johan Horak  
I laugh every time I see this one. :D
It reminds me of people, and it make me smile +Johan Horak. I love people even if I do not love all people do. :)
+Pål Basso funny.

They say the best teachers are the ones we don't like. I have taken note of them. They change shape, colour and name but they confront us we the same issue. ;-)

I have one such teacher here at Google+. Not a regular visitor to my post comment area but I am aware of him. His comments just sit skew. ;-)
I have also noticed that when I comes to corporate instructors +Johan Horak. The hard ones that tells a consultant to do I again when they fail and instruct one more time, are good but never popular. 
The word lists on phones are killig me. :S lol
+Pål Basso Phone keyboards are the worst. I must start speaking my comments if I use my phone ;-)
Love this video, can stop laughing every time I watch it! :o)
How doI enable instant upload on my tablet using google +.
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