Generosity Pays

My friend +Doug Buck is a guy you need to circle. He's the kinda guy who likes people. But when he truly likes you he'll stick with you.

Doug will give you some advice here.....let me tell you that I believe Doug likes Google+ because his a giver. He shares a positive view. 
*And he engage.* 

Circle the man +Doug Buck ;-)
You are what you post

So there a was cycling home from work thinking: That's a great idea for a post, something helpful about engagement, and how to connect to the wider circleverse.

As we are to the people that meet us here, the sum of what we post, when you are looking at putting someone in a circle you have a look at what they post, the comments they make the things they plus, (handily something that this post by +Mike Elgan helps are great deal with )

your choice to follow or not follow is dictated by what you see of them, well the same is true for people wanting to follow you, what you are posting, or sharing influences the choices they make, so if you are new here or still lurking about the edges wondering why no one seems to be interested in you, remember  the presence you are creating here is what is driving that choice for them, if you never publicly post or share something, if you aren't commenting on other peoples posts, and have avoided the plus button.

Then no one knows who you are, they haven't anything to help them see what it is you are interested in, if you share a common interest or are an interesting person. Remember though if you fill your stream with dozens of reshares of pictures and posts an hour with no regard for how this comes across on the streams of others then this will equally influence other peoples choices on following you.

If you didn't know yourself, looking at your public profile, would you follow you?

Go on log off of Google and look at the image of yourself from the outside, is it a fair picture of yourself, is it a blank white screen with no info?

Then I got to thinking, why this post?

I've seen a few of them about over the year or so I have been here, more so more recently, posts about how to get the most out of G+, how to get great circles, find engaging content, meet inspiring people.

Is it because G+ is so complicated you need months of experience to get the most?

I don't think so, what I believe is G+ has attracted a broad spectrum of people who are passionate about what they believe and have found that passion reciprocated here on G+, and as a result of this have become passionate about G+ and helping people here with what ever questions they might have.

G+ is fast become a place where people want to get on, they want to engage and be engaged with by others who share there own sense of wonder at what you can find, who you can meet and the relationships you can build in this online world.

Over the time i have been here i have meet +Johan Horak+Jaana Nyström+martin shervington+Mike Elgan+Shamil Weerakoon+Linda Lawrey, +Trey Ratcliff , +byron rempel, +Cliff Roth  to name but a few people (believe me when I say I could keep adding names, where would I stop!) who's posts have inspired, informed and improved my experiences of G+ and I have meet the because of what they post
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