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Google+ Does Have Vanity URLs After All

I just went searching because I wanted a Google+ Vanity URL for my twitter profile and found the simple solution:[his name] Read the article for how you can set it up. 

Some people may not like it because they are just people and we try to be different. LOL. 

I know there are other Vanity URL tools but I like this one.

BTW: If you have read this far Twitter connect with me @johanhorak;-) And I will return the favour and add you to my G+ list.
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That dates back to when it was just profiles as far as I know. Nothing new and worked as of day one with Google+. Shame also is that it is replaced with the G+ URL with the numbers.
If I am not mistaken this only works on some accounts. Those users that created a profile way back when or were on Buzz etc.
+Arvid Bux thanks. The author says that he believes Google are not making it public because then the whole world knows your gmail address. 
+Arvid Bux that's it. I forgot. I installed a wordpress plugin that does that. And posted about it. 
+Johan Horak back then you could select your own name to be displayed. So even if my address would be arvid.bux I could have it show buxarvid
If your Gmail address is mountainman452 and your plus name is Henry Jackson then it isn't a vanity URL anyway.
Henry Jackson is a very common name so some are left with choosing an alternative. Only one may possess the vanity url.
It doesn't appear to work at all for newer accounts. I know the email addresses of a few that I have befriended here on G+ who were not on Orkut or Buzz or Wave and inserting their name just pulls up a 404 page.
+Johan Horak There is nothing hidden in this by Google. And it is not something that is new.

Before Google+, you could add a vanity URL to your Google profile/account. And now I regret that I never got around to it. For those that did, the above mentioned links will work. For anyone that did not register such a URL or for anyone coming onboard after Google+ was introduced, this is not working. We will just have to wait until a solution becomes available. :-)
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