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Johan Horak

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Low carbs high fat pizza

Major Ingredients:

Coconut flour
Sweet tomatos
Edam cheese. Can also use Mozzarella cheese.

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+Thabo Hermanus not the same guys. This guy sells flour in bulk. The more the cheaper.
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Why Does Sean Penn Visit Cape Town?

Cape Town is popular. What more can you say. The other day sitting at Camps Bay on a perfect winter's day we discussed just how popular Cape Town is. 

Sean Penn went to Dias. And the guy writing the article could not believe it. Odd. 

But there's a lot more to why Cape Town is popular and the what it means for ordinary and local holiday-makers. 

People with foreign currencies are willing to pay big bucks and this push rates up. The rates where high because of an undersupply of accommodation over peak periods. ....
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Resisting God or Jesus

Thoughts of God are unacceptable to the ego, because they clearly point to the nonexistence of the ego itself. The ego therefore either distorts them or refuses to accept them. It cannot, however, make them cease to be. (R19 p65 V.2.2-4)

I have just completed the reading of a book by an American soldier captured by the Japanese during the Second World War. He endured lots of additional abuse during this time. 

And the book shares many interesting experiences of how the ego works to keep us mindless. 

At the moment I am reading ACIM:

Thoughts of God are unacceptable to the ego, because they clearly point to the nonexistence of the ego itself. The ego therefore either distorts them or refuses to accept them. It cannot, however, make them cease to be. (R19 p65 V.2.2-4)

We are here because we believe we killed God. But the ego add another lie and tell us He is out to come and get us. Now or eventually when we die.

Here we are resisting God and blame Him for our accidents and death. The attached is from the book Unbroken by Laura Hilldenbrand.
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We hope we killed God(says ego), but inside know this is not possible, hence the fear
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Johan Horak

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Is Full Cream Milk Sold Really Full Cream?

The label said 3.3g per 100g. That's next to nothing. 

Growing up on a farm I saw a thick flayer of the sweetest cream forming on top of the milk. 

But all milk I bought from the supermarket had none of that. Funny cows we have today.

Or is it profit margins stealing the cream to sell on? But why then call it "full cream?? Naive me ;-)
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R7 per liter. OrganicZone in Muizenberg sell organic real full cream at R26 per liter. 
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Have him in circles
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"What You Need To Know Before Traveling To South Africa - Huffington Post"
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Johan Horak

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Wow there are plenty of things on here that I never knew about! That's Cape Town for you. Hidden Gems!
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Cape Town more popular everyday

"Cape Town records bumper summer season"
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Johan Horak

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"RESTAURANT REVIEW: Signal Restaurant - BDlive"
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Johan Horak

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Home Made #HFLC Breakfast

* Bacon
* Mayo the Banting way.
* Avo with blue cheese chives spring onions 
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A year ago I got my annual flu. The doc took my blood pressure and pulled blood. Gave me expensive tablets to drink. I did not trust the stuff. I investigated. I got to read +Mercola

Checked my vit D. Started making fermented cabbage. Drinking Kefir. Took high doses of Vit D. Cut all sugar starch.

Lost 8 ks. No more flu. Blood pressure not an issue and cholesterol not the cause. Sugar Starch were. And the Doctor - I forgave - oblivious.

Long live the fatty bacon I enjoy. 
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Johan Horak

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The Choice Is Ours

This does not have to be true.

It's not true for me any longer.

Happiness ;-)
Le cycle de la vie, en 1 gif ^^
Cycle of life

#kid   #humour   #animatedgif  
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😃. 💃
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I believe in generosity. The more I share it the more I get back. It's free to give. I am not at a lost for giving it to you....

I am not guilty. You are not guilty. Please don't expect me to support any guilt ridden cause. This is a joke. Forgive it and move on.

I don't expect you to understand some of my posts. I don't understand anything. It's a joke. But as Einstein said; This is an illusion but a very persistent one.

BTW: The rose is yours. I got it for free. The more I give it away the more roses I have to give.

It's all about giving and not expecting. Anything! 

If you want to smile read my embarrassing life story when I wanted to kiss a girl. This was my first social media strategy lesson in South Africa

I have recently changed my focus from sharing Google+ ideas to being Cape Town centric.

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I think I live in Simon's Town, a historical naval village close to Cape Town, South Africa. 

  • The Google+ Effect on business is impressive and I am honoured to be part of it.
  • I like any gadget and cannot keep my hands away from android and mac apps.
  • Every morning I walk my dog to the Simon's Town beach near Cape Town.
  • I am dyslectic and appreciated it when you tell me that I used How in stead of Who. Or exited instead of excited. And I a don't feel sorry for myself.
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  • My ideas are odd to many. 
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Very nice holiday setting on beach. Owner friendly. Staf slow. Food good. Fried calamari recommended. Pricy food.
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reviewed a year ago
I had my Mercedes in for maintenance and services at various places. Eventually someone recommended Motospot. We were expecting bad news. Apparently the 230 we have gives timing belt problems and when a gear flips - whatever that means - then it may be R20 000 or more. We got the car back fixed at less than R7000. This was great news but the real deal was the people. Dave the owner is friendly. Friendly like in really friendly - in a caring way. Every member of staff greets you and enquire about you. It was such a pleasure getting my Mercedes fixed through them. The other day we noticed an oil leak and some noise when we travelled along bumpy roads. I phoned to book the car in. And they remembered me. That's great. I thought the oil leak may be due to the previous work but I left it there. They had the car in fixed the noise and gave me the price. Then they explained the oil leak. And said they fixed it at their own cost. Never did I challenge them. Never did I ask them. Motospot just fixed it. Motospot is the kind of business I want to deal with. The intentions of the owner Dave is shining through. If you have a Mercedes and you are anywhere in Cape Town - a 150 km away from Motospot take there. You'll not be surprised by hidden cost. I like business people I can trust.
• • •
Public - a year ago
reviewed a year ago
Lovely place. Great wine. Great food. I love their baby chicken. But you have arrange it. If not you may get there and they are all eaten by people like me. My wife loves their Prego Steak. My sister thinks their calamari is the best.
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They have a winter special there for R69. A 300 gram rump steak with two veggies, chips and a choice of sauces. Great value for money when you compare this special to their lovely burger going for R59. Great view as well.
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reviewed a year ago