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Johan Horak

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By ignoring our darkness our arrogance will not allow us to ask for help. 
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+Danie van der Merwe and daughter took a ride around Cape Point. Just the kind of route I'll take. But I sold my bike. :-(
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That's a great plan :-) 
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Hi Google+ friends. Hope you have a great sunrise and also going to the beach this morning.

#southafrica #simonstown #africanpenguins #sunrise 
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Hppy sunday
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Johan Horak

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Another view on Cape Town: Indian Influences in Cape Town
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Johan Horak

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Traditional things to do in Cape Town, South Africa. Holiday Destination
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Johan Horak

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Watch this CNN to show the best of Cape Town

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+Spit Braai Delivery ;-) Thanks for the comment. Good to see you interact. 
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Johan Horak

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Have you seen these colourful worms walking - crawling all over our gardens and roads? 
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I actually saw a similar one the other day, furry little guy.
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Johan Horak

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Early morning colourful neighbour greeting me.

A little worm resting close to our house in Simonstown 
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Amazing. +Gideon Rosenblatt Open the gate at our home and here it sat. Blowing up it's colourful coat as I got closer.

Caterpillar. Thanks +Joan Laine. Always great to meet up. Have fun
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Johan Horak

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Great idea by Cape Town entrepreneur whoes story was picked up by CNN.

Escape to the Cape, and share your photos while you drive
A Cape Town start-up offers city tours in Wi-Fi equipped vehicles, so tourists can share photos as soon as they take them.
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Johan Horak

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Interesting. Cape Town Encompassed
Another early morning wake-up call and a busy day ahead: we start with a vigorous hike up the Table Mountain. But where is Table Mountain? For having seen it so many times from afar and even yester...
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Johan Horak

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When Last Where You Scammed?

I am selling a 300D Cannon on +Gumtree South Africa 

Today I got an email from a scammer wanting to buy my camera.

He suggested I use FastPay. Odd. I suggested +PayPal 

He asked that I send him a payment request. A couple of mins later I got an email saying that the full amount was paid. Official Paypal.

Something was worrying me. But I could not figure out what. The real Paypal site indicated that requested money will not be released until the goods are shipped. That worried me. Even if this guy was legit he could turn around....

I thought why not search Google for his name but skuki vander or does not exist. Odd.

Then I had a closer look at the email from PayPal
Have a look at the attached image for more details. 

If you do a Google search for the From: Email address you get others talking about this guy.

Today the scammer and I at square one. I have my camera. He has nothing. And he had nothing.

Ha ha hie hie ;-)
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Craigslist in the USA is the same story. It's so 'normal' that most of us use 'throw-away email addresses.'
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Johan Horak

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Saving Money Traveling to Cape Town

I just read an article on saving money traveling to Cape Town.

And left this comment:

Is see that you mention hotels as an option to save money. The alternative is to stay over in self catering homes. These are very popular in Cape Town. The only disadvantage is that you cannot stay for one or two nights. Normally 4 nights. And then you get the best possible deal.

Many people visiting Cape Town as foreigners want to stay a few days here and few days there over two weeks. I understand why they want to do it. But that adds to the cost. And who wants to pack up and go every day from one place to another. That’s wasting good time.

Cape Town is relatively small but packed with a lot. Within an hours drive you can be anywhere. Rather get one home base. Get a cheap car rental – not from the normal guys – and use your one base to see Cape Town. This way you will save a lot of bucks.

And if you can avoid December Jan Feb then you save more money. Peak time is in some places 5 times more expensive – accommodation wise. 

And Camps Bay Clifton is not the beginning and end of Cape Town. You will save a lot of money staying in the Southern Peninsula.

Have fun
The South African city seems to be on every traveller's bucket list, but it needn't be an expensive trip. Blogger Carrie Swindlehurst tells us how to save money on your Cape Town trip...
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My focus changed from selling social media to using the internet to market excellent short term rental accommodation in and around Cape Town. I like Google+ a lot. I run the marketing for our business and have a Google+ Page here, called Cape Holidays. And a Cape Town Community page that you are invited to come and join. 

I believe in generosity. The more I share it the more I get back. It's free to give. I am not at a lost for giving it to you....

I am not guilty. You are not guilty. Please don't expect me to support any guilt ridden cause. This is a joke. Forgive it and move on.

I don't expect you to understand some of my posts. I don't understand anything. It's a joke. But as Einstein said; This is an illusion but a very persistent one.

BTW: The rose is yours. I got it for free. The more I give it away the more roses I have to give.

It's all about giving and not expecting. Anything! 

If you want to smile read my embarrassing life story when I wanted to kiss a girl. This was my first social media strategy lesson in South Africa

I have recently changed my focus from sharing Google+ ideas to being Cape Town centric.

  1. I maintain and grow our Cape Town Holiday Accommodation business.  
  2. I blog about Cape Town.
  3. I maintain a site on Cape Town events.
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I publish most post publicly but some may be outside of the comfort zone of most.


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I think I live in Simon's Town, a historical naval village close to Cape Town, South Africa. 

  • The Google+ Effect on business is impressive and I am honoured to be part of it.
  • I like any gadget and cannot keep my hands away from android and mac apps.
  • Every morning I walk my dog to the Simon's Town beach near Cape Town.
  • I am dyslectic and appreciated it when you tell me that I used How in stead of Who. Or exited instead of excited. And I a don't feel sorry for myself.
  • I take a few photos with my mobile. I just love the limitations of cell phonography. 
  • My ideas are odd to many. 
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Very nice holiday setting on beach. Owner friendly. Staf slow. Food good. Fried calamari recommended. Pricy food.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
I had my Mercedes in for maintenance and services at various places. Eventually someone recommended Motospot. We were expecting bad news. Apparently the 230 we have gives timing belt problems and when a gear flips - whatever that means - then it may be R20 000 or more. We got the car back fixed at less than R7000. This was great news but the real deal was the people. Dave the owner is friendly. Friendly like in really friendly - in a caring way. Every member of staff greets you and enquire about you. It was such a pleasure getting my Mercedes fixed through them. The other day we noticed an oil leak and some noise when we travelled along bumpy roads. I phoned to book the car in. And they remembered me. That's great. I thought the oil leak may be due to the previous work but I left it there. They had the car in fixed the noise and gave me the price. Then they explained the oil leak. And said they fixed it at their own cost. Never did I challenge them. Never did I ask them. Motospot just fixed it. Motospot is the kind of business I want to deal with. The intentions of the owner Dave is shining through. If you have a Mercedes and you are anywhere in Cape Town - a 150 km away from Motospot take there. You'll not be surprised by hidden cost. I like business people I can trust.
• • •
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
Lovely place. Great wine. Great food. I love their baby chicken. But you have arrange it. If not you may get there and they are all eaten by people like me. My wife loves their Prego Steak. My sister thinks their calamari is the best.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago
4 reviews
They have a winter special there for R69. A 300 gram rump steak with two veggies, chips and a choice of sauces. Great value for money when you compare this special to their lovely burger going for R59. Great view as well.
Public - 2 years ago
reviewed 2 years ago