Swedish Meatballs

If you have it and can grind yourself, you want a mixture of beef, veal
and pork, it should be fairly fatty (fat is good for you).

Otherwise a fattier chuck combined with some ground pork goes well.

What you want to do is mix the meat lets say 4lbs with 
- 1-2 eggs,
- a little cream
- some dijon (optional)
- breadcrumbs and a mashed severely overcooked baked potato
(All they do is bind moisture and provide texture.)
Many recipes call for bread, I only use taters...

Spice this meat mixture with
Salt, white pepper (WHITE), Chinese five spice.
Careful with the 5 spice...

Do a little test run to make sure you like the spicing
Don't, don't, don't overwork the mixture.

Turn the oven on to around 225

Then grab the pan you like, sautee 1-2 onions, julienned, until
caramelized. While that happens, roll balls....

Drop the onions in a oven pan or hotel pan.
Add butter and oil to the frying pan.
Put the oven pan in the oven :)

Start frying the meatballs at a medium heat in the first skillet, work
in batches, when brown and pretty dump into the oven pan, add fat, add more balls, rinse, repeat.

Let all of this finish in the oven very slowly, gives you opportunity to go sample often :)

Once you are about done, deglaze, add some spices you like, flour (roux)
and make a  pan gravy I like mine with a slight teaspoon of dijon, a lil cayenne and of course some heavy cream.

Serve this with boiled fresh taters (You really want to mash em in the gravy
Lingonberries if you can get them and I really think cornishon goes
extremely well with this 
type of dish.

Leftovers (plan for this) make the most awesome sandwiches with pickled
beets, mayo, lettuce, mustard in a roll.

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