I'm frustrated with the latest two version of Ubuntu. Here are my complaints.

1) Unity/Dash/whatever is so slow. The whole interface is based around searching for what you are trying to do. Instead of clicking on an application, you are supposed to start typing what you want, and it should come up. Only problem is it takes like 5 seconds for your options to appear. For example, if I'm trying to open my "Xandem" directory, I type "Xandem" wait for like 5 seconds, then finally I see something to select. Gnome-Do is so much faster, as things appear almost as fast as you can type. It baffles me that Ubuntu has cooked this right into the operating system, and yet it's slower than a third-party application.

2) Unity is unstable. My sound crashes a ton when I'm using Unity. The only solution I've been able to find is either rebooting or running a bunch of restart scripts from the terminal. Graphics are even worse. The default 3D version of Unity doesn't even work on my computer, but previous versions of Ubuntu I could run any 3D effect on my desktop and it worked perfectly.

3) The idea of searching for what you want to do is great... if you know what you are looking for. What if you just want to browse through and see your installed applications? Unity is terrible when it comes to browsing. Just to see what games are installed for my son, I have to click the menu, then click the games, then click show more. It's way worse than the traditional nested menu.

If Ubuntu could fix these problems I'd return to my normal Ubuntu evangelism. I just can't recommend it in it's current state.

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