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This has been solved by +Greg Childers.
Thank you for playing! A new puzzle will be up soon. A big thanks to +Ingress for supplying me with some more activation codes, so I can make more puzzles. :)

Hmm, this just arrived in the mail. Maybe the memory dump contains an #ingressinvite ?

Puzzle time.

By the way, every 10 +1s is a hint. I like +1s. :)
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well nothing good in the exif data...
I don't know much about memory dumps, so I'm googling
HINT: Not everything is as it seems, some things may be hidden out of view.
/me logs onto my other account...
I may not be good enough with gimp but nothing pops out at me
HINT: You guys still haven't solved this? There is nothing in the image, but I wouldn't say there's nothing in the file.
soo, what stenography program did you use?
Gas... I don't have anything to open a. .dat file
I made it so that the puzzle is solveable on any OS. Having Linux should not be a limitation.
So the. .dat file is nothing? Or am I just having weird problems opening it? 
+Scott Miller Everything is there for a reason; whether it is there to distract you or to be an actual clue/answer remains to be figured out by you.
I have a truecrypt hint and numbers...
looks like a phone number without area code
I think it is a truecrypt password.  now I just have to identify the right file.
+Joey Haas have I been staring at it this whole time? I think I see it but I can't test because I already have an invite.
I really surprised no one else seems to be trying at this anymore...
am I on the right path with Truecrypt?
HINT: What is title of the audio file and Who made it? Google is your friend.
allrighty then onward and upward!
Ah...I didn't notice the DTMF tones are different than the spoken numbers...although the DTMF detector I used is showing too many tones.  gotta try a different one I guess.
When you get it, will you post a full description of how? lol
I may...since I cannot use the code myself though it will probably wait until I give it to someone.
Just for the record though, so far nothing he has done has been more complicated than the first 25 levels of Notpron.  It may get harder as I delve deeper though.
This whole time I thought it had something to do with coffee...
I'll give you a bigger hint for the first step.  there are files hidden in the picture
Well played guys, but now it starts to get stupid... 
Scott have you gotten anything out of the .dat file yet?
No. I think it is a renamed. Tc file but I have not gotten the right password and key file together yet
I dont see how ou get file from that picture. I think I know something about computers but nothing interesting in file in notepad++
Same. Also every dtmf detector I use I get a different result.
OK, so the problem is that TC can't open it when i rename it to rar
ditto. i've tried every combination of password and keyfile, except for the right one of course.
The DTMF tones are either 527961* or 524961*, I can't tell.
If you have 7zip, just rename it as .zip, right click, point to 7-zip and then "Open as archive." That's on Windows, can't say about other OSs.
HINT: The spoken numbers and the dialed numbers don't match.
Yeah, after listeing it for a half hour straight it definitely sounds like 5243617
+Wen Jay Tan nope. Not sure. I have tried it as part of the password though and it does not seem to work
The filename is 44AF31DE, converted to decimal that's 1152332254, or separately 68, 175, 49, 222. Those are outside the ASCII range, so it doesn't convert well to text. That's all I could get from the filename.
Im going to take a break to refresh my brain.
It probably wouldve been easier to just draw a pretty ingress picture to get an invite:D Not nearly as fun though!
What if the touch tones are letters? Like on a 9key?
Thats what I was thinking, but 1 doesnt have any letters
It used to be space on my old phone. But still, there's the problem of figuring out what's the intended word since T9 pulls from a dictionary.
I got this:
>>> print '\n'.join([d[int(i)] for i in str(3253613)])
>>> print '\n'.join([d[int(i)] for i in str(5243617)])
T9 gives taken and alien with a couple extra chars
I do really appreciate that you guys are giving out codes in nifty manners. When I look at it and consider how out of my depth that I am for this... Yeah, I lose interest pretty immediately. Thanks.
+Scott Miller Most of my hints may not exactly be hints, but more of a way to draw attention to that exact thing.
Oh wow, 50 +1s already.
HINT: The DTMF numbers are unique. Any sequence in which a certain number is represented twice is invalid.
What is the format of the Invite Code?
8 characters all caps numbers and letters
I give up.. Good Luck to everyone who takes on this challenge.
I have been waiting for an invite for so long that I am pretty much convinced that there are no more invites coming till after release, and this is just a way to keep the rest of us interested. Might work, might not.... 
+Rob Morris send me a personal message with your e-mail and I'll invite you on Monday.
Additional activation codes have been sent to Ingress agent +Joey Haas. Good luck.
So did someone actually dcrypted the puzzle? As I see from the comments no one actually get more then guessing dtmf, am I right?
HINT: Truecrypt password is numeric, with no keyfile.
By the way, +Ingress , I haven't received any codes. Where did you send them to?
+Joey Haas Sent you a PM two hours ago. You should see it in your Google+ notifications or if you navigate to our +Ingress page.
+Ingress Ah, I see. I didn't see it in my notifications, but I found it on your page. Thank you! Time to construct some more puzzles. :)
dam it cant figure it out now i only have 3 hours of sleep ahead of me
HINT TIME: Oh man, you guys still haven't figured it out? The password is spoken out clearly. Time might be a bit... distorted, though.
Once you get that pass... Still more to go!  Another picture and a text file!
heythere.jpg has binary padding.  Probably a file but I don't know how to extract it.  Plus at least three separate things to decode!  Love you<3.  Time for sleep, Sophy!  
If you use the DTMF to order the spoken words you get 1235363, which isn't the key.
Ugh...  Where do I find a frequency?
Can we get hint about next part (after decrypting TrueCrypt)?
Looking forward to the explanation - truecrypt code was 1265333, but couldn't work out how to convert the URL.
The code in the text file tells you to use the Vigenere cipher. The keyword was philadelphia. That leads to the address The frequency is 4625 kHz. Honestly I still don't know where to get that. I simply brute forced the url. 
+Greg Childers In the actual image is a hidden message in the vigenere cipher. It says: "What is UVB-76?". Google UVB-76 and you get a wikipedia entry for a numbers station broadcasting on 4625kHz. For a full explanation, go here:
I see. I decoded that text but was unsure of the original and didn't recognize the result so I discarded it. :-) 
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