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Joey Funk
just a real man, with a real life.
just a real man, with a real life.

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I love Pandas... Pandas are awesome.

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Have you had your mind blown yet today?

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My cat was really thirsty today apparently

totally thought #macromonday  was about making cool, time-saving macros on your computer. boy was i wrong.

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This is ridiculous. 

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Giving Away ONE LAST iPad Mini!!!
This is the THIRD and FINAL iPad Mini given to us by our friends at +WeatherCaster!  We named WeatherCaster the top weather app in our round up a couple of weeks ago, so if you haven't yet checked it out you can get it for FREE for your iPad here ==>

Here's how to win the last FREE iPad Mini!

1) Do you have me in a circle? Step 1 complete!
2) Make sure you have +WeatherCaster in a circle!
3) Publicly re-share this post!

That's it!

By the way, WeatherCaster is only for US weather, so the contest is limited to the US. (Sorry to all my international friends! :) Here are the other rules:
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