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Joey Feith
Physical Educator and Social Media Geek
Physical Educator and Social Media Geek

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Every now and then, I'll check out Google+ and see what's going on. The design is always nice, but I can't shake the feeling that this is a ghost town.

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First time posting on Medium. Have to say that, as blogging platforms go, it's really sweet. Pumped to have received an invite. The post is actually one of my favourite stories to share with teachers. Hope you enjoy it!

Finally set myself up with Chrome. Cheers +Nathan Horne +Jarrod Robinson 

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As a total geek, I can't wait to one day equip my house with things like Sonos, Nest, WeMo, and Lockitron. 

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I find it amazing how (what seems like) a simple UX design change can have such a huge impact on user behaviour. For example, Foursquare's new  "supersonic check in" system has me checking in all the time now because it makes the process so simple to do. What are other small changes you've noticed in the apps you use that have increased your activity within that app? 

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Finally had a chance to start playing around with Kindle's Whispersync for Voice feature. Looking forward to catching up on some reading! 

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Interesting use of wearable camcorders. I'd be curious to explore how footage like this could be used as a #physed  resource.

Going to give Google+ one more try. How have you been using it?

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Been working on some icons to represent various Physical Education Instructional Models. Thoughts?
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