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Convolutional Neural Nets

This article highlights the awesomeness that is the Google Translate app (seriously, if you haven't used it, you will be blown away). I used it the other day to live translate a Spanish lasagna recipe for my wife (she doesn't speak Spanish), and she could see the words on the recipe in clear English.

What a time to be alive.
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SpeedTest Prioritization?

I've long suspected that ISPs prioritize traffic to the popular speed testing websites, and while this isn't exactly a definitive test, it's definitely adding even more suspicion than before.

Since last week, my Internet connection has been frequently slow with AT&T U-Verse. I only get a max of 18 Mbps where I live, but it's been significantly worse than usual. So, I decided to test with SpeedTest, and sure enough, my connection is amazing (according to them). Apparently, I'm getting almost the theoretical maximum, somehow.

That seemed really suspicious to me, since it did not reflect my experience. So I immediately ran a test with Internet Health Test, and the results were much different. Now that feels more like the speeds I've been getting lately.

So what is it? Is AT&T (and maybe other ISPs) deceptively prioritizing speed testing websites?

Note: I specifically included the entire screenshot, so you can see that the tests were done one after the other (the Internet Health Test took about 3 minutes).

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Oh boy! One of my favorite games ever, now available (at least the first level) in HD, in your Bowser Browser!!!
You can download and play this fan remake for free.
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There is no escape.

+Das Keyboard 
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+Google thinks the FDA might be hacked. Heh, maybe they just have a virus?

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WARNING (from PayPal)

Apparently +PayPal warns if you if dare open the JS console while on their page...
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To infinity, and beyond!
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Ahhh... so nice to see that. I SSL'ed the hell out of that web app.

pats self on back
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Nothing quite like getting a major production push done just before end of business on a Friday.
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Tag Heuer Smartwatch w/ Android

+TAG Heuer makes, in my opinion, some of the nicest-looking watches on the planet. Their design team is superb. If they can come up with a marriage of Android and Tag that both 1) doesn't ruin the Tag design; and 2) makes the "smartphone" part useful, then I can't wait for this!

To me, the Apple Watch design is extremely tacky and is meant to attract iLovers that will probably buy anything Apple-related anyway. But a smartwatch from a watchmaker like Tag Heuer will likely be made to attract people that like watches, and want to integrate their smartphone capabilities into it while still enjoying their watch.

If they do this right, and the watch still screams "Tag Heuer", I think I will definitely be jumping into the smartwatch segment finally.
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+Guy-Robert Kernisant and what I'm saying is that that concept ain't ready for prime time... Transparent pled is half the battle, then there's touch and then there's strength. That's three halves :)
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Bought a Cherry MX switch sampler, and managed to use this very solid cardboard Tablo TV box as my makeshift keyboard for testing the keys!
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Just ordered a Cherry MX switch sampler and I'm excited about it. This is my life now.
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There are only two restaurants in all of Florida that made Yelp's Top 100 Places to Eat this year... and this place is one of them. Guys, there is a reason for this! The owner of this place used to run Khana Kh'Zana, which was amazing... until Arun left. Arun then went on to start Arun's Indian Kitchen, and somehow made the food even better! Do your taste buds a huge favor and stop in here. I've had almost everything on their menu, and I go in at least once a week. I recommend the Curry Chicken if you're an Indian food newbie, and don't get anything above a 3 if you can't handle spicy foods well. If you're used to eating Indian food, or you just want to try some delicious flavor, I highly recommend the Chicken Korma or the Chicken Chili Masala. Every entree comes with Naan (Indian flatbread) and Gulab Jamun (basically a spherical donut soaked in some sweet sauce). You simply cannot go wrong. Seriously, you're still reading? Go and experience the deliciousness!
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